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  1. Hotel rate per night: $52.00 Nights:2 Rooms:2 Subtotal:$208.00 Tax recovery charges and fees:$37.31 Amenities Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access The hotel looks like OK from the photos on their website, just they charge $5/night for parking :) . I don't know how common it is to charge parking for hotels around LAX.
  2. Check the websites of the 3* hotels around SEA airport and found most them (esp the frequently posted ones) charge a fee of ~$12 for parking. That is not so pleasent. I am just wondering if I can park my car on the nearby street. Is that area safe? :)
  3. Thank you for your reply. But I think you did not get my point. What I meant is if I can rebid within the 72-h when it is already the last serveral hours for check-in. For example, if my bid on Jan 1st is rejected, but I am going to check in on Jan. 2nd, so the whole day of Jan 2nd is still within 72 h from the first bid. Under this situation, do they give me a chance to bid again in the last several hours before check-in, say, at 1PM, Jan. 2nd? Thanks.
  4. If my bid is rejected, if the last day (the same day to check-in) is still before 72h, can I re-bid? I think I saw somewhere it is allowed for the last 6-h. Is it true?
  5. Thank you for your elucidation. It is Sep. 16. Actually I have said this, since within 72 hours the only Thus is Sep. 16th.
  6. Thank you for your answer. My case is just within the 72 hours and has only one free zone to add. So if I refused there offer, I may result in nothing. But I have another question. I am sure I will need to stat at that area on the coming Fri. So if I bid for 2 night at the beginning rather than bid for each night seperately, will that be easier to get a good deal?
  7. After the first attempt failed, a msg came out, saying they will give me a free chance to rebid if I increase $12. Originally I have only one zone to add to get a rebid, which means I have only one more chance. But now since they have provided, I accepted. Then I got it. How to deal with this situation? Should I refuse it and increase by something like $5, or $6?
  8. First time using priceline to bid for a room (Sep. a Thu night). Gave $40 as the frist try and failed. But got a prompt that they gave me a free chance of rebidding if I increase by $12. Though I have other choice, accept it then won. Don't know how experienced guy will do in this situation and if it is a good bid.
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