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  1. Hi everyone! Long time no "see." Started at 4* for $50, then 3.5* for $55. My bid of $60 for 3* around airport was accepted.
  2. Got subject hotel for $72. Started bidding at $50 and went up slowly, adding areas and increasing increments by $5. Sometimes I waited a day before bidding again. Given some of the reviews of lower star level hotels, I wanted to stay 3*. Of course, I used the Betterbidding.com Priceline link. There may be a parking fee at this hotel, from what I gather. Let's see if we can eat breakfast for cheap around there also.
  3. Worked our way from close in to outside and slowly increased from $50 to 65. Priceline gave us this Sheraton at $65. Yes, I used the Betterbidding [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  4. Just wanted to update that we did have a great stay there. One recommendation for the rest of you better bidders who win this Courtyard Marriott or the nearby Sheraton: Since neither of these hotels give free breakfast, there is a great German bakery next to the Sheraton called Fritz's Bakery. Excellent stuff for less than what a hotel breakfast charges.
  5. Bid $45 and got hotel on first try. I used the betterbidding.com link to PRICELINE, of course. We did add $5 trip insurance in this case. Thanks as always for providing this wonderful service!
  6. Started with Langhorne/Newtown PA at $50/nt for 3.5* and kept adding areas, increasing price, and going down to 2.5*. Finally scored this. It goes for around $150/nt retail. Yes, I used your PRICELINE link.
  7. Just a tip that might affect your listings: When we were at the hotel we noticed that there were no hotel information binders like most hotels have. We asked, and were told that the hotel is about to change ownership. So this same property may pop up under a new name soon. BTW, the hotel was nice, though it only offers rooms with either one king bed or two double beds. This gets a bit cramped for families. One nice thing is that there is a Wegmans down the street which makes for an inexpensive dining option. Let's just say that when these hotels do not offer free breakfast, we eat at supermarkets a lot. Wegmans has nice seating areas as well, so you do not have to carry out.
  8. Got this for a $45 bid. With taxes and fees it comes to $58.76. I think this used to be a Marriott.
  9. Was bidding around the Trenton area and got this one for $50. It has mixed reviews, but we've generally had good luck with Best Western. The Priceline hotel list for New Jersey does not seem to have Mt. Holly as an option, but there are definitely hotels in that area that Priceline offers. Yes, I used the BB PRICELINE link.
  10. Sorry also to hear of your loss. May your friend's or loved one's memory be for a blessing. You might want to check the Hawthorn Suites in Holland, OH. We were planning a Midwest trip this summer and that hotel looked to be a good possibility. The reason we ended up not going for it was because my wife thought that traveling there from where we live was too far in one day. Anyway, the Hawthorn advertises a King Suite for $61/nt, and they give a free hot breakfast. AAA rate is about $55. Of course, you have to add tax, but you wouldn't have the Priceline or Hotwire surcharge. Check to see if this site's Support Page has a link to Hawthorn. Good luck!
  11. Thanks for the good wishes. I called the hotel to confirm room type, and the desk clerk told me that construction should be finished up in a couple of weeks. They are apparently remodeling the lobby. The restaurant is supposedly going to offer smaller a la carte items instead of just the expensive buffet. They also said they are putting in a bar and that the restaurant will be open for dinner, not just breakfast.
  12. First tried $36 for a 3.5* around there. That was rejected, so I added Westlake 3* and bumped my bid to $40. Priceline gave me this Courtyard. Some of the Tripadvisor reviews are making me nervous, but they indicate that this hotel has some remodeling going on. Maybe it will be finished by summer.
  13. Started bidding downtown 4* for $36 and worked my way up with varying prices and areas (Wauwatosa and then Brookfield). Admittedly, I was trying to get the Hyatt Place in Wauwatosa, but such was not to be. :( As luck would have it, Priceline gave me $5 extra bidding bucks for today only. This helped my bidding, so I think the real "bid" was $58, not $53. Now I have to make sure we get a king with a sofa bed instead of two double beds. Maybe I'll ask for a room with an "ocean view." :lol:
  14. Tried $45 for 3*, but that didn't work. Added downtown zone and upped to $49, got the Best Western. Priceline didn't give a 3.5* option for downtown at all.
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