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  1. Ok, I will! If I change arrangements I will post them! Thank you SO very much! I appreciate all of your help!!
  2. Ok, so I went ahead and booked a back up hotel through my company. A room opened up that wasn't available before. It is the O hotel, 1/2 mile from the convention center. I am paying $169/ night, and am hoping I can find someone to room with me and share in the costs. This way I won't have to pay cab fares, and I have extreme convenience. Thank you for your help in trying to help me get a room. NEXT time I will book further in advance!!!
  3. I have gotten my bid up to $165/ night for a 3 1/2 * If i go for a 3* how low do you think I can start my bidding?
  4. For 3 1/2* I have my bid up to $150. It looks like I am going to have to pay a lot more than I wanted. I debated about bidding on 3 *. However, the location of the 3 * hotels wouldn't be very convenient. I have not booked a "back up hotel".
  5. Awesome! Thank you for the info. I wasn't sure how that worked. I really would rather not pay more than $125 for a 3 1/2*... If I could get a 3* much cheaper that would be REALLY awesome! The only thing about the 3* hotels is they are further away from the convention center than I would like. Looks like I would have to take a cab? which would make up for the money I could save with the 3*. So far have the bid on 3 1/2* up to $110. Can't bid anymore on 3 1/2* for another 24. :(
  6. After looking at the hotel list the 3 1/2* and the 3* options don't look so bad. I might opt to go as low as a 3* and try to stay more in the comfort of my budget.
  7. I have gotten my bid up to $140 for a 4* and have not gotten a "win" yet. I might have to take it down to a 3 1/2* Can I start over if I click 3 1/2*? or do I have to wait another 24 hours? The 4* is pushing my budget...Thank you for your suggestion below.
  8. So far I have bid on 4* only $85, $90, $95, $100, $105 The regions I added were Culver City, Inglewood, Lawndall, and USC. I will continue on my 4* bidding tomorrow. I might take my bid a little higher if I have to. It looks like one of the 3 1/2 * options downtown has gotten some ROUGH ratings. 3.5* Millenium Biltmore
  9. OMG, I feel so dumb! I totally get how to do this now! Thank you!!!! I was doing it ALL wrong in many previous bidding! LOL!
  10. Thank you so much for the strategy! The only thing I am struggling to find is the re-bid zones. The only one I can confirm is the Culver City area. I am ready to start bidding other than that detail. The zones in the better bidding list do not quite match up with the ones listed on the Priceline bidding section.
  11. Started with Knox zone with a $50 bid, added the park central zone, and got the Westin for $55/night. Not too shabby! I am sure it will work great!
  12. I would like to try to get a 4* under 100$. That would be my goal. If that is not possible I will go to 125$ My last option would be a 3 1/2* under 100$. I need to look at the list of 3 1/2* hotels and see the caliber. I hope this answers your question. I just don't know what is feasible.... Thank you!!!
  13. Well, I would love to pay under $100. Maybe $125 would be close to my max???
  14. I updated the thread. Thought I had posted it already... apologies.
  15. I added the airport location and sadly it gave me a "4 *" Sheraton by the airport. This is not the location I wanted, but was adding areas I thought didn't have a 4*, (big risk I know) trying to bid again. And, I paid WAY too much for it $135 per night. The Sheraton is in need of some major upgrades. But, for as much as I was in the room it sufficed. It was an added expense of a cab ride downtown and back each day. Thanks!
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