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  1. Accessibility: Accessible for the Deaf, Accessible for path of travel, In-Room accessibility, Wheelchair accessible, Accessible bathroom, Handicapped bathroom, Roll-in Shower. I see those amenities when I go back into my Hotwire account. I did not notice them when I was booking it.
  2. Hyatt Regency $96 plus taxes/fees $23.24= US$119.34 Amenities: Pet Friendly, Restaurants, Fitness Ctr, Business Ctr, Pool, Internet Access This came in the confirmation email, I am not sure if it was in the Hotwire site when choosing: 85% love it Booked this via your HOTWIRE link on Tues. Aug. 5. Definitely was worth waiting to book closer to date, as I was watching the 4* Hotel prices closely and thought I was going to have to stay at a lesser star Hotel. (Sorry-could not post this win until I got back home.) 'Won' this hotel in 2012 via Priceline, and once again it was a very nice place
  3. Went through your HOTWIRE link and saw a: Toronto 4* Downtown West with the following: Smoke-Free, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Hi-Speed, Business, Super Savings $204, $93, Bed Choice, 4 out of 5 Trip Advisor rating which was Sheraton Centre. For some strange reason I clicked on the Bed Choice Option and for 2 Doubles Beds it was $103, so I accidentally made myself pay an extra $23 =oh well=too late now. Must remember not to book when I am in a hurry. Total for the 2 nights was: US$246.49. We stayed here in 2010 so we will know our way around a bit. Nice pool at this hotel so teenager will b
  4. Ended up booking a room at the Super 8 for Aug.3-11 which I would say is the closest hotel to York Univ. Had to book it directly with the hotel as they were already booked up, but ?Mgr got some of Tennis Canada's rooms released=guess they had booked a lot for ????. (Players stay at nice hotels in downtown Toronto.) Reviews are fairly decent, with pool&free brkfast. Tim Horton's and McDonalds close by.:) Shorter walking distance than Ext. Stay Deluxe hotel we stayed at in 2010. (If we had a car we would have 'bid' in this zone as our tennis tickets include free parking.)
  5. Started bidding at $77 plus had $7 Pline bonus cash/night. Did 7 free re-bids increasing by $3 each. Then on 8th bid-upped it to $108, then on 9th upped it to $115 plus the $7. Won Hyatt Regency on King St. $115/night plus taxes: total for 2 nights = US$273.18 paid by me.(Plus extra $14 was Pline "money".) Did not include Downtown North in bid as couple of those hotels do not have pools. Think I got a bit carried away bidding-thinking I should use the $7 bonus cash which expired at midnight. Cheapest rate at Hyatt.com is $175/nt plus taxes, so saved a bit of money. I assume hotels are busier t
  6. Looking for North-York Vaughan,Ontario Aug. 3-10, 2012 for Rogers Cup tennis tourney at York Univ. and using public transit so location is quite important; searching using 2 adults. I have been watching Hotwire(using your link very often! :) ) for a while and have seen these two hotels come up: 3*= SMOKE FREE rooms, Fitness, POOL, Restaurant, Business, Internet, 4 out of 5 on Trip Advisor, 95% recommended for Hotwire reviews. Price today is $91/nt(highest I have seen yet)with the $146 & price has been as low as $81/nt. I am thinking it may be the new Novotel Vaughan hotel or the other
  7. I am starting to look at 3* Pline hotels near York University for Roger's Cup tennis (would be booking Aug.for 3-10or11 and using public transit to get to York U). There are lots of other hotels-some new ones- in this zone. The one I am hesitating on bidding for in this zone that is on the list due to bad ratings is: Radisson East. When I look at where the V-NYork zone is, it seems that this Radisson East is now in the North York EAST zone. Does that look correct??? (I also realize there are other hotels that could start popping up as wins in this zone.) I just want to be sure Radisson East
  8. Update: Instead of using Hotwire I went through your Extended Stay link under Support/Travel Links tab and reserved the Ex.Stay Deluxe in Toronto-Vaughan for Aug. 6-11. It is a short bus ride(so they tell me) to York University and while it is NOT fancy, it has pretty good reviews in Trip Advisor and we can cook a bit and it has free breakfast. The 5 nights were about $570?Cdn $ PLUS taxes on top. I did see what I think/guess was the Hilton for Downtown Toronto for those specific nights on Hotwire for a good price a couple of weeks ago, but the thought of a 45 min. /subway bus ride t
  9. I need a place for Aug.6-11 close to York University(Rogers Cup tennis tournament) as we will not have a car and will use public transit. 3* North York-Vaughan with: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Internet and 80% recommended and ??200+reviews(I see 84 reviews on Trip Advisor for the Novotel North York and 26 for Residence Inn) and overall satisfaction of 4.0 and $65/night. That does not exactly match the 2 on the Hotwire list: Residence Inn almost matches, or Extended Stay Deluxe (which I would stay at either of those for sure!) as neither of those have a restaurant. Should I guess th
  10. 4* Toronto WEST zone Sheraton Centre Hotel Wed. Aug. 11- Mon. Aug.16, 2010 US$79/night for 5 nights=$461.32 total Amenities: Smoke-free, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Business center, Pool, Internet access It also had that new Bed Choice icon=$6 extra, but I did not need this option. Trip Advisor rating: 4 out of 5 and 85% recommended. Used Hotwire as we really wanted a Hotel with a pool and if we had used Priceline we may not have received a Hotel with a pool, as some of the Hotels in Downtown Toronto do not even have a pool! This is for when the two of us come
  11. Myself and child will be attending Rogers Cup Tennis at York University Aug 7-16, 2010. We may look at staying in the dorms for about 4 nights-if they are inexpensive to save some money, and then getting a Downtown Toronto hotel for the other 6 nights and take public transit out to York University. We have never been to Toronto and plan to do a few touristy things besides watching copious amount of tennis! We are looking for a 4*(or 3.5* or maybe a 3*) in Toronto Downtown West or East areas(I think would be best). Our budget would be about $100/night IF possible. I see that the Hilton (th
  12. Going to Seattle with my 2 kids tomorrow and needed to get this done quickly. Quickly bid and accepted right away at $59 plus taxes/fees $16.01= $75.01 US. I don't think they have the free breakfast-kids will be bummed; at least they have a pool! Have stayed there a few years ago-seemed okay then. Not a bad price though for a fairly decent hotel. Went through your PRICELINE link. Thanks betterbidding site.
  13. Needed the Hyatt Regency and took a risk as I checked out the recent wins for Vancouver and saw lots of Hyatt Regency wins. Bid $63 and was rejected and was offered a counteroffer of an extra $17 so I took it. Could not risk doing any re-bidding in this instance. So got the room for US$80 plus taxes & fees of $20.65= US$100.65 total. My child's Grad dinner & dance is at the Hyatt so since I am driving into Vancouver and waiting for them to drive them back home to the Dry After Grad party, I thought I would get a room to rest, watch TV,etc. The day rate the Hyatt wanted was Cdn$145 pl
  14. Beachfront Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Tennis Nearby Spa Services I am also fairly certain it said: Customer Favourite. The amenities listed were just like in the Hotwire list here at Better Bidding for this Hotel.
  15. Used HOTWIRE as I needed a room for 2 Adults, 2 Kids and was afraid that if I went PRICELINE that I may have difficulties(and language problems) getting a 2 bed room in SJuan. I had been looking and could not find anything decent/reasonable price and yesterday morning saw this!! $109 x2 nights plus tax/fee = US$244.30. Plus remember the Hotel will charge you a 'resort fee' of about 15% at check-out. Place looks real nice. Very happy with the 'win'. Now to get something for the 1 night post-cruise. Thereuare-went through your HOTWIRE link. Thanks for all the good info at this site.
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