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  1. PRICELINE doesn't guarantee 2 beds, and at some hotels will guarantee a single bed depending on hotel availability. HOTWIRE allows you to choose the number of people in the room at the time of bidding. Be sure to select 3 or more. Some prices might be based on occupancy, so you might save a couple of dollars by saying 3 instead of 4.
  2. I just now booked this through PRICELINE. Bidding on south strip only. Failed at 80, 91, 101 Succeeded at $121
  3. PRICELINE reservations are ALWAYS for a single bed. Most hotels will switch you to a double on request, but it is not guaranteed and some won't do it, even if the room is available. If you must have 2 beds, you can book on HOTWIRE and specify 3 adults (even if you only have 2). That will guarantee that you receive two beds. Note that no hotel can ever change your reservation. If you want to request 2 beds, you do it on arrival. Sometimes a clerk will notate my reservation with special requests, but as previously mentioned they can't change the actual reservation.
  4. Started at $41, offered $51 upbid by Priceline, accepted at next bid of $45 The 3.5* hotels are all gone, I guess. I got the Crowne Plaze two weeks ago, as well, for a similar price. The Crowne Plaza is a remodeled Holiday Inn: The hotel common spaces are large, spacious and attractive. It's not exactly "hopping" with activitity, but it's a comfortable place for a family weekend as long as you don't crowd too many into a single room! Very large indoor pool with green house doors to a small veranda Modern workout room adjoining the pool Rooms are small-ish, with very little closet space and small-ish beds. The sliding closet doors are nearly as wide as the closet, so can only open them to about 10 inches on either side! The TV's are outdated tube-type and cannot accept an external input such as an XBox, but are in good condition Otherwise, the rooms are clean and attractive One of the rooms on the 2nd floor (204??209?) is like a prison cell, having only one tiny window 6 feet above the floor. I couldn't believe thy tried to put me in that room with 2 kids!
  5. I've never been able to get a hotel to make a swap, even in the same chain. However, PRICELINE does have a policy by which you can get a partial refund if you accidentally booked in the wrong area. There is a $25 fee, and you cannot book another hotel in the same region for the same time period. To get the refund, you have to book a new hotel first. the details are on the PRICELINE website and the procedure is carefully spelled out.
  6. Rejected at 35, then 43. I took off the saturday night and took it at 48. Probably not the brightest idea. Now where am I going to stay Saturday night? Plus I probably overpaid for the days I did take :)
  7. Bid $43 for 3* in parsippany, offered $12 upbid Declined upbid and added morristown Got the Hanover Marriott for $49/night including same night checkin (booked at 8.45 pm) Strangely, i forgot to use the PRICELINE link - sorry about that, i don't know how that happened. Stress I suppose
  8. Probably could have paid less, I didn't research it properly. I searched "Fort Lauderdale" instead of "Fort Lauderdale Airport" in BetterBidding.com. Failed multiple attempts for 4* and 3.5* up to $65.00 Saturday night Sunday Morning bid $60 for 3* to win Hyatt Place on the first bid for same night stay.
  9. After coming up from $50 (the price I used to pay for Coral Gables last year), Priceline offered me a $22 bump at $85. I declined the bump, offered $90 to get the mayfair. I haven't seen this hotel yet, looking forward to it. I could have gone to Dadeland for less (maybe??) but $90 in the middle of Spring Break is nothing to complain about, and I'd much rather be in the Gables.
  10. Tried multiple combinations of parsippany and morristown hotels at 35, then 43 with no luck. All failed, so I added hanover and bumped to $50/night. After getting the 16th-19th, I extended the checkin date to Monday, which I wan't able to include in the original request due to PRICELINE's claim that I can't reserve after a certain time on the same day - yet am able to add it after reserving the other days (with the additional processing fee, of course) Anyway, I got the courtyard which is a new location for me in this area.
  11. Couldn't get the hyatt at $55, so I went back to the staybridge. Was declined at $43, was offered a $12 upbid and declined Rebid at $49 for the two weeks, including the weekend to get the Staybridge
  12. I use the links every time I search I've boosted the price to $55, and tried from Mar 1 to Mar 10, 11, and 12 No luck on any of these. I know wednesday night is a busy night for them, but still... at $55 I ought to have gotten something. I'm going to give up and try for the Staybridge or Whippany Summerfield
  13. I just tried to bid every possible combination of days I could think of for the Morristown Hyatt on PRICELINE at 35.00 between Feb 28 and March 12. It doesn't seem to be available at that price on ANY of the days in that time frame (I tried multiple combinations of 4-10 days in that timespan) I notice that the last two wins posted for Morristown have been from HOTWIRE. Has anyone had a recent PRICELINE win at the Hyatt in Morristown?
  14. Attempted to "extend my stay" guarantee the same rate of $35, and was denied. Priceline offered $53 as a counterbid, and I accepted it. It might have been available a little cheaper, but it wasn't worth attempting a rebid. I do plan to try to bid up an extra room for the same weekend (valentine's day), and will try to get it a little cheaper.
  15. Bid 3.5* in Historic District Started at 62, then 70, 75, 80, and won at 82 on the last zone rebid. I didn't expect the hilton, thought I would get the Marriott, which has been reported much more often on this board.
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