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  1. Heading back to Milwaukee and got the same hotel I won a month or two ago, which is fine for me. I was actually bidding on 3*, but was given this 3.5* location. Five bucks cheaper than the last bid too. Thanks BB. The new post formatting is great too.
  2. Last minute search, but it turned out to be a nice hotel. Was targeting downtown at 3-4 star, so I had a few rebid zones to use. Bid 40, 45, 50. Won at 50 for Hilton Milwaukee City Center. It seemed to be a nice restored hotel. The room was a good size and we were given a king and an upper floor without requesting either. No free wifi and the pool is actually a water park, so there is a fee to use everything there except the hot tub. And of course I used the BB PRICELINE link. Cheers!
  3. I had been trying to get a 4* downtown, but couldn't find a place to accept a bid below $75 for these dates (and with so many re-bid zones I had plenty of declined bids). No luck with 3* properties downtown either, so I switched to the Bloomington/Mall of America area and the 3.5* bid of $45 was accepted on my first try. I haven't stayed at this particular Doubletree, but the reviews seem nice and other Doubletrees I've stayed at have all been fine. Priceline said I saved 48% on this deal. I used the BB PRICELINE link. Thanks again for being such a great resource! Edit: Dates should actually be 7/13-7/16.
  4. Just to follow up a bit--they gave us a river view for free even though they had said it would be a $25-ish charge per night when we called ahead of time. And since the hotel levels start on the fifteenth floor of the building, every room has a nice, high view (at least the ones facing out). Pool wasn't that big, but they had a pretty good exercise room.
  5. I had been trying for a few days for a 3-4 star in Chicago and eventually won the Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza. I see it's on the river, so hopefully it will have a nice view. I'm guessing the holiday weekend drove the price up a little, but it's still not bad for Chicago. And I used the BB link.
  6. This stay was on and around Thanksgiving, so that may or may not have impacted the price. Had plenty of time to bid on this stay, so I started low ($30) and went up $1 at a time. I was aiming for West Madison, but was able to re-bid on the South and Southwest since they have no 3 star properties. Won at $48 for Holiday Inn & Suites in West Madison. The hotel was for family and they loved it, especially the pool area which was great for kids.
  7. Had to do some last minute bidding for a hotel tonight, so that may have driven the price up. Bid 45, 50, 55--aiming for west Madison, but was able to re-bid in the south and southwest since they have no 3 star properties. They offered an instant re-bid after the second one for $57, which I declined. I had also made several bids ($40, $45, $50) at the 3.5 star level, but all were rejected so I dropped down to 3 star. Won on $55 for the Radisson Hotel Madison and used the BB PRICELINE link. Cheers!
  8. To follow up a bit more: Oddly the two Super 8s are a block away from each other. Both are under renovation (we accidentally stopped at the wrong one first, not expecting it to be THAT close) and neither one is slated for closing. The hotel was nice enough for this star level, but the front desk did have what I would call a "Priceline attitude." I would not stay there again.
  9. Bid $38 on 3* room. Rejected. Bid $40 on 2.5*. Accepted. Sort of backwards bidding, but it was done literally at the last minute. Priceline says it is 59% off. Seems like a nice place. I'm happy. Thanks, BB, and I used the PRICELINE link. Cheers! Room Subtotal: $40.00 Taxes & Fees: $13.72 Total Charged to Card: $53.72
  10. Was bidding for three rooms for three nights and didn't really care what star level as long as it was above one star. Bid $50 for 3* Bid $40 for 2.5* Bid $35 for 2* All bids rejected. Waited 24 hours and bid $40 for 2* and won for the Super 8. And I used the BB PRICELINE link to bid. Lucky me, getting to spend time in Cedar Rapids twice in two weeks. Ehh.
  11. Had bid $25 and $30, but was rejected on two star and up. Actually meant to bid $35 the third time, but $40 was okay. The place was fine, but I've been to nicer Country Inn & Suites. I believe this is a new hotel for BB's list of wins in Cedar Rapids.
  12. I was targeting a 3.5 star hotel in the downtown area. Bid $41 Rejected Bid $42 Rejected (added area without *3.5) Bid $43 Accepted (added another area without *3.5) Sheraton Madison Hotel Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $43.00 Subtotal: $129.00 Taxes & Fees: $27.12 Total Charges*: $156.12 I used the BB PRICELINE hotels link. Thanks. After my first bid, Priceline also offered to let me rebid without changing anything if I'd raise my offer to $56. No thanks, Priceline.
  13. Bid $53 for 3.5* CC Plaza REJECTED Bid $54 same as above + Sports Complex zone REJECTED Bid $55 same as above + Shawnee Mission zone ACCEPTED KC Marriott Country Club Plaza Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $55.00 Subtotal: $110.00 Taxes & Fees: $28.02 Total Charges*: $138.02 KC has a lot of zones that don't have 3.5 or above, so I started low knowing I could rebid more than ten times right away if need be. Third bid was the charm. Price on the hotel site and on the regular priceline hotels page was $129. I'm happy. Thanks, BB. And I used your PRICELINE link.
  14. Won on first bid of $39 for Hurstbourne/East zone using the BetterBidding PRICELINE link. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $39.00 Subtotal: $39.00 Taxes & Fees: $13.11 Total Charges*: $52.11
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