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  1. Initial bid of $50 was rejected. Added "Des Moines" to get a free rebid at $55, which was accepted. Used BB's PRICELINE link to start my search. Thanks!
  2. From other BB wins, it looks like prices have been going up for Seattle Airport hotels. I won the Hilton on my first bid at $70. Priceline offered to allow me to extend my stay at the same price. Room Subtotal: $70.00 Taxes & Fees: $18.53 Total: $88.53 Used the BB PRICELINE link to begin my purchase. Thanks!
  3. This looks to be a new property, as it is not included on the Hotwire Hotel List. The amenities listed before purchase were as follows: Boutique Hotel Business Center High Speed Internet This does not match any of the 3.5* properties on the Hotel List, but I thought there was a good chance that this would be the Best Western Plus Coconut Waikiki, which describes itself as a Boutique Hotel (the other 3.5* options currently listed on the List are the Holiday Inn Beachcomber and Outrigger Luana). As it turns out, I got the Courtyard by Marriott. Looks like a nice place. I'm pretty happy with the result, and it goes to show that surprises can happen even if you spend three days obsessing with Better Bidding! Thanks for all the help, guys. Here are the details: Rate per night: $122.00 Nights: 5 Rooms: 1 Tax recovery charges & fees: $97.70 Subtotal: $707.70 Trip total: $707.70
  4. Sadly, no Bonus Cash was forthcoming. I returned today to use more free rebids, increasing my offer to $135. At that point, the scales tipped in favor of making an educated 3.5* guess using Hotwire, which I will post separately. Thanks for the assist, though!
  5. The Hawaii Prince looks really nice, but some of the TripAdvisor reviews say it's not within walking distance of Waikiki Beach. Some of the wedding party is staying toward the Diamond Head side, so that seems like it would be a bit of a haul. I my end up giving it a try, though! Typically I get an email offering at least some bonus cash after unsuccessful bids. I'll wait a day and see what comes. I'll probably end up around the $130 range :( Thanks for the advice!
  6. First, I have started all my searches using the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links (thanks, BB!) I am looking for a 3.5* or higher (incl. Resorts) property in the Waikiki Beach area. I am there for a wedding, so don't want to get too far away from where everyone else is staying. I've signed up for email alerts from Priceline, and I've received several that say someone has successfully won 4.5* properties for $100 or less (no dates are given, of course). I started with a $100 bid for a 4*, then used free rebids of $105, $110 and $115. None were accepted. I tried splitting my bid into two stays (3/13-3/16 and 3/16-3/18), but had no luck bidding $100, $105 or $110 for either period of time. It looks like the Ramada Plaza (Waikiki Marina) is available on Hotwire for $105. I'm wondering if this would be a good substitute, or too far away? I'm mainly posting to share my efforts so far, but would welcome any advice anyone else has. Thanks!
  7. I was able to find a mid-size on Hotwire for the same period for $135.99. I thought I'd see if Priceline would beat that, and they did: My bid for $16/day ($123 total) was accepted. The cheapest rate published on Kayak was $259 total, so I'm pretty happy to have saved $136 on this deal. One interesting note: I actually was able to bid twice on a mid-size car today; all I did was log out and log back in. I did up my price from $10 to $16, but I didn't think I'd even be allowed to do that without changing the car class. Happily, it all worked like a charm. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE links to search and purchase. Thanks, guys! Your Offer Price: $16.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 4 days(3 days and 8 hours) Subtotal: $64.00 Taxes and Fees: $59.00 Total Charges: $123.00 Lowest Published Price: $311.78 Total Savings:* $188.78 (You saved 61%)
  8. Identified this hotel using reports from other BetterBidding users, and used the HOTWIRE link to begin our purchase. We booked at this rate 48 hours prior to arrival. Amenities: Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access What a phenomenal deal! Current best rate online for this hotel is $169. By far the best airport layover experience we've ever had. The main terminal at MCO is mostly the Hyatt Regency, and the lobby elevators are literally 20' from the security lines. There is no shuttle, because you don't need one ... you're already at the airport! The staff were very kind, accommodating our request for an outside room which offered nice sunset views while also being absolutely quiet. The recently renovated rooms are beautiful, and the bathrooms quite large. McCoy's Bar & Grill would be a great place to kill a layover, even if you're not staying at the hotel overnight (but if you can, you should!). Thanks as always, BB!
  9. Um ... not sure why this earlier post of mine got tacked on to my last bid report. Seems kind of confusing?
  10. Wow, do I ever feel like I got my money's worth out of BetterBidding this time! The best rate elsewhere for these dates is $299 (plus taxes and fees). First, I should mention that I had $50 Bonus Cash ($10/night) available for this win. The bids I describe INCLUDE that Bonus Cash (e.g. my winning bid of $115 actually cost me $105 per night). Based on other wins for San Juan around New Year's, I hoped to land a Resort for $85-$120. My first bid on a Resort in San Juan was for $85 (Rejected). Added Aguadilla as a free rebid and increased to $95 (Rejected). Added Cabo Rojo as a free rebid and increased to $100 (Rejected). Added Dorado as a free rebid and increased to $105 (Rejected). Added Humacao as a free rebid and increased to $115 (Accepted!). I could have continued on with this pattern for two more rebids (Mayaguez and Ponce), but I am positively tickled to have won what I think will be a great Hilton property. No matter what, a sunny Puerto Rican beach is going to beat the 17-degree snow outside my window right now! Thanks again, BetterBidding. I was sure to use the PRICELINE link to make my purchase. Here are the details: =========== Offer Price Summary Bonus Cash Per Room, Per Night: $10.00 Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $105.00 Total Offer Price Per Room, Per Night with Bonus: $115.00 Total Charges to your Credit Card Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $105.00 Subtotal: $315.00 Taxes & Fees: $50.40 Total Charges*: $365.40
  11. A bit late in the game, but I'm trying to nail down a place to stay during New Year's in San Juan, Puerto Rico (12/31/10-1/3/11) Hotwire has a 3.5* listed for $153 with these amenities: Studio Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Tennis Nearby Spa Services Condo I've never seen a "condo" offered on Hotwire before. Any thoughts on what this might be, or what we could expect? Always sure to start my searches and purchases with the BB HOTWIRE and PRICELINE links. Thanks!
  12. First bid of $55 was rejected. Priceline made an immediate counteroffer of $70, which I declined. Added Wasilla for a free rebid (nothing higher than a 1* in that zone), and increased my bid to $60, which was accepted. This hotel is going for $79 on Hotwire, and $95 on Orbitz. Used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link to start my purchase. Thanks, BB!
  13. First bid of $42 accepted. Used the PRICELINE link to start our bid. Seems the Coast Hotel has been getting a lot of wins lately. Guess the days of always getting the Hilton or Doubletree at Seatac might be over! Thanks for the great resource, BB.
  14. Car daily rate - Hotwire hot Rate: $12.95 Rental days: 6 Subtotal: $77.70 Tax recovery charges and fees: $45.86 =============== Total price: $123.56 Lowest daily rate we could find on Kayak for an airport rental was $26 for a subcompact (plus tax), so we're pretty happy; got a full size car for way less. Almost started bidding on PRICELINE, but was told my $10 bid had virtually no chance of being accepted, and that I should try $16 or $17. HOTWIRE was just easier. Used the HOTWIRE link to start our purchase. Thanks!
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