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  1. Accepted at $47 on my first try. I chose that number based on a past winning bid on this board. I used the PRICELINE link on this board to begin my purchase.
  2. MODS...please change my thread title to read Extended Stay Deluxe...instead of La Quinta. I was copying/pasting from an earlier post and made a mistake. Thanks! Amenities were listed as Fitness Center, Pool(s), Laundry Facilities (self-service), High-Speed Internet Access. 70% recommended by Hotwire customers. Rate per night: $60.00 Nights: 2 Rooms: 1 Tax recovery charges & fees: $22.11 Trip total: $142.11 I used this board's HOTWIRE link to begin my purchase.
  3. Used the PRICELINE link to begin my purchase. Looking for a hotel with easy access to the 2011 Chicago Auto Show and was hoping to get the Hyatt McCormick. I got lucky, as this one has direct access to McCormick Place. Started with the three downtown area zones that have 4* hotels (Greater, NMA and Loop) and used free re-bids (by adding all the other Chicago zones with no 4*) to bid up to $60 with no luck. Came back the next day and bid on just the Greater Chicago zone 4* at $65 and got it first try. Excellent! Parking is steep, but at least I can walk to the auto show directly from the hotel via skywalk.
  4. When I stayed there on a PL reservation I was celebrating a special occasion. They were nice enough to put me and my wife in a large corner room in the newly-renovated Tower section. The room had a wonderful view and we were very impressed with the hotel. Just lucked out I guess!
  5. I have stayed here, and this is an amazing property. The staff is so-so, but the rooms are fabulous and the bathrooms are amazing! The hotel's restaurant, Andrew's is excellent for breakfast. The creme brulee oatmeal, the peach ginger french toast, and the ham & white cheddar omelet are to die for! I would probably choose a different place for dinner, though. Andrew's dinners weren't anything special, but the breakfasts were amazing.
  6. Could be that summers are busy in Milwaukee. There are a lot of things going on, including the air and water show featuring the US Navy Blue Angels and PrideFest among other events.
  7. What about adding 4* Embarcadero zone. It's just a few blocks to the east of USE, and some great hotels like the Omni and Le Meridian are there. I recently got the Omni for $120 and it's #3 out of 250 hotels in SF. TripAdvisor rates it #1 in the US (and #4 in the world) for service. Worth a try. You could start your bidding a little lower and see what happens.
  8. I just recently booked plane tickets to visit family for Christmas, and always find it's much cheaper to book the rental car as far in advance as possible. I got the screen saying my bid was too low and would likely not be accepted. It said I would have a fair chance by upping my bid to $52. I ignored the screen and ended up getting it on the first try for $25. Geez...I wonder if I should have started the bidding even lower? Never thought it would have been accepted at $25! Very good deal for a premium car over the Christmas holiday, that's for sure! Your Offer Price: $25.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 4 days Subtotal: $100.00 Taxes and Fees: $51.07 Total Charges: $151.07 Lowest Published Price: $427.72 Total Savings:* $276.65 (You saved 65%) I used BetterBidding's PRICELINE link to begin my purchase.
  9. Excellent deal for a very highly-rated property. Gets 4.5/5 on TripAdvisor. Got two rooms for a total of $174.14. complimentary breakfast fitness center business center high speed internet pool nearby golf nearby tennis Used this site's HOTWIRE link to begin my purchase.
  10. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I was floored when I saw the stellar reviews on Tripadvisor for the Omni. #3 out of 240 hotels in SF!
  11. Used the PRICELINE link and used some Priceline Hotel Rewards that I had earned to up my bid one more time to $120 and was successful: Omni San Francisco Hotel Financial District - Embarcadero 500 California Street San Francisco, California 94104 Check-In Date: Thu, Sep 9, 2010 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, Sep 12, 2010 / 12:00 PM Bonus Cash Per Room, Per Night: $10.00 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $110.00 Total Offer Price Per Room, Per Night with Bonus: $120.00 Total Charges to your Credit Card Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $110.00 Subtotal: $660.00 Taxes & Fees: $127.56 Total Charges*: $787.56 I am very satisfied with this result, as the Omni is #3 on the TripAdvisor list of more than 200 hotels in SF! I had to bid fairly high to get this, but I think the Dentists convention is tying up a lot of the lower priced rooms. Moderators, please update my thread title...I don't know how to change it on my own. And thanks for all the assistance everyone.
  12. Thanks for the assistance. I'm going to keep trying, because I'd like to get it firmed up so I can get a rental car for a day (and I'd like to know where I'm staying so I can pick the closest rental car office). I tried one more bid of $110 for a 3.5* in all of the downtown zones and still went away empty handed. When I went to SF last year, I bid way earlier than this and got a great deal on teh St. Francis for $80. Perhaps the Dentists convention is playing a role. I had seen that on the convention checker. Yeah, I might be bidding too early. Maybe I'll just have to wait a couple months. Thanks all. I'll report back when I figure things out.
  13. I also tried up to $110 for a 3.5* with no luck. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.
  14. Just requesting some friendly help for an upcoming trip to SF, from 9/9/10 until 9/12/10, three nights. Need two rooms in a 4* in either the USE, USW or Financial District/Embarcadero areas. I have bid up to $110 so far with no luck. This is considerably higher than most previous winning bids. Is there some big "to do" happening that weekend in San Fran? Should I wait until the dates get closer. I'm probably going to have to make a standard reservation somewhere as a backup (one that I can cancel if I get a PL deal later). Thanks much for any assistance. I am using this board's PRICELINE link to begin my searches.
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