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  1. I decided to go with a terrific deal I found online booking directly with a hotel with a huge discount. Got the last room, and then the price went up hugely, so figured I did well without using HOTWIRE this time.
  2. Looking for a hotel for three nights in Prague, May 17th, and have found two possible five stars and would really appreciate help identifying them. The first is in the area they call " Prague Castle Observation Tower Charles Bridge" , is $114 per nite and offers as amenities ◾Free Breakfast ◾Free Internet ◾Pet friendly ◾Boutique Hotel ◾Fitness Center ◾Restaurant(s) ◾Business Center ◾Self service laundry ◾Internet access ◾Golf Nearby ◾Tennis Nearby ◾Spa Services The second option is again five stars, in the new town area and offers: ($120) ◾Free Internet ◾Casino ◾Indoor pool(s) ◾Fitness Center ◾Pool(s) ◾Restaurant(s) ◾Business Center ◾Self service laundry ◾Internet access ◾Golf Nearby ◾Tennis Nearby ◾Spa Services I'd really appreciate help identifying these properties. Thanks
  3. I'm still looking for a reasonable option for this purchase, and Hotwire is now showing a 3.5 property in the DuPont Circle area for $205 that includes a complimentary breakfast, pool, tennis and golf nearby, fitness, free internet, business center. Can't seem to match this up with anything. Can you help identify? Thanks
  4. I do have one more question. The thing that puzzles me is the 90% customer rating. I looked on Hotwire as if to book a vacation package, which identifies the hotels, and none of the three possibles has a 90% customer rating. In fact the only 90% rating I could find was the Fairfax Embassy Row, which is 4.5*. Any thoughts?
  5. Thanks, the first two options would be great, but the Westin is not really in the Dupont Circle area (although Hotwire says it is) and too far from my daughter's apartment so I think I'll pass and keep looking through the non opaque sites. It's really a pricey time for DC I'm finding.
  6. Sorry I never finished off my Santa Rosa post. All done now and I'd really appreciate your best guess on my DC option. I did use the HOTWIRE link from this website.
  7. We decided that Santa Rosa was too far from where we wanted to be in Napa and passed on the Hotwire bid. Ended up just driving up for the day and returning back to SF late. Sometimes last minute is not the way to go.
  8. I'm looking for a hotel in DC for May 16-19th, and found a Hotwire price of $189 for a four star in Dupont Circle. The ammenities are: smoke free, fitness center, restaurant, business center and hi speed internet. The property is recommended in 90% of Hotwire reviews. Can you possibly help ID this hotel for me?
  9. Can you help ID a last minute search for me? Napa Valley search for 9/4 - 9/5, showing Santa Rosa area Resort, non-smoking, FC, pool, restaurant, internet , tennis, spa for $166, which seems like a great rate for a last minute labor day weekend search. would really like to know what it could be, any thoughts?
  10. Decided not to take a chance on Hotwire this time, since I was traveling with my daughter and we absolutely needed two beds in the room. Also, ended up getting a great rate at the Madera Hotel, just by checking online incessently as prices dropped ($132). Since I knew the "password" I also scored free parking, so definitely worth it. I now realize hotwire is only worth a shot if I can do with one bed rather than two, or I can be sure I'm getting a large enough hotel (major chain) to have a two bed room request honored after booking.
  11. Thanks for directing me. I misquoted the price in my original query. It was $103. Still wondering if you can help ID it. Thanks. (And I promise to use betterbidding links to connet to hotwire in the future!)
  12. Hotwire lists a 3.5 star hotel in the DuPont Circle Embassay Row area for $103 during my dates 8/15-18. The amenities are fitness, swim, restaurant, business center, internet, golf and tennis. According to the hotwire list on better bidding, this appears to be the Hilton Embassy Row, but when I try and look up that hotel on trip advisor I can't find it. I'm a little confused and would appreciate some help with this. Thanks.
  13. Today bid $100 on Priceline for a 5 star and my bid was accepted at the NH Barbizon. Kind of disappointed, since the reviews for this property are uniformly poor for a five star. Too bad for me I guess.
  14. Sorry, I've followed through on the ones I actually bid on. My apologies for not being more thorough. I would still like to know your opinion of the Hotwire listing if possible. I promise to follow though with whatever I end up bidding on.
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