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  1. Complimentary Amenities: Free Internet, Free parking, Business center, Fitness center, Pool, Restaurant, Self-service laundry I checked booking direct at the Doubletree prior to getting room on Hotwire. Saved $6 on nightly fee, which resulted in $7 saved when taxes were added. Given my Hilton Honors Card would have resulted in 7x points bonus, I might have lost by talking this deal. Had I gotten the Miyako hotel, I would have saved more / enjoyed stay more, so I took the gamble. At least I saved a bit, and the location of this hotel next to restaurant row is appreciated.
  2. I was very flexible in my bidding areas starting with 4 star hotel in every area except northern San Diego regions and San Ysidro at $50. Tried again with 3.5 stars and still had no luck. Then changed to 3 stars and $47 bid which I still had no luck. Finally rebid with freebie add of San Ysidro and upped my bid to $50 which won. I then talked to friend who decided to tag along so I needed an extra room. Priceline gave me offer of $99 to rebook. Since was twice my bid, I thought No Way. "Chatted" with online help to see if there was another way to add a room at same bid, but she couldn't do
  3. First bid was $55. Makes me wonder if I should have started lower, but Express was offering $61 so think we got a good deal. :)
  4. After reviewing HOTWIRE prices, I decided to try PRICELINE to save a few extra dollars. Using Betterbidding links, I tried North Topeka at $29 for 2.5 star hotel. Then I added Topeka-South as free 2nd bid and increased my bid to $36. Finally, I added Topeka-West and increased my bid to $39 which was my winning bid. I expected this would be the hotel to win and it works fine for my needs.
  5. Just wanted to leave an update of my attempted bids to save someone else time :) On July 16: 4* Bids: Cape May / The Wildwoods: $57 Added Somers Point: $63 (free bid) Added West Atlantic City: $68(free bid) Added Vineland: $74 (free bid) Added Downtown AC: $85 Overnight I re-thought where I wanted to be and decided downtown would be better. On July 17: 4* bids Downtown AC: $75 Added West AC: $85 (free bid) Added Vineland: $90 (free bid) Added Somers Point: $95 (free bid) Added Cape May / The Wildwoods: Lowered Bid to $90 Tomorrow is a new day, wish me luck
  6. First bid was 3 1/2 Star for $54.00 and was not accepted. 2nd bid was the one accepted here. Thanks! :D
  7. I was very flexible on location for this trip :) Here is my bidding: $56 for 3* for Columbus West- Hillard (failed) $56 for 3* adding Dublin $52 for 2.5* areas above $54 for 2.5* for areas above and ending up in Colubus West. Total with tax will be $72.00
  8. I was accepted on my first bid, now I'll second guess myself but was happy with $8.00 a day. :) Hotwire started at $13.95 a day and Expedia was almost double.
  9. Selected 4* or Resort hotel, either would be have fine with me. Began with Historic District selected at $80 Slowly added other areas as I increased my bids about $10 for each area. Free re-bid since only the Historic District has 4* or Resort options. Last chance bid was $120, and was accepted at the Westin resort. Comparing to other sites, I think I saved about $200. We had been looking at the Marriott for more money, so happy with better hotel and lower price. Thanks! :)
  10. Thanks for your help. I'm happy with 3.5* and up, so I was using your line of reasoning when I added West Niagara and re-bid higher. I realized West Niagara had no applicable hotels in the category, so it was a free rebid. From past trips around the country and overseas, I do best on priceline about 3 weeks to a week before my arrival date. I suspect that's when hotels have a gist of how many extra rooms they need to move and it comes down the pipes to Priceline. I played around a bit more today. All failed again, but that's really okay. I was just surfing for a real deal. 4* Niagara Falls $65
  11. In case it helps the next guy, here is the history of my failed bids. Check-in: 8/2/09 Check out: 8/5/2009 Bid #1 Area selected: Niagara Falls 4* bid: $60 Bid #2 Area selected: Niagara Falls 3.5* bid: $64 Bid #3 Area selected: Niagara Falls, West Niagara Falls 3.5* bid: $67 I did use the Betterbidding PRICELINE links, and will do so when I try again another day in the future.
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