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  1. Started bidding at $50 for STL Airport Region at 3.5*-- rejected, but told I could bid again if I increased the bid to $66 Increased bid to $55, added STL Airport West region, stayed at 3.5*. Rejected Increased bid to $60, added St. Charles-St. Peters region, stayed at 3.5*. Accepted Hotels in this region have gotten a little more expensive over the last couple of years, but this is still a pretty good bargain for a decent hotel that people frequently win in this region. Note, though, that this particular property has a number of small rooms that they use for people who book through Priceline/Hotwire. They just have a single double bed and no couch/pull-out. if you're just a single person staying for the night, the rooms are totally fine, but if you strongly prefer a king bed, or want two beds, you might want to avoid bidding in this region at 3.5*.
  2. Initiated bids with Betterbidding's Priceline link! Started at $46 with 3.5* in STL airport region-- rejected. Bumped up to $51, added STL airport west region, and dropped down to 3*. Won Courtyard.
  3. Initiated my bids through Betterbidding's Priceline link. Started at $45, 3.5*, STL Airport region. Rejected, but they gave me an option to re-bid at the same levels for $55. I turned that down, and re-bid for $50 after adding the STL airport West region (still 3.5*). Accepted
  4. This might be a new property to be won in this region (STL Airport West). Started my bidding using Betterbidding's PRICELINE link, at $43 and 3.5* in STL Airport region, rejected. Increased bid to $45, added St. Peters/St. Charles region- rejected Increased bid to $47, added STL Airport West region- accepted. This property has been recently renovated. I haven't stayed here before, but we'll see what it's like. I suspect that this property was listed on Hotwire for $48, so this is probably a reasonable deal, although someone might do a little better if they started in this area and then add rebid zones with no 3* properties.
  5. Bid $45 for 3.5 stars in Kansas City Airport region. Won with the first bid. this is a very frequent win/bid combination in this area in my experience. I like the Hilton-- rooms are comfortable, decent restaurant.
  6. Started bids (through Betterbidding's PRICELINE link) at $45, for 3.5* in St. Peters/St. Charles region. Rejected. Added St. Louis Airport region and increased bid to $47-- accepted at Marriott St. Louis airport. This property used to come up a lot, but hasn't for a while (mostly been Hilton airport and Renaissance), but it's a good property.
  7. Started bids with Betterbidding's PRICELINE link. bid $45 in Kansas City airport region at 3.5*, rejected. Added Kansas city airport South region, bumped to $50, rejected. Added Platte City region, bumped to $52, won Hyatt Place. Haven't stayed here before, but I've stayed at other Hyatt Place properties, and I like the brand, so I'm optimistic.
  8. Started my bidding through Betterbidding.com PRICELINE link. Started at $45, 3.5* in STL airport region, rejected... told I could get something if I increased bid by $15. I declined that, added a region with no 3.5* properties (STL West), and increased to $52- rejected, added St. Peters-St. Charles, increased to $55, accepted at Hilton St. Louis Airport. My experience is that you can always get a price somewhere between your original bid and their offered bid if you leverage re-bid zones.
  9. won this property with $45 in my first bid. I've bid in this region at this level many times, and $45 seems to be about the going rate, and the airport Hilton is the most common win. FYI, this property has a group of smallish rooms that Priceline winners are put into-- they are nice rooms, and fine if you're by yourself, but the bed is a queen (or maybe even a double?) and there's no pull out bed or double queen option. So beware if you're bidding on a property at this level in this area to stay with someone you'd rather not share a bed with! Also, pro-tip! They charge $10 for parking here, but if you have AAA, they only charge $7 Oh, and of course I started my bid using betterbidding.com PRICELINE link!
  10. Started bidding at $42 in STL Airport region with 3.5*- rejected but offered a room at $51 (didn't take it), added airport west region and raised to $44-- rejected, added St. Charles/St. Peters and increased to $46, accepted. I've stayed at this property many times-- through priceline and otherwise-- its generally pretty nice. They have some small rooms that are fine for singles that they like to give out to priceline winners-- that's my theory anyway, born of considerable experience! I'm fine with that when I'm travelling alone-- However, if you have more than two people, or two people who don't want to share a double bed, you might not want to bid in this region and star level. Of course, I initiated my bids through Betterbidding.com PRICELINE link!
  11. Started my bidding with Betterbidding.com's PRICELINE link. Started at $42, with 3.5* in STL airport region. Added re-bid zones but kept 3.5* and increased the bid to $45, $47, $50 (rejected), then hit at $55. I might have tried $52 but I was starting to run short of re-bid zones and wanted to be able to go to $65 or so. This win is a little on the high side for this region and star level (3.5* in STL airport region), in my experience, but is not atypical for a busy weekend. Cheers
  12. Oh, and I initiated my priceline bids through Betterbidding's PRICELINE link.... of course.
  13. Started bidding at $42, STL airport region. Rejected but offered a room for $51. I declined, re-bid at $45 by adding STL-West Airport region. Accepted. $40-$45 is a very typical sweet-spot for these 3.5* properties (along with Hilton Airport and Renaissance Airport) that I've won many times.
  14. Started bidding using Betterbidding's PRICELINE link (as always). Bid $40, 3.5* in the STL Airport region. Rejected, but they came back with an offer of $47. I turned that down and included the Airport West zone (which has no 3.5* offerings) at $42, and it was accepted. $56 total with taxes and fees. This is a very typical outcome in this area, in my experience.
  15. Started bidding (through betterbidding's PRICELINE link, of course), at 3.5* in Kansas City Airport region at $45, rejected. Added rebid zones without 3.5* hotels, rejected at $47, at $49, then bumped it to $55 and was accepted. Might have missed the sweet spot by a few dollars, but I'm happy with the result.