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  1. Sorry to jump in, but I am taking a similar trip in September. My plan was the Q60 bus from the airport so the N subway stop. Take the subway to port authority bus terminal and then 158 bus to the hotel. It does involve a couple of buses and a subway, but it's much less than any other option. Especially if you are buying a day pass in NYC anyway.
  2. It would not be very hard to police the reports if Tripadvisor wanted to. They could see if all the reviews were posted from nearby where the hotel is located, or if they were from out of town. I can see one or two fake reviews maybe slipping through, but how does a hotel manage 8 or 9? Different employees posting at the same hotel? It should throw up a red flag if the same person posts multiple reviews of a hotel or hotels in a short time.
  3. I was looking for a good deal on a car rental in Las Vegas October 31 to November 2, 2011, this week. The rates were cheaper if I came on October 30 so I started bidding on those days. I bid $12 on a compact car, and then $14 on a midsize. I then noticed under additional car types to bid on the lowest retail (non bid) rate showed full size $6 a day!! I thought it had to be a mistake, but I backed up and tried the regular route. Sure enough Budget came up for $6 a day $24 total for 4 days full size car. Booked right away. Guess in pays to check bid and non bid rates on Priceline. I had been watching prices on Travelocity, but nothing near that price ever came up.
  4. I hope I am not off topic, but I checked the Golden Nugget's website and it is completely sold out those dates so I doubt anything on priceline will come up since they have no rooms. If you did not mind walking a few blocks, the Plaza hotel at the end of Freemont Street is available for $53 $71 $71 for the dates you wanted. It might be your best option right now.
  5. Maybe on the strip but no longer in downtown. The Four Queens states on their website parking is $3 now. Not bad and I never have a car anyway but its not free. I do not mind paying a small resort fee if it is disclosed upfront $10 or less maybe but not $15 or $20 as is the norm now.
  6. After seeing another bid won for different dates I decided to try my luck for my days of travel. I bid $77 and used my $5 in bonus cash. I won it on the first bid. Not exactly where I wanted to stay but it is close to the subway and is much more affordable than MTE or MTW. Went up to $145 for 3* with no luck for MTE MTW SOHO with no luck. Looks like a new hotel which is nice.
  7. I know this forum is for Priceline, but is there one or going to be one for Travelocity Secret Hotels? I am just curious what a 3 star hotel in Manhattan would be. It is a descent price for my stay $126 for May 12-16th. Already bid more than that on Priceline.
  8. Not sure if I can post this, but I googled priceline bonus cash and came across this link http://dealnews.com/lw/artclick.html?2,357411,1125174 which gave me $25 in bonus cash. You might try it. Just close the browser after you get the cash and login again with the link from here.
  9. You might also try PRICELINE. Someone just got a hotel for $77 Renaissance Washington DC starting June 3, so you might start there.
  10. I won this hotel for 05-04-09 - 05-08-09 at $70 per night in Foggy Bottom. Might could have got it for less, but this is what I started the bid at after going up to $100 for the same dates in Capital Hill, and Downtown DC. I am happy with it. The hotel did make a mistake and sent me a confirmation of what they billed Priceline which was $316 for the four nights. My total with tax was $353 so I guess PRICELINE made $47. Not to bad.
  11. You do not put in the amenities, rather hotwire tell you what amenities each hotel offers when it displays the rates. You can use those to try to guess which hotel it is before you book, Hotwire like priceline does not tell you before hand. DO NOT assume previous wins will be the same as what you will get. It might be different. If you are okay with that the by all means go ahead and book. Hotwire has an option to sort by lowest price, and star level. I chose price since all I wanted was a room. After you choose a price, you will input all of your info and at the end it will tell you which hotel it is. You might also try priceline.com if you don't see any good rates on Hotwire. Hope this helps.
  12. Glad to help. Just proves why you should never purchase a hotel based on what you think it is. I am happy with this hotel since it is in the area I wanted to stay in, and at $39 a night I really don't mind what brand it is.
  13. I just won the Wyndham garden Hotel in Central Harrisburg for $39 a night. (Amenities include: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High-Speed Internet, Laundry) I guess we now have three hotels with these same amenities Crown Plaza, Four Points, and Wyndham. So much for guessing which hotel it actual is.
  14. I just booked a hotel for Central Harrisburg for 5/08/09 - 05/08/09 and chose the three star you mentioned above with the same amenities and it turned out to be the Wyndham Garden Hotel. I was hoping for the one of the other two but I'm still happy. Hope this helps some. I got it for $39 on Hotwire, and yes I am starting a new thread.