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  1. Used the links on this page to book, accepted on first try for $47. Thanks again BB.
  2. Thank you so much everyone for the research! Took out the last night and only tried to book for the 6th through the 9th. First bid at 87 plus 13 bonus was rejected, added a free zone and the next bid at 92 (105 w/ bonus cash) was accepted at the Hilton in Nob Hill. Thanks for your help booking, we will be looking to extending for the last night at the same price. Looks like it'll be in a great location for to explore the city on our anniversary, and thanks again everyone for your help.
  3. Update: Bid up to 103 (plus $10 bonus cash) so $113 a night, still no takers :)
  4. I've used this site many times before for help booking hotel rooms and I always utilize the links to book but I need a bit of help this time. Usually I book a one or two night stay during the weekends but now I'm looking at staying Thursday through Monday and I was wondering what is the best approach? So far we've attempted to bid for 4* hotels at $85 to $95 using bonus cash of $10 a night so it comes out to bids of $95 to $105 with no takers. Should I bid for the weekend alone? Or maybe thursday to sunday? Don't want to be switching hotels all weekend too if that can be avoided.
  5. Started at $95 for a 3.5 star, then increased in increments of $20 adding free rebid zones each time till they accepted $135. Used the PRICELINE link on this forum to begin the search. Think I got a pretty good deal given the prices during the week here.
  6. Accepted on my first bid using the links from this page on PRICELINE. Guess I'll undershoot next time.
  7. Started at $61 refused $17 increase and added a free rebid zone, accepted at $62! Thanks, saved me a ton of money. Also I used the PRICELINE link at the upper right from this page :)
  8. Sorry bout that, got the Washington Court Hotel, used the PRICELINE links on this site to bid. Also added another night for Sunday May 10th at the same price of $77 a night.
  9. Started w/ $69, added a free zone for $73, then jumped up to $77 and was accepted. Thanks for all the help, judging from the reviews and the short time till this stay...I think I got a good deal. :)
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