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  1. Sorry i forgot the amenities: Suite Airport Shuttle Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities Thanks to the board for all the help :)
  2. Used HOTWIRE (thru the link on the board) for 4 rooms at $79/each. Needed more than double occupancy in some of the rooms which is why used HOTWIRE over PRICELINE, plus the reviews of this property are very good, breakfast included, and large rooms which will work well for storing drinks for the kids in our group. I found a similar rate thru other websites but only for double occupancy, so this allowed me to purchase this hotel for more than double occupancy for a similar price. I'm pleased with the results.
  3. I had to visit some family in the area and just wanted something inexpensive since i would be with family most of the time and just using the hotel to sleep. This served the purpose. I started with DFW South and then added North and then the Arlington zones bidding very low until i was finally accepted at $28. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE links.
  4. Forgot to post this the other day. Of course use the PRICELINE link :) Good stay.
  5. Previously rejected at $130, $140, even as high as $155 when bidding for the two nights together...next day I bid for just Friday night and won the bid at $151 and then took advantage of the "add an additional night", so now I have $151 for each night and got the same hotel for both nights, THX for the great site and help from betterbidding...I was sure to place my actual bids with the PRICELINE links at savingsbarn.com
  6. Bid MTE $105, rejected.. added Upper East Side $110 rejected, started over with MTW $105, rejected... added MTE $110... added Upper East Side $115 all rejected... added Upper West Side $120 and was accepted... very happy..thanks again thereuare, you run a great board..btw I did use www.savingsbarn to place my order
  7. Bid $37 per room for two night stay 3* Jersey City for Sunday 12/26 and Monday 12/27, was rejected. Split bid and offered $37 per room for Sunday only and was successful with Hyatt Regency. Offered $55 for both rooms for Monday and was rejected again. 72 hours later will try again for my Monday accomodations.
  8. Try this: Bidding Tips for Canadians (at least it works for Canadians thur the US site)
  9. Dates 4/2/04-4/3/04 Bid $45 downtown, rejected, added miramar while keeping 3* since nothing 3* in miramar and upped my bid to $50, still rejected. Started over with $45 just airport, rejected, added downtown at $50 for rebid, still rejected..just wanted to "get this over with" did rebid with airport and downtown and was successful with $55. I'm happy, plane lands after 10pm so this is convenient and can get a $10 cab ride to pier for cruise ship the next morning... much nicer and more full service than the dive i would have gotten by paying full price for a 2* hotel. I lurk here a lot and am happy to post my winning bids although they're far and few between. I also use www.savingsbarn.com in order to help support this site... i hope everyone else does the same as this is my favorite travel board and i'd like to see it continue to do well and be here when i need it.
  10. Placed this bid for 12/27 through SavingsBarn.com Bid for 2 rooms, one night stay. Initial bid of $40 per room per night was accepted. Makes one kind of wonder if i could have bid any lower, but when we got to the hotel we were VERY pleased. Beautiful hotel/rooms, free internet in lobby and conveniently located with 5 minute drive to Duke University Campus. Out of curiosity, I asked the man at the front desk what rooms there normally cost; I was told $175 per night, so I considered myself very lucky thanks to BetterBidding.com and SavingsBarn.com
  11. Sheraton Needham 100 Cabot St. Needham Heights, MA 02194 4/11/03-4/13/03 2 rooms/2nights $52 per room per night Total $208 Tax $17.44 Fee 11.90 Originally offered $40 bid, they countered with $52 which i took since I just wanted to be done with it (I didn't have any free rebids available), and didn't want to wait to bid again in 3 days. Taxes show that priceline's cost was $45
  12. Sheraton Gateway Los Angeles 6101 West Century Blvd Los Angeles, California 90045 310-642-1111 Check-In Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 Check-Out Date: Thursday, March 13, 2003 Your Offer Price: $32.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $32.00 Processing Fee ($5.95 per room): $5.95 Local Taxes and Fees: $4.50 Total Charges: $42.45 Tried to lowball the 4* Westin for $42 but was rejected. Lowered rating to 3* and lowered bid to $32 and was accepted. Taxes indicate this was right on the money. This will be just fine for a quick night
  13. Sometimes Priceline says that your bid is too low and gives you a message that if you raise your bid to a certain amout you can have it. I find it's usually best to ignore this "offer" and try bidding again if time allows. If i have time i'll add 1/3 the difference between my offer and their suggested offer. If that's not accepted i'll often try 1/2 the difference between my bid and their suggested bid. So if i bid $50 and they tell me i can have it for $100, i'll often try $68 or so first, and if not accepted i'll try $75. I do this only if i have time left to bid again in a few days in case i'm turned down.
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