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  1. long story short looks like we will be staying with friends. thanks for help. if things change will let you know.
  2. Is this the PRICE you saw? To make a reservation, choose the type of room and corresponding rate. - The prices shown are per room and per night, for the number of persons and dates previously selected, unless otherwise indicated (package). - See below for taxes. - Conversion into foreign currency is given as an indication and is not binding. Only the currency confirmed during your reservation is guaranteed. All the Internet sales conditions Other type of room Sofitel Minneapolis Arrival : May 03, 2006 Number of nights : 3 Departure : May 06, 2006 hot deals - no change, no cancellation -see conditions Superior King Bed WIFI Internet Feather Bed Duvet Cover Spacious Working/Sitting area Reserve Description of rate and sales conditions From May 03, 2006 to May 05, 2006 (Price per night) 119.00 USD From May 05, 2006 to May 06, 2006 (Price per night) 79.00 USD Total from May 03, 2006 to May 06, 2006 317.00 USD WOW it is cheaper and teaches me to check each area i want to go to directly. My wife need to speak to a friend this weekend beofre I book, but We will have to do this real soon. Will let you know thanks again, your the best
  3. 4-star hotel in Bloomington West - Mall of America Area (Mall of America Areas) Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Fitness Center Guests have access to exercise equipment; an additional charge may apply. High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply. Tennis Nearby Property is located within walking distance or a short drive of at least one tennis court; an extra charge typically applies. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. You do not have this HOTEL on your list. You have EAST 4* and not WEST 4* Any Idea what hotel this is. Thanks Price is $133
  4. thanks for the $1.50 Path train report Thereyouare. I thought the $7 was not true. As far as $125 for a nice place in Midtown? Nope Sorry the facts are harsh. You can keep trying on priceline for a 4* or 3* for $125 you might get lucky, Some people reporting the HILTON for $120 on some dates. like one or 2 night
  5. The hotels for Midtown WEST for 2.5 and 2 star 2.5 Star The Mansfield The Belvedere The Washington Jefferson 2 Star Howard Johnson Plaza Wellington Hotel Milford Plaza The Milford is a Dump Imo, BUT GREAT LOCATION. Half a block from Marriott Marquis I do not know how much they go for or how they are. Look at http://www.tripadvisor.com people post their experience of the hotels What ya know some people liked the MILFORD. Guess it takes all types lol Again ask thereyouare for bidding help GLTY
  6. $125 used to get a PRICELINE 4* now forget it. Price went crazy. NEW JERSEY? Well only place i would consider is JERSEY CITY and that is right across from NYC Great views. Only two hotels there. HYATT and Double tree. Hyatt is reported nicer. You can ask Thereuare for Bidding help. It has been reported people get these hotels for $50 to $150 or more. it is a 15 min path train. I did hear Path is expensive like $7 or $14. You would need to call the hotles direct to confirm or bounce this myth. Thereyouare is the expert. So I leave the rest to him. BTW the Airport hotels Stink and are far from NYC about 30 min. there are no good queens or Brooklyn hotels. SO that leaves NYC and JERSEY City. $125 wont make it, but that does not mean you cant try It is reported that Nov is a busy time and people paying $250 or more through Priceline. As I said the Retail prices are over $500 and that is just NUTS. GLTY
  7. If you have an area for these reviews I can make one for ParkCentral and other hotels. Some hotels I do like very much
  8. Thanks for finding my old post. been awhile. Well I thought maybe you said that. Maybe not. Not looking for blame at all. Just wanted to share our experience and save someone else. Just trying to be a member here and help if I can. I could of went on and on ,but I did not want people to think I had a vendetta against the hotel. I do not. The People were nice. Just nothing worked in the upgraded room. Maybe just a bad room?
  9. Been awhile since I posted sorry. Not sure where to put this HOTEL review. So please move it where you want too. :) As you remember I needed a hotel for 3 people. You sugested the BEAKMAN TOWER. Well EasyClickTravel would not allow 3 people only 2. I called them. I might not of had problems as you said, but I wanted to be 100% sure. Anyway to make a long story short. We used Entertainment Book for 50% off. Ok whoever told you the Beakman tower was redone. Is 100% wrong. The manager of the front dest said its been over 8 years since they did any work to the rooms and it looks it. The first room we went too looked like a EasyClickTravel or Hotwire room is was VERY small and OLD looking. We were offered to Upgrade for like $75 per night. We did, this room was bigger, but not much better in terms of being old. The Air Condition in the windows did not work well since they were OLD. So we were hot all the time. The fans we begged for seemed to help just alittle. The Refrigerator was broken and needed to be replaced. There was mold in bathroom and stains on the carpet in rooms and hallway. Overall we were not very happy at all. If you get this room for a PRICELINE rate of $50 to $70 like the Parkcentral used to be then ok. Not worth $150 imo. The parkCentral was nicer although not by much. The sofa bed was lumpy and OLD. I am sorry I could not report any better on this. I just want to be honest with you and to make sure people know what they get. When I talked to people of this board I got the feeling that the BEAKMAN was like the Hilton but smaller and just as nice. That is Futher from the truth than you can Imagine. If you try priceline and hotwire and can not get a GOOD rate and you need to go to NYC and have no other choice but to try PRICELine for a 2* or BEAKMAN TOWER then I say go for the BEAKMAN. I could go on and on what we disliked ,but what's the point you get the idea from what I wrote. Of course this is my Opinion and you might see it different. Hope this helps, Skipper
  10. As I explained before, I almost booked the EasyClickTravel till I saw the room was for 1 DOUBLE bed. that is way too small for me and my wife. Even a queen is small. Plus we need the room for 3 people. Or we need something on priceline for 2 room under $135 So I did book as a back up Beakman Direct. The $164 on Hotwire is Gone. No suprise ,but it might come back.
  11. is this the W hotel on 541 lexton THANKS HOTWIRE SAYS: for July 26,27 4* MTE (BEST VALUE) $162 Boutique Hotel Hotel has a distinctive, unique or eclectic atmosphere. It may be a smaller, hip property tucked into an urban setting, or a renovated hotel with a historical flair -- but it's always a bit different and unusual. Fitness Center Exercise equipment is available for guest use. An additional fee may apply. Spa Services A spa facility or spa services are available for guests. High-Speed Internet Access High-speed Internet access is available in guest rooms (An extra charge usually applies). Business Center Guests have access to business equipment/services.
  12. Thank you, but got a question? I went to your link and put in 2 people and got $168 but when I put in 3 people. It says Unavailable? Does this mean the third person can't go? There is a seperate room with a sofa bed no? We dont need there FREE Breakfast. It is not hot breakfast anyway. I will call EasyClickTravel and ask tomorrow. BTW $168 is a great price compared to the Hotels own website at $400 + Just that 3rd person is a problem
  13. Ok we are going back to the city and thinking of trying your BEEKMAN TOWER idea. You were right about the Park Central. My inlaws were not happy even though they have the BIG corner room. The hotel has been run down in 3 years. Stained carpet and bad bathrooms ect. So I will eat crow and say "were not worthy" NOW I looked for Beekman towers on EasyClickTravel and cant find it. We are looking for dates JULY 26 to 28 FOR 3 People 1 king bedroom with a seperate room (sofa bed) Can you find the $175 deal again? Also are there any "SUITE HOTELS" on the upper east side? thank you
  14. Ok this is what we did so far. We made back up for Park central $199 Wife wanted this area and Hotel. We stayed in this hotel before through priceline and was Very happy. I don't know why some of the negative reviews??? We will still try priceline till the very end. But since people are paying $170 for a 3* that does not pay for us to do. Seems the Prices in NYC are dropping a little. So maybe Priceline will open up. If we can get a 4* for under $150 we will do it. Otherwise we are staying with what we have. Hotwire prices are just plain Nuts. I wont touch them. Again Ty for your help.
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