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  1. Pancakes Eggcetera on Higgins is very good family type breakfast food. It's only a couple of blocks.
  2. First, thank you for the help. I used the PRICELINE link and bid 75, 80, 85, 99 and 110 starting in keystone, then adding other areas. I was unable to get a room for 110. I ended up using the HOTWIRE link to book a regular rate at the Best Western Country Suites on 92nd st for $89 plus tax, about $115 total. The reviews look good. Thanks again
  3. The 136 was the regular price, the $89 was the HOTWIRE price, plus whatever parking fees they have. Looking at what the prices are on the northeast side vs what they are downtown, even with the parking fee it looks like this might be my best deal and seems decent for downtown. I may try a bid in the Keystone area for a 3 star or higher just to see if I can score a good deal first. The list you have shows those hotels to be pretty nice.
  4. 4.5 star Downtown Indianapolis area hotel 90% recommended by Hotwire guest $136* $89 per night Free Internet, Business center, Fitness center, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible for hearing impaired From your list this looks to me like it would have to be the Westin or Hyatt which both have parking fees, but either one would be a nice stay. In my experience the Westins usually make better online deals. Do you think I could bid downtown on PL and get any better deal. I don't really know about the ones below. I'd be fine with a hotel in the Fishers or Carmel are like a comfort suites or Holiday Inn type but even the 2.5 star hotels in that area are showing over 150 on HW. I don't know if bidding would get me down to 80ish. 3.5 star Downtown Indianapolis area hotel 85% recommended by Hotwire guest $144* $78 per night Free Internet, Business center, Fitness center, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Smoke-free rooms, Accessible for visually impaired 3 star Downtown Indianapolis area all-suites hotel 85% recommended by Hotwire guest $125* $84 per night Free breakfast, Business center, Fitness center, Golf nearby, Indoor pool(s), Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Self-service laundry, Smoke-free rooms Thanks for all of the help. I have all kinds of blocking software on my firefox but I am switching to opera to use your links. :)
  5. I've been looking at Hotwire and priceline sites and there seem to be better deals downtown at least for the buy now rooms. Iam seeing a 4.5 star for $88 a 3.5 star for $77 and a 3 star for 83. These are all in the downtown Indy location on the map which is a decent area. I'd rather if I could find out what hotels they might be so I can avoid paying for parking and internet. We're going shopping in the north east part of indy Sat and the zoo on Sun so downtown would work well, I expected it to be quite a bit more than the suburb area but that does not seem to be the case. For those prices I could do buy now or bid and be happy. Thank you
  6. Sorry, I must have forgotten to do that. I added a reply that I believe I did not stay there then either because of plan changes or not winning the bid.
  7. Sorry I forgot to close this out. I believe I either did not win this hotel or had something come u for that weekend. The only reservation I see around that time was a couple of months later for a reservation booked through the vote for 2 rooms.
  8. I'm looking for a 3 star or better hotel in Indy this Saturday, the 5th for one night. I'm looking for something preferably on the north east side by the malls or as a second choice downtown (with free parking). I'd like to get something for around 80 if possible.
  9. I hope you have better luck than I had. The stuck us in a room at the end of the hall to the right of the lobby with a giant light right outside the window. The breakfast isn't free at that hotel like we had at the BW in Antioch.
  10. I don't really need to be there, but I really like staying at the Westin there. I'd be okay with a different 4 star there but don't want the Hyatt in Schaumburg. Turns out ill be there the 19th, not the 12th. I was informed of the date incorrectly yesterday. Thanks for the tips.
  11. I'm looking at the westin in itasca for next Saturday. Priceline has it for $79, it's a 4 star and the only other 4 stars in that zone (I think) are much more expensive so I feel it's pretty safe bet to get it. . What are my chances bidding it lower and where should I start. Thanks
  12. The Howard Johnson's has not been there in years, the premiere either and you would not have wanted to stay at the premiere. Hotels around here don't seem to discount much. The ramada regularly has coupons in the fist full of dollars flyer, but the one listed expires 8-31, don't know when the next one comes out. It's usually good for a little over 20 off or around 50 off a jacuzzi suite. I'd avoid the drury and if you happen to stay at the ihotel if strongly recommend you not eat there. I think decent hotels would include the ramada and holiday inn and express in urbana, the marriotts and such on the north side of interstate 74 by the mall, this is also the area where many of the restaurants are as well. I would tend to avoid any non well known chain. Most of the decent hotels are just off 74. There is homewood and hilton garden inn south near the stadium that should be nice. Email me at my username @ yahoo if you want restaurant or local info.
  13. I was wanting the Doubletree in Downers Grove. Bid 35 and 38 and got rejected. Added Elmhurst and upped it to $40 and got accepted at the 4 star Hyatt Lodge At Mcdonalds. Not what I wanted, but hope it's good. Used PRICELINE link.
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