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  1. As the title says, $55 per night, $65 after taxes and fees. Originally bid for 2 nights, then added a night at the same price.....................................BTW, $55 was my first bid based on info found here and was accepted right away. This hotel was available for $64 per night on Hotwire and was $119 per night via the hotel website.
  2. This is what I get from reading the rules as well. And I printed off several of their "rebate" forms from the e-mail they sent me. Actually, the e-mail they sent me was based on last years Entertainment Book (the one that expires Nov. 1, 2004). I just bought the 2005 Ent. book but I haven't registered it yet so they can't know I have it because I bought it thru an orgnaization, not directly from Ent. This is a smoking deal if we can use it more than once!!!
  3. The 5* Carefree hotel is The Boulders, a really nice hotel. The cheapest it EVER seems to get is ~$139 right in the dead middle of the summer heat. You will be happy with it, but I think the lowest I've seen in go for on PL is ~$100. I live in Phoenix and I'd probably bid on it if I could get it for under $85 or so. One other thing, I recall reading (either here or on TOBB) that the Boulders has a HIGH resort fee. Something like $27 or something, and it is NOT INCLUDED in your PL bid, it is extra. Just beware and maybe do a search to make sure I'm correct.
  4. From the Hotwire Vacation Packages page, this hotel is the Hyatt Regency Gainey Ranch. All the icons are the same and it is within the N. Scottsdale boundaries.
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