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  1. Forgot to update my success or lack from my previous posts. My bad. Without follow up we don't have alot. Done. My dates are Nov. 10-14......4 nights That was all the icons posted in the Hotwire site.....in order. Thanxs again and oops!
  2. Got Spokane (Downtown) 3.5* Red Lion at the Park $45.....the front desk gave us a room off in the business wing at their suggestion as it was 4 guyz golfing. Great place, fun time
  3. Went a different direction on this one. Didn't like my options
  4. Suite Near beach Smoke free rooms Fitness centre Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Laundry Hi Speed internet Looks like 4* Il Lugano but I don't see any winning bids of late for this property? Thanxs in advance!
  5. thereuare Looked at this a lot and it SURE looks like The Red Lion at the Park. The only successful bid got it. Maybe try this evening when I am fortified. lol Let ya know.
  6. One more quick question before I take a stab at this. If I book one night (Sept 10th) and get The Red Lion at the Park............do they have an extend your stay function ala PRICELINE?? I have seen this in Priceline before but I'm a rookie here. As always thanxs for the input and will post thru here if the chances look good.
  7. Definately want Red Lion at the Park. Dates Sept 10 -Sept 13 (3 nights) An extra group added, so we would obviously like to be in same hotel. The Hotwire thread shows 3.5* as "i think" Lion at the Park?? Will go thru here as usual if it sounds like the right place. Thanxs for the help.
  8. I cruised thru most of the recent posts and found this from Tilepusher in February The 3.5* star rating seems high for a Red Lion, but that's also the hotel's rating on Expedia. And the TA information (3.0 rating, 20+ reviews, last review December 2008) is consistent with the Red Lion Unless anyone knows of changes I might give it a shot. Don't want different hotels for two golf foursomes. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Used PRICELINE a few times, 1st time here. Need another room in the same hotel I booked thru Priceline. Spokane (Downtown) 3.5* Red Lion at the Park Amenities: Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Hi-Speed Internet, Golf, Tennis This what I want, and it shows as the only DT Spokane 3.5* hotel. (In the Hotwire list here) Have I got this right. Thanxs
  10. Got 'em. Started at $40 and was asked to add $12.......bid $45...........accepted. This hotel was my 1st pick of the 3, so I am happy. Used the PRICELINE links here.
  11. 4 nights in September 2 rooms I see I have 3 hotels: Double tree Red Lion at the Park Red Lion River Inn Two re-bid zones: Airport North I guess I should start now, thinking about $45 per room per night? Will be going thru the PRICELINE links here. Any advice??? Thanxs
  12. Thanxs y'dog Is this holiday weekend generally busy for hotels everywhere? Thinking cruise first and then drive. Possible to cruise TG weekend instead. And drive before holiday.
  13. Is that weekend really busy for hotels in the Keys area? Not Key West. Want to go down for an easy week of sun and beach. Marathon...etc. Planning a cruise either the week of TG or the week before....Nov 14-27 are my flight dates. Thanxs
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