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  1. Free Internet, Free Parking, Free Breakfast PRICELINE EXPRESS Additional 3$ Fee at check in
  2. Free Internet, Free Parking 136$ plus tax Canadian 178$ total Express deal
  3. Ending up getting the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill 3* for 85.00$. Honestly, it was by mistake-I started out on a 4* and went through my re-bid zones with no luck so I went to go through the process with the 3.5* and must have inadvertantly hit 3* so when I added the Cherry Hill zone, of course it got accepted as it wasn't a free re-bid zone. Me stupid with no edumacation. Oh well, live and learn. Nobody should use this bid to determine what they should/could get the hotel for. It'll serve our purpose though. As usual, I used your links to do my searches.
  4. Went up to 140$ for a 3.5* today, tried splitting up the days, tried going down to a 3* and bidding up to 120$ all with no luck. I am now considering staying on the outskirts. Anyone have any experience with the City Line area or the Airport area and which might be better for commuting into Philly for a couple of days/nicer area etc?
  5. Just providing an update. I've tried a few days since my last posting and have gone up to 90.00$ on a 3.5*.......still with no luck.
  6. My "desired" budget is the $60.00 (on a 3.5*) I usually pay but that isn't looking possible right now. Probably wouldn't want to go beyond 75-80 for a 3.5* or 4*. Think I might have better luck splitting my bid to two stays? Also, is there a rule of thumb when comparing to Hotwire on how much less you can normally expect, just because it looks like their prices are really high?!
  7. Prices seem high for the week-end of April 15th-17th in downtown Philly. Is there something going on that is driving the costs up? I have gone up to 75$ for a 3.5*. Just wondering before I decide how to proceed.
  8. First bid of 50$, they countered with add 15$ and I added a zone and bid 58$. 74$ taxes in. 200$ and up plus taxes via their website and seems to have good reviews (first time I have gotten this hotel) so it works for me. Thanks again.
  9. After doing some research, I felt comfortable going through PRICELINE for a better price. (If someone could bump this over to that section). The result- I needed two rooms close to the I-95 en route to Florida so based on some other winning bids, I started at 34$ and went with 2.5* because the only 2.5* showing wins were the Country Inn and Suites Savannah Airport and the Wyndham Wingate Airport and they both came with good reviews. That first bid was accepted for the Country Inn and Suites Savannah Airport. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $34.00 Subtotal: $68.00 Taxes & Fees: $17.38 Total Charges*: $85.38 Used your link and happy with the result.
  10. Thereuare- Complimentary breakfast, fitness, business and internet. Recommended by 85%.
  11. A 3* is available for this date at Savannah North - Savannah Intl Airport which seems like it is the Wingate (44$). Do you know which Wingate this is? Does the I-95 Wingate also fall in this area or is this one the airport hotel which seems to have better reviews? Thank You
  12. I have been looking at this zone for mid-February (will start a new thread if needed) and also need cruise parking/shuttle and you should know that booking through PRICELINE (or HOTWIRE) will not guarantee your cruise parking as the hotels have different rates for rooms wit cruise and park.It is mentioned in this Hotwire Cape Canaveral thread... and if you look to book direct through the hotel, you will notice that there are different rates for a room vs. a room that includes cruise parking/shuttle.
  13. Something that might (probably will) work...there is some risk involved and it might not be the route to go if you absolutely need a van but if you can secure any vehicle for a good price then do it......when you get to the airport, they will give you the paperwork and send you across the street to the lots where all the vehicles are so you can pick out your vehicle......ask an attendant there if it is possible to upgrade, possibly to a minivan, chances are he says that it is OK but it will be 5-10$ (according to what car you originally booked) per day extra, he will then take your paperwork and write +5.00 per day on it. The only other risk is that they are low on vans but I have been there during peak seasons and they always have tons of vehicles.
  14. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: US$60.00 Subtotal: US$60.00 Taxes & Fees: US$17.71 Total Charges: US$77.71 Sept5th-Sept 6th Good deal.........could be a greatb deal because a hurricane is expected Saturday and people could be scrambling for hotels if they lose power. Followed your PRICELINE links as per usual. :)
  15. Holiday Inn Mart Plaza 3* Had tried bidding the other night on 4* and 3.5* to just over 100$ with no luck so after reading some posts here, we thought a 3* should be suffice so I started at 80$ tonight and got it on my first bid (perhaps should have started lower I guess). 80.00 19.84 tax 99.84 total Hotel website is listed for 161.00 plus tax. Think this will be OK for our needs?