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  1. I will try in two weeks, see what will happen.
  2. I found quotes in 1200 DKK with cancellation at the day or day before reservation date. I roughly deleted danish krones by 5 to get dollars. I never receive any counter-offers , always rejection suggesting to increase my bid, which is impossible, or change date or star rating. I tried 3 stars but Priceline rejected my offer of $150 for 3-star hotels.
  3. I've been reading this post Priceline Copenhagen and it says to bid around $100. Can anybody explain why I can't make any successful bids going as high as $170. Going higher doesn't make any since since I can make direct reservation in some 4-star hotels in Copenhagen. :)
  4. I found something around $200-250 for 4*star hotels on different sites including sites of some hotels in Copenhagen. yeego dot com gave close to best prices.
  5. September 2nd. Price on Marriott is about $325 if I converted DKK correctly.
  6. I wanted to book a hotel using PRICELINE. I heard of people booking Marriott there for btwn $100-124. However, PL rejected my bid of $180. With taxes and fees it's about how much I'd want to pay. Any suggestions?
  7. What happens if city I want to go has only one zone and 4-3-2 star hotels. I already got rejected for 3 and 4 star hotels today and definitely don't want to bid on 2 star. Also PL display different median prices for hotels at different time. Thank you.