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  1. An acceptable 3-star hotel, but Priceline considered it a 3 1/2-star, which to us seemed a stretch. It is no nicer than the nearby aloft or Hyatt Place, both of which I believe are still considered 3-star. And this hotel used to be listed as 3-star. Why Pricleine "upgraded" it is beyond me (and made me suspicious of Priceline's rating criteria, so we opted for Hotwire for a later stay on the same trip). We had bid up to $70 hoping to get the Hilton Ontario Airport. I had stayed at the Ontario Grand Inn when it was a Hotel Indigo. The rooms have plenty of space, and parking and WiFi are
  2. aloft Ontario 10480 Fourth Street Rancho Cucamonga $44 per night, total with taxes and fees $204.62. Amenities: fitness center, high-speed Internet access, free parking, accessible bathroom, pool(s), accessible for the blind, accesssible path of travel, handicapped parking, business center, accessible for the deaf, in-room accessibility, roll-in shower.
  3. I was skeptical the $43 Ontario East was the Hyatt Place, but then noticed at the "other sites for $103" and 90% approval on the HOTWIRE page. I looked at PRICELINE's list of hotels (not the bidding part), and, by Jove, there was the Hyatt Place for $103. And 90% approval. The Best Western Innsuites (which I feared we might get if we went with the Hotwire rate) was a lower price and only 70% approval. Forgive me for having doubted you ;-) I'll let you know what we end up doing.
  4. 1) Ontario Airport East: 3*. $43. 90% approval. Amenities: fitness center, free parking, pool(s), in-room accessibility, high speed Internet access. Best Western Innsuites? 2) Ontario Airport West: 3*. $52. 95% approval. Amenities: airport shuttle, pool(s), laundry facilities, free parking, accessible path of travel, smoke free rooms, restaurant, high speed Internet access, free breakfast, in-room accessibility, fitness center, business center, accessible for the deaf, free Internet, handicapped parking, free parking. Holiday Inn? 3) Ontario Airport West: 3 1/2*. $59. 90% approval
  5. Decided to try Priceline concurrently, and got 3 1/2 star, Crystal City: Doubletree National Airport for $90 plus taxes/fees. Used the PRICELINE link from this site, of course. Room subtotal $450. Total, with taxes/fees: $525.45.
  6. p.s. I phoned the Westin, mainly to confirm the parking charges ($24 per night) and asked if they have self-service laundry facilities and the reservation agent said no. Of course, the person I talked with could be in error (she didn't seem real sure about some things), or maybe they have rid of it (i.e. Hotwire's info is out of date), or maybe the hotel isn't the Westin. Curious. Often nothing completely certain in such situations.
  7. -Yes, for the 4 star Alexandria it lists both pool(s) and indoor pool(s). -For the 3 star Arlington: Suite, fitness center, pool(s), kitchenette. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. Two possibilities for July 28-August 2. Arlington, VA. (Washington, DC area). 1) 4* Alexandria and Old Town Area. $110. 90% approval. Amenities: Indoor pool(s), fitness center, smoke free rooms, laundry facilities (self-service), accessible for the deaf, wheelchair accessible, restaurant(s), high-speed Internet access, accessible path of travel, accessible bathroom, business center, accessible for the blind, in-room accessibility, roll-in shower. Westin Alexandria? 2) 3* Arlington area. $97. Amenities: suite, busiess center, pool(s), kitchenette. Holiday Inn Arlington Ballston only
  9. Thanks. We learned that the hotel, currently list as 3* on the Priceline "other cities" list, is now considered by PRICELINE to be 3 1/2 stars (i.e., Hilton is not the only one). No telling why Priceline felt this. We'll see if it's changed from when I stayed there in its Hotel Indigo days. I'll submit a review later. I will be looking at Hotwire for a hotel for subsequent dates, August 6-10. If I want help to ID hotels in both the Ontario-West and Ontario-East areas, I should submit two different posts?
  10. Been bidding on Priceline (always linking from this site, of course) for a 4-star hotel in the Financial District-Embarcadero sector July 25-28. Want that area because my wife is attending a conference at the Hilton Financial District. I have a reservation there, made directly with the hotel so I'd have something, at $296 plus tax. It can be canceled 24 hours in advance. Latest bid I made was $165, and it was turned down. I've seen 4-stars in the sector obtained for far less even during the week this summer, but I realize that rates can vary widely by date in SF, given conferences, big ev
  11. Decided to bid on PRICELINE 3 1/2 star, hoping to get the Hilton. Turned down at $50, $55. $60 and $65, so made one final bid, at $70, and got-- the Ontario Grand Inn and Suites. I did stay there a couple of years ago when it was the Indigo. Not the finest hotel (and if you are there on PRICELINE you can't ask to get one of the better rooms), but not too bad. And, unlike at the Hilton, parking is free. We will return to Ontario a couple of weeks later and I'll likely try HOTWIRE per the original post above. Will let you know.
  12. Thanks. We'll let you know. Also considering bidding on 3.5 star through PRICELINE (more of a chance it'd be the Hilton, which my wife prefers though I thought the Hyatt was fine). Should have a choice within a few days. Using links to HOTWIRE and PRICELINE from this site.
  13. Done. I posted the results of the earlier query, in Sacramento (we ended up staying at a different hotel, not through HOTWIRE or PRICELINE, but through a conference. Best guess on the Ontario hotel? Price is $58 per night, total $203.
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