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  1. Have to agree with the above 2 posters PRLN is only a shadow of what it once was,as far as value is concerned with hotels in Thailand and probably Asia in general.Stayed at Amari Watergate 4 years ago for many stays,but by no means is anything comparable to any of the other 5* properties that is or once was in PRLN inventory. I have personly gone from 5-6 bookings on PRLN for Asia to maybe 1 a year. Regarding the Plaza Athnee if you are 50+ years,they have a $87.50++ prepaid rate if you check in on a Friday or Saturday.Usually must be booked 21 days in advanced.
  2. Looking foward in the future to a trip report on(HK-SYD CX 1st class) that other board, FT.
  3. You really scored.One of my favorite American Hotels. No PRLN attitude here...Enjoy!!
  4. Tried at 42 then upped it to 45, and still denied, added santa monica and accepted at $50, What can i say, did I pay too much?Not sure if I should have been more patient.
  5. I was in Berlin last Christmas Dec 24-27 and was shocked to find many things open.The christmas market was actually open on Christmas Day and tour busses operated, as for public transport it was no problem.On dec 26 Many Dept stores were open as usual.I would highly reccomend going there as compared to other European cities where things are REALLY shut down for that period.I'm serously thinking of going back again.(I have some FFN to use at the Grand Hyatt). Good Luck
  6. LH are you taking Tiger Air for that $9.98 SGD Special fare from BKK?BTW I get an offer every other week, If anyone is interested,They have numerous low fares if anyone is traveling over here and needs to do some inter-asian traveing at a low price.
  7. Needed 2 extra nights do to changed flight plan.Tried $70, $73, adding zones,hit with $75. Very pleased as this is the lowest price for some time for BKK 5*. Guess it's low season after Dec 5-30 or so, as prices shown on hotels website drop.(booked through SPG for earlier period of my stay)
  8. Prices have gotten HIGH in Singapore for 5*'s. I tried myself for the 5* Orchard Rd. in July, as high as $80 on the US board ,all rejected. Figured I'd wait
  9. As you travel by the hotel bus of the Rennisannce or the Novotel,(both Priceline Hotels)you go right past the Hilton. In my opinon,it is maybe 10-12 mins. WALKING to the airport from the Hilton,and I would definetley say it is an airport hotel. The hotel bus even says Hilton Airport Hotel. I have stayed numerous times at the Rennisancce and Novotel and the buses all leave from the same area. I would defintley call them back ...GOOD LUCK!!
  10. Use this link to get specially discounted rates at the new HI Bangkok under a priority club promo. http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/pc...?rateCode=IKPCR Rates are as low as $65 in April with no advance purchase requirement. Checked through November.Seems like $65++ are good for a while. Had a look at room yesterday, good value and location.. Attn: sorry if this is off topic. Please feel free to delete post.
  11. Not to break your bubble But SPG.com has a deal for buy 2 nights, get 3RD NIGHT FREE 03/25/2005- 03/28/2005 $220++ for THREE nights.. WITH POINTS and nights credit towards SPG Status. If you needed 3rd,night better deal. Still a great deal for $177.36 for 2 nights.Hope Westin shows up more often,but as you said more likely on weekends in mid and low season or Song-Kran period.
  12. I haven't noticed any posts on TOBB by you know who for quite some time???
  13. If check it out, the $36 is usually avaliable on weekends (FRIDAY-SUNDAY) only.Have to agree best value of all the LAX PRLN hotels on the LAX area.
  14. I agree 100%. 4* you better off checking consolidators,first.As far as 5*, 98% PRLN is your best Bet.
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