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  1. 3.5* Sheraton Music City near BNA airport (McGavock Pike) 3 nights 12/31/10-1/3/11 $45 ($35+10/nt. Entertainment 2010 bonus cash). Got it on the first bid, so may actually be a bit lower. Priceline also added a $35.01 slug to the $105 out-of-pocket, and I gotta believe some $20 of it is their cut. My backup deal was likely a 2* like Crossland Briley for $140 a-i on entertainment.com with $50 rebatable, so I spent $50 extra over 3 days for a much nicer place.
  2. Got this one on first try, so it might be possible to edge it lower. 2* Best Western Mardi Gras (Las Vegas convention center area) for $30/night ($20 + $10/nt. Entertainment PRICELINE bonus cash). Total out-of-pocket damage for the 3 nights: $79.32. Very beatable for weekdays, but this is a booking for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday, so I can't complain too much.
  3. Dates were March 15-17 (i.e. nights of March 15, 16), so it was fairly short notice. I guess that had gotten truncated from the original title.
  4. Very pleased with this one, as it came at the tail end of laddered bids adding zones, and I was down to 2-star-plus nearly areawide for $30/night + $10 Entertainment bonus cash, so it was great to get upgraded to 3*, even if out in the hinterlands. 2-day all-in total $77.24. Tough to get deals in FLL in March, so it was extra-nice.
  5. Bif for one night (Sat. night) only. Previous bid at $28 for 2*+ in Boca was rejected. Added Deerfield & bumped to $30 and this one came up, Plaza Hotel & Suites. Am cautiously optimistic.
  6. Got this one on the second bid at $34+5 bonus cash ($39) per night for the nights of 5/29 and 5/30 (a Friday and a Saturday). $84.94 all-in for both nights outside the $10 bonus cash. I think it's near the floor because a $32+5 bid for the same zone failed; I was sort of "aiming" for this hotel.
  7. I think I'm at or near the floor based on the bid sequence to get there. It's a Saturday night. Looked it up on Trip Advisor and the reviews aren't promising. Nothing like the feeling when you get a hotel via Priceline and then read TA headlines like "disgusting!" and "Worst motel in America" Hopefully it'll be at least a little better than that. Good location, and I know about the mildewy-room syndrome you often get in Florida.
  8. Could be there's some kind of event messing things up with rates. Prom season and graduation time can be a hazard there. Amazingly, they even gave me a bay view room on the 7th floor for my stay at $46. Nice sunset views. I think all the nearby road construction is hurting them in the short term and may have a lot to do with the rate.
  9. 4* Grand Hyatt Tampa Westshore $46 4/17-4/19 (a Friday and a Saturday night). Got it on the second try after $43 rebuffed & I added Tampa North zone (both at 4* and higher). I think this is only the second 4* I've ever landed through PL, the other being years ago in Singapore at a place I think was more like 3*. This is my first post here! Am an experienced PL user, though, going back to 2000 or so. My forte is 2*-places with hopes for low $30s and even sometimes $20s. That very often means "extended stay" places if booked via PL, but those generally work out fine. My usual MO for the TPA
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