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  1. Well after what seemed like a decade, I finally got something worthy from PRICELINE using the links here. 23 day rental, picking up in Tampa, dropping off in Orlando (July 7 - 30) @ 18.00 per day for a compact from Alamo. All taxes etc. came to $557.91 Had been trying the cycle as was recommended and nothing was ever accepted. First try today at $18 went through. Perhaps could have got cheaper if I waited longer but it's fine as my next best offer was the back up you guys had me do at $730.00 Thanks once again! And if someone can edit the title to reflect the pricing, that would be helpful for others.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I put it through as another back up and it came out to $668.70 all in. I tried to combine with other promos but it wouldn't take it. Better than what I currently have. Again not sure why the price of compacts have suddenly jumped to $52 a day o priceline. Who the hell would pay that? Maybe the recession is not so bad after all?
  3. True, just never seen companies asking $52/day for a compact. Christmas/Thanksgiving/Memorial Day, maybe. Oh well, we will see what happens. Thanks.
  4. Hmmm... Something strange happened. I have been increasing the price as suggested daily but tonight when I did the normal search on priceline for my dates etc. the price has drastically increased from $199 per week up to $362!! WTF? That's like $52 a day for a compact? I guess the economy is not that bad after all. Is this normal?
  5. Actually my bad as I forgot to add the extra coupon, so the total as mentioned above is now $730.99. I will take your advice and start the process. What kind of counter offer would they make? Do I have to take it and if not does it affect my future bids? Thanks!
  6. Ok. I guess you meant to book directly with Alamo as if I booked with Priceline they would charge me right away? If not, I used the above suggestion (THANK YOU!) and was able to book directly with Alamo with the discount. The total came to $758.43 with all taxes etc. It still works out to about $28.49 per day. The extra time and distance worked out to $33.24 per day and then the discount was $66.47. So having that as teh back-up, what is suggested course of action with PRICELINE? Thanks.
  7. Thank you for the prompt response. Using the Car Rental Checker, the best rate was $199 per week from Alamo, Dollar and Thrifty. Works out to $28.43 per day. But Thrifty and Dollar in the end are more.. I guess they have some extra charges? Hotwire does not give me the option to select a different drop off location, but the price from Tampa is the same as above. Total price: $835.79, which is the same as above and both with Alamo.
  8. Hello everyone. Thanks to the owner for an amazing site full of information. I have gone over a number of pages and am not clear on a couple of items. First off, I used PRICELINE last year for a 2 week rental in Orlando during July. I got my first bid and I believe it was $20/day for a compact. This year I am staying from 07/07 - 07/30. Need the pickup in Tampa and drop off in Orlando, both Airport locations. I see there is 24 hour wait period between bids for hotels, what about cars? Shall I start m bidding now (dates are firm)? Looking for a compact again, any suggestions on what to start the bidding at? THANK YOU!
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