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  1. This hotel still shows in NJ Priceline hotel list. It's been closed for about two years.
  2. Not my finest bid result. I thought, based on PRICELINE EXPRESS pricing and a check of a few other hotels, that my $124 initial bid for 4* would result in a savings. Not quite so, since I hadn't checked the Reniaissance. With either a AAA or senior discount on the Marriott web site, I could have gotten this hotel for $135 plus tax. Pretty much a wash when figuring that Price.line total cost with fees and tax is $144, although direct booking would have been cancellable. Oh, bother. Used Price.line Quick Book link from Better Bidding.
  3. Seems to me that splitting single area into three provides more bidding options before you're locked out for a few days. Or am I missing something?
  4. Tried to find 3* or higher in Cambridge/East Cambridge, but not within my price range. So, tried various prices/star combos in Lexington and Burlington areas in various permutations at slightly lower prices before this bid came in. Stayed here before (also via a Price.line bid, iirc) and been pleased. Used Better Bidding's Price.line Quick Quote link.
  5. Much better location than Courtyard. Hotel (it traces its history to 1797) right on town square, but room well insulated from exterior noise. Classic Greek diner around the corner. Bedding of good quality. 3* is the right rating. A business traveller, however, would be better served by a chain because of better business amenities, I.e., Gettysburg hotel could use more convenient elec. outlets, desk space, etc. but it works. Good wifi service. No mini fridge in room. Seasonal outdoor pool only. Parking municipal garage, $15 overnight next to hotel.
  6. Used PRICELINE link from better bidding. Was trying for 3* Courtyard, bid $60, declined, but with msg that raising bid to $70 would get me a 3*, so I rebid and got Gettysburg Hotel downtown. Not the hotel I wanted, but this should work fine.
  7. Yup. This is the former Staybridge Suites. Just found that out when I tried to find it on Google maps; call to hotel confirmed the switch within the last two weeks.
  8. Originally bid for $89 for 3* in this location; Priceline responded by allowing me to bid again if I raised it to $103. Given that extensive searches on third party web sites and hotel sites failed to find anything at this level under $139, this seemed the way to go. My usual hotels in this area were basically sold out. Bid made through Better Bidding PRICELINE link.
  9. First tried $49, no go. Following day tried $54, no go but they offered an immediate rebid at $64. I passed. Next day (yesterday), succeeded at $57. All bids made via Better Bidding PRICELINE link.
  10. Tried (via PRICELINE link from Better Bidding) various combinations of zones at lower prices, but only this one can through. Pleased with result, if not quite as inexpensive as my parsimonious nature would desire.
  11. Obtained successful bid through Better Bidding PRICELINE link. Note: Better Bidding's Priceline Massachusetts hotel list shows this as 2.5*. Priceline shows this property as 3*.
  12. This is one of the hotels I was aiming for; stayed here before. Since there's a public "Easter special" here of $82, not including taxes, the $56 bid ($72 with fees) is a good deal. Used BetterBidding PRICELINE link to obtain reservation.
  13. Made this res at last minute to have a place when snows arrive, so I don't have to depend on public transit, taxis to get into Center City. Tried to find something east of Broad (but not in Old City/Penns Landing), but nothing that looked like it was in that area in my price range. Hotline price seems to be $40 less than otherwise available on web. With taxes, fees price goes up to $143. Don't require luxe accommodations (just wanted something better than 2*), so I suspect this will work, even if room's small. Just a few blocks further west than I would have wanted given where I have to be in Center City (Jeff-Pennsy Hospital area). Made purchase through BetterBidding link.
  14. $62. Enjoyed my previous stay so much, bid for this property again since I will be in the area tomorrow. Used Better Bidding link to PRICELINE.
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