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  1. Been trying for a 4* in September for over a month bidding all zones up to $150. Not even a counteroffer so far. Will just keep an eye on the board and book a back-up, lots of time left.
  2. Bid History Started at $50 and bid up in $5 increments.
  3. Got this on 10/26/05. Bid $110 4* Downtown, rejected. Added Airport area and upped bit to $120, accepted.
  4. Bid at $50 for ***PDX area, accepted immediately. Not my best bidding job but still much better than hotel's online rate.
  5. Just followed headtrip's lead and got it right off--comes to $45.34 total.
  6. Just returned from 4 nights that we got on Priceline for $65/night with the help of this site. We were given a room on the 15th floor with a balcony. Staff and service were first class and the fitness center and outdoor pool and spa were also first rate. Would stay there again in a heartbeat.
  7. Bid $50, rejected, immediately utilized rebidding tip on this board and was accepted at $65.
  8. Greetings, all. Just joined the Board after using the Priceline rebidding tip for a hotel in Vancouver, B.C. and it worked like a charm! Great site, look forward to using it often!