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  1. This thread was from 2011 - I tried searching my eMail inbox for the winning bid, but alas I could not locate it. Sorry.
  2. Took me quite a while to grab this one. I had to add the "St Louis - Arch/Ball Park" zone in order to grab it. Two days worth of rebidding. Won at $128.00
  3. I forgot to post my winning from this trip, sorry!
  4. Does anyone have a good source on where to find discounted CTA passes? I am traveling to Chicago this weekend and just think that the 3 day unlimited pass is a little pricey (compared to what it used to be, of course). Any sources on where to find any deals? Thanks! KC
  5. I bid $45, $46, and $48 and won on $48 I was honestly hoping not to get this hotel, as I did my research and I felt confident thinking it was a 2.5* hotel. Apparently Priceline changed it, it's now a 3* hotel. Anyways, I got it, so we will make the best of it.
  6. Help! I am trying to bid on a hotel in the Hurstbourne - Louisville East zone. I have bid up to $48.00 and have been rejected (on a 3* hotel) I was offered on a "pricelnie.Express Deal" a hotel at $59 3* with the following PRICELINE reported features: Free breakfast Free Wifi Pool Free Parking Business Center Workout Facility Bed Choice Available Thoughts?
  7. Hello all! I am looking to snag a good deal on a 3.5+ * hotel in downtown Chicago from Thursday Feb 23 - Feb 27th. Any ideas or suggestions on the bidding process, or have any idea what current rates are going for? Thanks! KC
  8. I won on the first try. $30.00 Extended Stay America Indianapolis Airport - 2* 2730 Fortune Circle Indianapolis, IN 46241 Check in: 3/25/2011 Out: 3/26/2011
  9. Well, this one took a little longer then normal, but I also started pretty low. Cleveland has 5 rebid zones for a 3.5* hotel, so I went to work to find one in the downtown area only. So here is what I did: 1: Downtown $38.00 - no go 2: Downtown & Brookpark $40.00 - no go 3: Downtown, Brookpark, and CLE East $42.00 - no go 4: Downtown, Brookpark, CLE East, and Elyria $44.00 - no go 5: Downtown, Brookpark, CLE East, Elyria, and Mentor - $45.00 - no go 6: Downtown, Brookpark, CLE East, Elyria, Mentor, Westlake - $46.00 - no go -- Waited 24 hrs -- 7: Downtown - $46.00 - no go -- PL counter offered to $56.00, I denied 8: Downtown, Brookpark $47.00 - no go 9: Downtown, Brookpark, CLE East - $48.00 WIN! So, I got the 3.5* Doubletree Hotel Cleveland Downtown/Lakeside 1111 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 216-241-5100 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Room Subtotal: $48.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $14.74 (USD) Total Room Cost: $62.74 (USD) Used the PRICELINE link from the forum. Thanks guys.
  10. Just got accepted for my first bid of $65.00 / night for Valentines Day (night) I think I should have started my bidding lower though, maybe at $50 and worked my way up, but it is still a great deal, especially for a smaller town on V-Day! 3* 2/14/10 - 2/15/10 Courtyard By Marriott Bloomington, IN $15.70 in taxes & fees $80.79 Total Indoor Pool, Indoor Whirlpool, free WiFi
  11. Used the hotel checker and found this 3* hotel Holiday Inn - Skokie Amenities as reported by Hotwire: Fitness Center Pool Restaurant Laundry Tennis Nearby I used the hotel list, and thought I was going to land another hotel, but this one was close in simalarity. I'll take photos and post a review when we return. Seeing a concert that night in Evanston, then driving down to Chicago the next day and staying downtown for two nights. Thanks!
  12. Started bidding at $50.00 Progressed through re-bidding by $2.00 Got to $60.00 and it was accepted Hyatt Regency Chicago Check in Oct 21 Check out Oct 22 Room Subtotal: $60.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $16.56 (USD) Total Room Cost: $76.56 (USD) Regular: $239 Used the PRICELINE link from betterbidding.com Thanks
  13. Have been working the last 24 hours at getting a bid accepted. Last tried $38.00 for a 4* or 3.5 Upscale, with a no go. This time: Bid $50.00 for a 4* or 3.5 Upscale in Downtown Indianapolis or Speedway (NO 4* or 3.5* in speedway.. thanks www.re-bidding.com) Got it approved at $50.00 a night for the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis Downtown
  14. I just won a rebidding war for a 4* hotel, bid for the only zone with 4* hotels (TPA/Westshore) and slowly added in locations around that did not have 4* hotels, such as Downtown, Tampa East, etc started at $40.00 and went up in $2.00 increments until I reached the final of $46.00 per night. The hotel that we received was: Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay 2900 Bayport Drive, Tampa, Florida, USA 33607
  15. I am wondering the same.. I am trying to bid using this type of strategy now: IND > TPA HUF > TPA IND > PIE HUF > PIE IND > SRQ HUF > SRQ IND > RSW HUF > RSW to get the most rebids -- but now priceline is not even counter offering like they did last night... Maybe I should have taken their counter offer.. Anyways, here is what I am getting now Sorry
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