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  1. We reserved this hotel as a 2.5 Star hotel in downtown Anchorage and were surprised by how run down the hotel was. Hotwire lists this as a downtown hotel, but it is about a one mile walk to the tourist shops and restaurants in downtown. The carpeting and bedding are old and not overly clean. The air conditioner could not keep the room cool on the 9th floor even though it was 60 and raining outside. The air conditioner and the pipes in the wall rattled all night. You can tell that this hotel was probably nice 30 years ago, but it is definitely not a nice hotel today. I think this is a hotel with the amenity boutique icon, but I am not sure because I did not book it (my friend booked it for me with my credit card because I had a flight cancellation that left me in Anchorage at the last minute and I had no internet).
  2. I've bid $100 for a 4* in Banff checking in July 30 and checking out Aug 2. I can't find any postings of successful bid amounts for Banff for any dates. Has anyone been successful? I'm also looking for one night in Banff checkin in on 26 July and one night in Cranbrook checking in on 2 Aug. Any advice would be appreciated.