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  1. Rejected $40 and $50. At $50, Price.line counter-offered $63. When it does that, I normally split the difference between my last bid and their offer, which would have been $56.50. So I bid $55 as "close enough" and it was accepted.
  2. After checking sites for Allegiant, Frontier, and Delta, the lowest retail was $134. I bid for $80, $90, then $100 on PRICELINE and was rejected. Went to HOTWIRE and found the flight for $109. Booked it.
  3. Bidding history Wanted the beach and was willing to pay $50 for a nicer place 3* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Cocoa Beach) $50 rejected Given the choice of paying more or moving down in stars, went to 2.5* and lowered bid 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Cocoa Beach) $40 rejected 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral) $45 rejected Given the choice of paying 50 for a 2.5* on the beach or $40 for inland, chose cheaper 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Titusville) $40 rejected 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Titusville, Merritt Island) $45 rejected (The above bid was a "free" rebid because Merritt Island showed no 2.5* or above) (Out of bids) (Next day. Knowing now I will pay ~$50, tried for beach 2.5*) 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Cocoa Beach) $50 rejected 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Cape Caneveral) $50 rejected 3* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Titusville) $50 rejected 2.5* FL - Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island (Titusville) $50 won Hampton Inn Titusville/I-95 Kennedy Space Center, Fl
  4. Tried $40 a few days ago for a 3*, so perhaps could be won for a few dollars less than $45.
  5. Didn't accept. Included both Sea World and Universal ends of Intn'l Drive.
  6. Transparent side price was $79, and I typically do a little better than 50% off, so I thought to start bidding at $35, but since I had almost a week and 3 rebid zones I started at $25. I was waaaay too optimistic. Bids rejected at $25, $27, $29, $31, $33, $35, $37, $40, $42, $44, $46, $48, $50, $53. Bid for $55 rejected but counter offered at $73, which I turned down because a counter offer has always meant they'll accept about half-way between my last bid and the offer. Bid $63 and was accepted. Good news: This bidding took from Thursday to Sunday, with my trip beginning on Monday so I was out of time and rebid zones when I won. It was my last shot before paying retail. Whew. Bad news: Only saved $16 a night, or in other words, 20%. Eh, it's better than saving 0%. :-)
  7. $45 accepted on the first bid. Probably could have gone lower but I bid the morning I needed it so I couldn't risk a rejection. No rebid zones. Retails at $99. The hotel is top notch. Like it tons better than the 3* we stayed in last night. *******We were given a king bed and when I asked for two doubles, the clerk said that on "3rd party" purchase (in other words, Priceline) that they charge an upgrade fee of $15 for a double. If you need two beds, something to note. *******
  8. Accepted first bid of $40 for two rooms, which of course makes me wonder if I could have gone lower. Not that I am unhappy. I have stayed in north Daytona Beach at the 4* Oceanwalk for my past two trips at $45/night, but there is a $10/day internet charge, no free breakfast, and a $10-$17 parking charge. Acapulco has free internet, free breakfast, and parking is only $5, so I estimate I'm coming out at least $30/day better for the tradeoff of switching from a 4* to a 3*. There are two additional zones in the Daytona bidding area that do not have 3* so a person wanting the 3* in south Daytona can have four bids a day: 1)Shores, 2)Shores + Palm, 3) Shores + Palm + Ormond, 4) (close out and reopen PL) Shores + Ormond. I would recommend starting lower than $40 The median price shown by PL for a 3* in that area was $104, and the opaque-side price for Acapulco was $66.
  9. I am fairly certain this would have been the Holiday Inn Express despite a report in June of it as a 2.5*. The HIE was a 2* on the transparent side. Also the retail price for the HIE was $160 and the same price, $160, was given on the NYOP side as the median retail price for the 2*. One bid of $80, rejected for 8/6/2010 thru 8/7/2010. I did not rebid. Additional info, there were only 3 hotels on the transparent side for Brevard, a 1*, 2*, and 2.5*. There was no 2.5* choice on the NYOP side, just one or two stars.
  10. Lovely room. Everything looked clean, new, and shiny. Four thick pillows on each bed and extra ones in the closet. Nice pool. Restaurant and bar inside hotel and adjacent Ruby Tuesday. We only stopped to sleep but I could have stayed a week. Easy to get to and back on the interstate. :) :)
  11. After a second stay at this hotel on May 14-16, 2010, I thought I would update this review. Unlike last visit, we were giving a "city view" room. Fair enough considering we paid $45/night through Priceline and the deal is that I will get a discounted room in exchange for taking whatever room they will give me, including the least acceptable room in the place. But part of least acceptable is acceptable, and this room was questionable. It was a handicapped room, and while I am so glad they have them for those who need them, this bathroom was not pleasant for a family of four without handicaps. The entire bathroom is the shower floor. While the nozzle is to the side and there is a curtain, there is nothing on the floor that prevents the water from running all over, and there is a large drain in the center. With four people bathing, the floor was always wet, even when using the sink to brush ones teeth or use the toilet. It was like always standing in a bathtub. We tried to build a dam with extra towels that we requested, and it worked somewhat. This is not a complaint, merely a post to alert Priceline users that there is a possibility of getting this room. I was told directly that what room one gets "can depend on the provider you used to book the room." I understood that to mean Priceline or other discount outlets. We were offered a different room that day for $125 additional per night and declined. We were able to move the next day for $10 additional, but only because we stayed on top of them and keep checking back every few hours.
  12. I stayed in Daytona last month and once again, began by trying a 4* in Daytona Beach Shores (the southern section), for $55, but it was rejected. Eh, worth a try. Then I bid for a 4* Daytona Beach -Ormond (the northern section), for $45 and it was accepted. It's where I stayed last time. We enjoyed it. Hilton Daytona Beach/Ocean Walk There is a $10/day parking charge, so it is really $55. More is you use valet.
  13. I don't think there was a star rating change. I bid for a 2.5*. That means that Priceline may upgrade me to a 3, 3.5, etc. which they must have because the HI is still listed as a 3* as of today, as you have it on your site now.
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