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  1. hi, Based on the description of the amenities (specifically "bed choice") which was listed as an amenity on priceline express only with the Klimpton van zandt, I was expecting to get this hotel.. however, the hotel I got was the Omni. I'm not complaining because the Omni is a great property..but, was looking forward to the Klimpton since its rooftop pool's been talked up in reviews. For Betterbidding admin: Request update Omni amenity listing on Priceline Express to include "bed choice".
  2. Hi, I used the rebidding strategy to start at $60 & work up the board in $10 increments using a previous $80 win for the same hotel on this forum(december 2016) as the basis.Very pleased with my win & I used the PRICELINE link on this site to place my bid. Thanks, Prash
  3. Thanks for a previous posting I was able to secure this excellent property for the same price! Very happy with this win. I used the PRICELINE link to place my bid
  4. Actually I do note that the accessibility option include: accessibility for visually impaired; hearing impaired; path of travel; in-room accessibility; bathroom, parking, roll-in shower
  5. hi, I used the HOTWIRE link on this site to do my booking. Thought I was getting Hampton Inn Phoenix Biltmore based on a previous post; but actually lucked out in getting this hotel which is very close to my workplace! the amenities read: free internet, free parking (complimentary) fitness center, business center, self-service laundry, pool(s), restaurants, smoke-free rooms; after booking: golf nearby, tennis nearby
  6. I used the tips in your Millennium Biltmore forum thread and got this hotel for $135. I also used the PRICELINE link from betterbidding. Thanks for the tips!!
  7. Hi, I got this deal on HOTWIRE. I was expecting (going by betterbidding's recent wins) to get the hotel Indigo London Kensington, but happy with this property- its listed as a 4star! the hotel amenities are listed as: Free Internet Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Restaurant(s) Business center Internet access Spa services
  8. Used the betterbidding PRICELINE link. Cautionary tale; I wanted Schaumburg (holiday Inn express) which I had previously won @ $60 for the same period & started my bidding at $50, adding Oakbrook $55, as a free bid based on the betterbidding list of hotels (which stated that there are no 3star hotels on priceline). To my consternation, the bid was accepted! Oakbrook turned out to be 1/2 hour ride from Schaumburg where the rest of the family stayed & it was a logistical mess. I, obviously cant quibble about this since betterbidding information is based on viewer feedback..but request
  9. Hi, Thanks to this forum for the bidding strategies. The plan was to get a times square hotel for ~$200. I started at $140 & 4 star for the Times Square zone, added Midtown West @ $150(since I didn't mind if I got a win in this zone); $160 added Lower East Side (it doesnt have any 4 star hotels according to this site) & won my bid. The total comes to $192/night which is perfect! I used the betterbidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  10. Used the betterbidding PRICELINE link with a couple of free re-bids to get this hotel for a decent price (middle of winter, i guess!) Sheraton appears to be having excess inventory & most of the downtown SLC bids seem to be picked up by them
  11. used the bidding strategy as well as the PRICELINE links on this site to get this great hotel on my third attempt (bid $65 & $67 previously) excellent property & has a very good happy hour deal on drinks/food (all day when the Orioles are playing in town), thanks!
  12. Your advice was great! I did bid at $100 last night & won the Marriott (my first preference; I hear the renaissance there is an old property, with poor maintenance). Thanks a lot for this! I will post a review of Marriott on returning.
  13. I tried to get a 5Star for these dates using all the free rebidding; going upto $125; then I worked down to 4* - I confined my search to only city center north as I understand the city center south 4*'s are dogs.Now, I added a free re-bid (Munich south) & have now maxed out my attempts @ $95...can you please advice? (btw, I'm getting 4* munich arabella park sheraton on Priceline for $139- should I settle for that for these dates?)
  14. thanks to this forum, I started at $100/night & won the renaissance resort on my first bid! The Travelocity prices start @$183/night for this property.
  15. Hi, I tried to find a priceline hotel list for jamaica, but failed. Priceline does however offer a "name your price" option. Could you help me in locating the hotels offered by priceline for this location?
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