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  1. With those amentities (the spa being the identifier for this one) there's nothing in that area that meets those criteria except the Monaco. That is an exceptional deal for the Monaco too!
  2. Bid of 65 rejected added Timonium 4* zone because they dont have any 4* in that zone. Bid of 70 accepted for a last minute getaway. Never have stayed at the Renaissance,have stayed at the other 4* hotels. But its location is amazing and so close to all of the things at the harbor
  3. 3 star I was expecting to get the Embassy Suites, but instead got pleasantly surprised with the former Hunt Valley Marriott now called the Hunt Valley Inn. VERY pleasantly surprised with nabbing this for $52 when $55 was netting me nothing with Priceline. Ammentities are Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the deaf Free Parking Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower
  4. For the 4* hotels... I believe the Inner Harbor is the only 4* zone in MD (not DC) So your free rebids include Hunt Valley, White Marsh, Airport. Usually I can get my bid in within those 3 free zones, because I refuse to spend more than $80 for the inner harbor. The 3* zones are much more tricky. The 4*'s are pretty easy! With my luck 70-73 will almost always net me the Hyatt. I've tried 60 and 65 before without luck, so you did GREAT with the $60 winning bid! Congrats! The folks at the Hyatt have been lovely to me in the past. I complained about my last trip with them (not really a scathing complaint... just a little tiny problem) and they offered me a free room for a future visit. Cant go wrong with that! I'm NOT a complainer by any means though. They really bent over backwards and I've never had a bad view, both my recent visits to the Hyatt have netted harbor views!
  5. Initial bid $63 rejected inner harbor zone only Free rebid $70 rejected. inner harbor and BWI zones Free rebid $75 accepted. inner harbor, BWI and whitemarsh zones Woo hoo I love priceline and I love this site Thanks for the wonderful hints and tips! I've been getting awesome luck with the Hyatt!
  6. I had the pleasure of staying at this lovely property on 9/17-18 2004. This hotel is located across a busy street from Harborplace and I'd estimate 1/2 of the rooms have some kind of water view. I got this hotel the day before on Priceline for $73 and couldnt be happier as the posted rates at Hyatt's website is $269 for a non harbor view, harbor view they charge you an extra $30. Valet parking is available for $25 a day with unlimited in and out or self park for $20 a day unlimited in and out. Other parking options are available around town, but for convenience and security, the hotel's garage is more than sufficient. The front desk staff were polite and friendly and no mention was made of my Priceline bid or that this was a prepaid reservation. I highly recommend getting a Gold Passport membership on Hyatt's website immediately after your winning PL bid. It cant hurt getting the extra attention your Gold Passport membership brings even though your PL bid doesnt count to Gold Passport Points. Also after signing up with Gold Passport, I highly recommend calling the Hyatt directly to make a request for the kind of room you require (King or 2 beds, smoking or non smoking) and have them add your Gold Passport number to your reservation. Even though it doesnt count, it cant hurt to have it there for the better attention you get as a Gold Passport member. This hotel has 4 glass elevators going up 14 floors of rooms and the 15th floor has the Pisces restraunt which is coat and tie required for dinner. If you suffer a fear of heights or vertigo, dont look out at the spectacular view of the harbor from the elevators as I am not aware of another elevator in this hotel without the vertigo view. I was initially given a room on the 8th floor with an adequate view of the city and the hotel's roof. Unfortunately this room was 2 double beds and had a crib, so I called back down to the front desk and the front desk gentleman came up with a new key and took my bags to my new room, on the 14th floor! King bed and a gorgeous harbor view. I am NOT a complainer by any means, but if the room isnt what you requested (and they confirm this at the front desk) speak up. The room was adequate in size, bed soft, and can I say the view spectacular again? My smoking room was on a "smoking optional" floor that did not smell of smoke at all and neither did my room. A coffee maker was present with complimentary single cup coffee in 2 regular and 1 decaf as well as a single teabag. The toiletries are boutique style and not something like suave or VO5. No hand lotion or mouth wash if you're a toiletry nut. The bathroom which I've seen described in other sites reviews as being not well lit was fine for my needs. The tub is adequate for a bath and the shower has decent water pressure and not too sensitive to hot and cold. Also those who use prepaid cards or debit cards for their hotel reservations, they only put the token $1 charge on your card when you present it for incidentals, unlike other hotels I've stayed at who put a hold of $20 or more on your card. Just for those who either dont choose to make incidental purchases or have a limited budget, its good to know that your card isnt held hostage by the hotel. Housekeeping is attentive and brings anything you could ever think that you could forget. The television offerings are pretty standard hotel fare, but for the complainers, the hotel uses a satellite dish (Dish Network to be exact) and some stations may become unavailable if the weather is stormy like it was during my visit. Harborplace is located across the street with standard food court fare, and you can get there via a skywalk from the 2nd level of the hotel. Via another skywalk from the 2nd Harborplace pavilion, you can reach the Galleria mall with more food court fare. For those penny pinchers like me who refuse to spend a lot on a hotel meal or room service. For the business traveller, there is a skywalk to the Convention Center should you need to visit there. It is a short walk from Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens Stadium) I sampled the room service breakfast which was pretty good, despite being pricey room service food. The room has a mini bar which is pressure sensitive so dont take something out unless you want to be billed immediately for it. The in room movies are pretty standard though I do like that On Command offers movies that are in second run theaters and not yet available on pay per view at home. A morning local paper is given even on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not USA Today. Checkout was simple through the television checkout system. No mention of Priceline again, just showed my balance of my breakfast, that was all. For $80 bucks including priceline fees for a room that would otherwise cost $300 this was a real deal. Polite friendly staff, good clean rooms, plush furnishings, everything one would expect from a 4* hotel. I've stayed at all of the Baltimore 4* hotels Priceline offers and the Hyatt for me would be what I hope for when I bid. Suitable for the business, romantic, or holiday traveller or even a traveller with children. The Hyatt has gone over and above for me. Yes I'm nototious for giving long reviews, but I post what information I'm looking for when I'm deciding where to stay or have questions about where Priceline has sent me.
  7. 9/17-18 $65 rejected using Inner Harbor zone and 4* $70 rejected using Inner Harbor and BWI zones and 4* (free rebid) $73 accepted using Inner Harbor, BWI and Towson zones (free rebid) With Taxes and Fees, total 89.15 I've lurked for so long here and found so many good tips. This is my first Priceline bid ever and I couldnt be happier! Thank you everyone for showing me the Priceline way! I'd never be able to stay at the Hyatt on such short notice for so little!
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