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  1. FYI $66.38 in taxes!! So $262 for 2 nights actually works out to $328.38! That was a big surprise.... Kinda feel like HW should list an all inclusive nightly price. But I did start here on BB & clicked through to Hot.Wire. Forgot to add: This was listed as Buckhead Boutique Hotel Free Parking Free Breakfast Free internet Pet friendly Smoke-free rooms Fitness center Pool(s) Business center Internet access Also, just for kicks, I decided to go directly to the Hyatt website & see what rate I could get using my AAA discount.... it was a wash. Average Daily Rate 144.00 USD Subtotal 288.00 USD ( 2 Nights / 1 Room ) Additional Fees & Taxes occupancy tax 23.04 USD state tax 23.04 USD Total Per Room 334.08 USD Total Per Room 334.08 USD The nightly rate was slightly higher but the taxes were exactly $10 less per night. Makes me realize that HW is tacking on $10/night. I'm getting more jaded by the minute, but it's really my own fault for not checking out what rates were before using HW. Buyer beware...
  2. Details on the hotel description: "90% love it!" Hotel Ammenities Indoor pool(s) Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Internet access Golf Nearby Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower $98.00 + 25.09 (taxes & fees) = $123.09/night I started with the links here to get over to Hot.wire, then came back to report. None of the three Hyatt descriptions listed on the pinned hotel list show Indoor Pool, so I kinda took a leap in booking it, but I figured how bad could it be at 4 stars? :)
  3. We stayed in room 2133 facing east. There were 2 double beds. A bit small (I would have liked 2 queens) but they were very comfortable. And for the price, you can't be too upset. The hotel was clean & overall we were very pleased with our SCORE!! We walked to Centennial Olympic Park. Great location!! If you're lucky enough to get this hotel, I think you'll like it, too. One more thing... There was a public parking garage at 31 Baker St (half a block away) where you can park for $18/night so we spent $36 for 2 nights of parking instead of $64 at the Hyatt.
  4. amemities listed were: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Internet "90% love it" taxes & fees add on $44.30 valet-only parking costs as follows: 0-1 hour $ 10.00 1-2 hours $14.00 2-4 hours $18.00 4-6 hours $24.00 6-24 hours $32.00 BTW, started my search here & clicked on the Hotwire link. :)
  5. I forgot to list the amenities listed with the hotel... Amenities: Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Free Parking
  6. Fantastic Bargain! Highly recommend! Bid for a room for 4.....It's much bigger & more updated than the cramped room for 2 that my parents stayed in. Clean, modern, great restaurants! The pillows were amazingly comfortable! The hotel is gigantic!! No wonder they are trying to fill up rooms! I would absolutely stay here again!
  7. I found this on HOTWIRE's help section: (hope it helps answer your ?) (disclaimer: I have no personal experience with doing this.)
  8. Just scored a minivan out of Boston Logan Int'l Airport for $47/day for 3 days! It turned out to be Hertz. Total fees ended up being $203.03. Would have paid double that on any other website. I started my purchase by clicking on the HOTWIRE link in the Support/Travel Links section of this website! Thanks!
  9. okay so here's where I am now on this... I canceled the $322.35 (includes all the taxes & fees) Alamo prepaid Standard size. And have booked 2 new reservations. One will be canceled after consulting with my husband. The first is booked directly with Dollar to be picked up just after midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It's a Midsize for $226.48 (includes all the taxes & fees). Not too bad for 4 days but definitely not what I was hoping for. The other..... get this! If my husband can wait to pick up the car at Logan 'til 9am on Thursday morning he can get a Midsize booked directly from Alamo (& NOT prepaid!) for $14/day!! So $103.62 (includes all the taxes & fees) for 4 days!!! the smaller cars were $10/day & the standard was $18/day! Great deal if you can get it!
  10. Great tip on the early rental! My husband is actually the one traveling & he wants to drive directly to his Dad's, so as to miss the crazy Boston weekday rush hour traffic. So renting at the airport is the only option. I'll try the early return as a possibility. Thanks for all the great tips!
  11. Hi Colfax, Yes, I've tried PRICELINE bidding but haven't taken it above my comfort zone yet. The highest I've bid was $35/day for everything from a compact to a standard (which works out to a little over $200 for the 4 day rental). It seems like the taxes & fees are much higher on Priceline cars than ones that you would rent directly from a car rental company's website (maybe not...). Anyway, I've booked a standard car through Alamo for the time being at $60/day (for a total of $322 for 4 days!) & will continue to bid low on Priceline to see if there are any takers. I can always cancel the Alamo deal & bid up a bit the week before the trip to see if there's any saving to be had at the last minute. I just don't want to get stuck in an expensive Priceline rental and then have the prices drop at the last minute & be kicking myself! As far as the rental period & airport vs off-site, the airplane arrives at midnight so we need a rental company that will be open at that ridiculous hour. And yes I did come to realize that renting on Wednesday night prevents any weekend deals from being used in addition the fact that since it's only a 4 day rental you can't get any weekly deals either...
  12. anyone know why prices for rentals at Boston Logan soooo high for dates 8/26 to 8/30? I've never seen them this high. $60 and up! Should I wait & see if the prices come down or is that unlikely and they might go up? I was hoping to spend no more than $50 per day including taxes (which breaks down to no more than about $35/per day on the PRICELINE bidding screen.) Anyone familiar with the Boston Logan car rental market with advice? Thanks!
  13. well we got a brand spanking new Kia Optima. Very comfortable & the Hertz folks up in Providence were great!
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