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  1. Won Doubletree Resort Magnificent Mile for $90 per night on PRICELINE (using the betterbidding links of course) Very happy with this result as I was about to book a 2 star in Skokie for $100
  2. I will try bidding again (once my 24 hours are up) for 3 star downtown then if I'm unsuccessful will book this hotel. I understand it's not really close to anything but it's closer than Skokie!
  3. Just found what looks like South Loop Hotel on Hotwire for $105 (3 Star Museum Campus McCormick Place, Boutique Hotel) This includes free parking which would be great for us. I will report back once I book.
  4. Thanks Aaron, I won't go below 3 stars downtown. Yes we do have a car but we are driving from Toronto (over 9 hours) and will only be in town a few days so are trying to avoid too much driving/commuting. I have found Comfort Inn in Skokie for $94.00 per night, perhaps that is a good option? Thanks for your help.
  5. $125 is my max. I was hoping to snag something for under $100 if possible. Especially seeing as we don't mind being in a 2 star place. Do you think this is unreasonable for these dates?
  6. I have unsuccessfully bid the below, I'm not sure my tactics are very effective <_< $85, Millenium Park, 4 Stars - Rejected added $80, Millenium Park, 3.5 Stars - Rejected added $85, Millenium Park and River North, 3.5 Stars - Rejected added $75, Millenium Park and River North, 3 Stars - Rejected added $75, Millenium Park and River North and Lincoln Park, 3 Stars - Rejected
  7. Hi Betterbidding guys, I'm heading to Chicago in a couple of weeks and need help booking two hotel rooms for the dates of May 18th - May 21st. Would like to stay as close to downtown as possible (Mag Mile etc) but I have been having trouble finding anything for under $125 per night. Is there a big conference on that weekend? I know it's a Canadian long weekend so perhaps that is the problem. What we need; 2 rooms 2 Stars + Close to downtown Happy to go as far as Skokie if we have to Up to $125 per night each room Can someone please help with bidding? Thanks
  8. Thought I would update you guys on my plans. After a couple of weeks of unsucessful bidding & rebidding I ended up booking direct with The Courtyard for $99 + tax per night. The highest I bid was $95 on a 3 star!! It's a REALLY busy weekend so I figure I still got an ok deal :) Thanks to everyone for your help. Tash
  9. Ooh forgot to answer your question. Maximum bid for 3.5 stars would be $55 (maybe $60) Max bid for 2 or 3 is $50 (wondering if this price is realistic??)
  10. To be honest thereuare I'm not too fussed about the hotel, I'm all about saving as much as possible on the room. The 2 star hotels in Niagara on your Priceline list are perfectly adequate for my needs. Really just looking for somewhere to sleep that is clean & cheap. If I can get 4 star for $50 then great, but that's not really realistic for that weekend so 2 or 3 star is fine.
  11. Hi again, Just reporting that I haven't had any luck with the suggested bidding strategy :) Unfortunately it's a long weekend so I don't think I will get a bargain on a 4 star hotel. I think the best thing to do is go after a 2 or 3 star hotel for a cheaper price (say up to say $65) Can anyone help with a strategy? Thanks !
  12. Great information, thanks for your replies. I will use the links on this site to book and update you all when I get a win. Collinhack do you have an idea of which hotel this may have been? Also, is the 'fallsview' area just another name for downtown Niagara Falls or is it a totally different area? Thereuare, if it's not too much to ask would you mind helping me with bids for 3 star places? I would rather have a 3 star hotel for $40 than a 4 star for $80. Thanks again for all your help!!
  13. Hiya, I was hoping someone could help me with bidding strategies for Niagara Falls. We will need 3 nights from May 21st to May 24th, hoping to pay between $50 - $90ish per night. I would like a 4 star but if 2 stars is all we get then that's fine too. Any suggestions on strategies?? Thanks!
  14. I used the PRICELINE link and won Bond Place Hotel for $49 Booking a Toronto Hotel room from 1st October until 5th October 3.5 star Downtown for $47 - Rejected 3 star Downtown for $48 - Rejected 2.5 star Downtown for $49 - Accepted! The reviews seem quite positive and it's cheaper than staying in a hostel!!
  15. So we ended up winning Extended Stay America - Northgate for $75 using the PRICELINE link. Seattle is looking to be very very busy for these dates!! I have been bidding the past few days with no luck so went directly to the hotel websites I thought I might win and found that they were all sold out! Literally 6 Pike Place/Space Needle hotels were sold out. So I knew we wouldn't be getting a fabulous deal like we have in the past with Priceline but still a better deal than not using it at all. 3 stars Bid $35 - Pike Place - Rejected $40 > added Spaceneedle Downtown - Rejected $50 > added Lake Union - Rejected $55 Added 2.5 stars - Rejected $60 > Added University - Rejected Gave up for the day Next day - 3 Stars same as above but went up to $75 then eventually lowered to 2 stars (as we are leaving for Seattle tomorrow) and won Extended Stay - Northgate near University. Not happy, not sad just glad we have a rental car! (and free parking yay!)
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