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  1. Tried yesterday same zone at 3.5 stars and was rejected at $55, but told if i bumped to $74 it would be accepted. Waited until the next day, started at 4* and bid $65 and was accepted first crack. A nice hotel, stayed here two years ago and was very happy with the property.
  2. Started bidding on 3* after having a run at four stars turned down. I started bidding at $90 went to $115 on the four star hotels on Sunday, basically using every zone in London proper, going up by $1 or $2. Regents Park - Baker Street - Camden Market –$80-rejected Westminster - Houses of Parliament - Victoria –$84 -rejected The City - Tower Bridge - St. Pauls Cathedral -$86- rejected Kensington - Earl's Court -$90-rejected Mayfair - Soho –$92-rejected Knightsbridge - Harrods-$94 accepted 1-3 Lexham Gardens Disappointed as this hotel is not on any list and is basically slaughtered on trip advisor. Came up as booked through booking partner Agoda.
  3. Started Bidding in Downtown South at 3.5 star at $50 added Downtown North at $53 added Brampton at $56 Added Don Valley at $58 added Toronto East and won at $60 Delta Chelsea I used the PRICELINE link from the forum.
  4. Won this hotel for $65 after referencing another post. i had tried twice this week to find a hotel in downtown which is uaslly no problem. I was turned down at 55-65 range both times. Saw that downtown hotels didn't come up on hotwire on these dates. Tried this morning at $58 in University-Metrodome and was turned down, but offered a counter at $74. turned this down, added Downtown minneapolis and bid 465 and was accepted at the Ramada Plaza Minneapolis. It has very good reviews on Tripadvisor. I used the PRICELINE link.
  5. looked to book 9/6/11 - 12/6/11 downtown minneapolis 4* @ $50 rejected added 3.5*@$52 rejected added 3.0*@$54 rejected added Midtown Minneapolis @$55 rejected started another bid with dates now 8/6/11- 11/6/11 Downtown minneapolis 4* @$50 rejected added 3.5*@$53 accepted at the Millennium Hotel Minneapolis Hotel looks ok, great location, some mixed reviews on tripadvisor, but this is to expected. good price for this property.
  6. Second effort at bidding. First effort unsuccesful ending at $69 for 4*Madrid (Around La Castellana),(Old Madrid - Bourbon Madrid) I followed the same pattern last night and won. Started at $70 5* Madrid (Around La Castellana) added at $75 5* Madrid (Old Madrid - Bourbon Madrid) added at $80 4*Madrid (Around La Castellana) Melia Galgos Won 4*Madrid (Around La Castellana) Melia Galgos, mixed reviews on tripadvisor, but everyone says it is clean which is critical for me.
  7. I have been bidding all the Paris zones except La Defense, Bastille-Bercy and the airports. Started at $80 and worked up only bidding 4 & 5 *. I had gone as High as $120. Friday night the 1st of April Started bidding 3* and up Bid Paris (St. Germain - Latin Quarter - Montparnasse) $120 Rebid Paris (Opera Quarter East - Les Halles) $125 Rebid Paris (Eiffel Tower - Grenelle - Montparnasse) $130 accepted at 3* Novotel Vaugirard, has good ratings on tripadvisor and I am happy just to win a Paris hotel after a couple weeks of looking for under $150. I used the link to PRICELINE on better bidding
  8. Have been looking for a number of weeks in Barcelona. It is Easter weekend and was having some difficulty. I had tried priceline earlier and was rejected at $80-90 range. I looked on Hotwie and found nothing that looked good. Contacted a number of B & B's, no luck there. Today bid $100 For 4*/5* in Barcelona (La Rambla - La Barceloneta) and was rejected. Rebid $105 adding Barcelona (East), which the list had 2 hotels listed (5* ME Barcelona ,4* Rafaelhoteles Diagonal Port). Bid was accepted at 4* Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, which was not included. I had looked at this hotel earlier on Expedia. Has solid review on Tripadvisor and a web search of hotel found best rate of 160 euros. i used the PRICELINE link on the forum page.
  9. Topic Title: 3.5* Toronto Downtown (north) Topic Sub-title: $74 ... 3-6/12/10 Toronto South 4 * First bid of $60 was rejected. Re-bid of $62 adding Toronto North 4* -rejected Next day $64 rejected for Toronto South 4*. Re bid $66 adding Toronto North 4*- rejected- rebid adding 3.5 * rejected $68 3rd day bid started at $68 bid for 4* Downtown South, rebid 70 adding 3.5 *, rebid $72 adding Downtown North, rebid $74 adding Toronto West (no 4 or 3.5 *) bid accepted at Toronto Chelsea Delta Chelsea 33 Gerrard St w Toronto, ON Check-In Date: Friday, Dec 3, 2010 Check-Out Date: Monday, Dec, 2010
  10. 3.5-star hotel in Edinburgh City Centre Area 04/26/09-04/29/09 hot Priced: $83 Shows as Boutique and Hi Speed
  11. Booked the 4* London (Kensington-Earls Court-Knightsbridge) Hilton Olympia for $85 for 04/23/09-04/26/09. Started with $65 bid in 4* London (Kensington-Earls Court-Knightsbridge) - rejected. Added Notting Hill and Bayswater for $75 - rejected. Added Mayfair -Soho for $81 - rejected. Added Bloomsbury- Marble Arch- accepted for $85. Yesterday tried same dates and process rejected at Kennsington $65, Mayfair $72, Notting Hill $76, Bloomsbury $80. Both times they counter offered the original at $91.