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  1. Total $80.90. I tried many lower bids but am very happy with the property who's website price is $200.48 total.
  2. I had actually tried for Downtown first with $55 or $60 bids with no avail, so tried West Des Moines at $55 but won on next bid of $60.
  3. Yes, that is the address. 2-star Hotel in Downtown Des Moines This Hotel features the following amenities: Free Parking <amenity names only please... not descriptions> Free Internet <amenity names only please... not descriptions> Pet friendly Pet friendly - terms apply Indoor pool(s) <amenity names only please... not descriptions>
  4. 1 day notice $86.59 total. I guess everyone needed a room to pick up their kids from Drake University because I wasn't getting anythng better and I even tried Pricline first. I hadn't really looked close to see that the Fairgrounds area was considered downtown to Hotwire, but oh well. Others can learn from it before deciding to take the Hotwire "downtown" option.
  5. Was this your first bid on PRICELINE or an offer from HOTWIRE?
  6. OK, I know it's been a while since I used HOTWIRE for air, but all it seems to give me is published airfare. What happened to offering a discouted fare before purchase?
  7. I already understand all of that. I was just wondering if anyone has actually received flights from them lately. I did a search looking for NWA and didn
  8. I need to get MSP-MCO in Sept. The cheapest airfare is $250 nonstop. Hotwire is offering $209. I might be willing to take the chance only if I knew NWA was still a possibility.
  9. It's now up to $52 and there is a pool listed in the amenities.
  10. Expedia's lowest price is $68 for a 2*. Travelocity has the Days Inn for $49, you don't think it's that do you?
  11. Once again there is a 2 star hotel for March 30th for $42. This would just be for an overnight stopover. I sure wish I knew what it might be. There's also a 2.5 star for $134. Yikes.
  12. $20 rejected for a compact but accepted for an economy. Total price for the week is $170.86. The same reservation with is $431.95.
  13. Total for 1 night $41.24. The website shows $69 as best deal. Tried Tomah, Mauston, Baraboo, and Portage and nothing came up for $35 bid. Started in Madison with $25 with no luck, so jumped to $30 and got accepted.
  14. I did make a request for 2 adults and 2 kids. I'm not very interested in the 2.5* for $150, but I am curious what hotels they both might be.