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  1. The post "4* Miami (Coral Gables-Coconut Grove) Sonesta Hotel and Suites, $62 ... 9/8/07-9/9/09" has a typo and cause it to show up when one searches for Florida hotwire wins. Would be good if it can be edited to show 9/8/07 - 9/9/07.
  2. I was banned from TOBB but I am not sure why! MTmommy mentioned that you can be banned over there because you don't use their link to bid. How do they know. For example, I used savingsban.com to get my last hotel stay, how would the admin here know that is what I did?
  3. Just a follow up to my previous post. After ready bbbb and sys admin's posts, I e-mailed priceline and ask them if I should contact them to make these requests or I should contact the hotel directly. Nice surprise #1: they e-mailed me back and asked me to call them! Nice surprise #2: When I called and told them the whole story, the lady transferred me to their "reservation agent". After brief conversation, the agent put me on hold and call the hotel for me. According to him, I am all set with my requests. I will call the hotel to confirm after hurricane Frances is gone. So far, my PriceLine experience has been great. Thank you again for this board.
  4. Can someone clarify this for me? I got a room from Hilton Sunrise through Priceline yesterday. I called this morning to request two beds and non-smoking room. The reservation agent told me that these are just requests. This part I understand. Then he went on to say that PL bought a block of room from them and he implied it is up to PL to honor thoese requests. My question is that did PL actually pre-bought a block of rooms at each hotel/motel or do they just commit to move certain number of room at a set minimun price? Throughout the phone call, the agent acted very professionally and never gave me any hard time about making these requests.
  5. Got the 3* Hilton Sunrise for $45 ($56.61 with taxes & fees). Thank you very much for your help and the website.
  6. Before I posted the 1:32PM, I tried to re-bid by adding $6 to my original bid but it came back and said I need to increase my bid by at least $12.00. It did not ask me to modifiy zone/start level...
  7. A newbie question. I bidded $40 for 3* for West/Planation. They rejected my bid but they said I can bid again if I am willing to increase my bid by $12.00. Any suggestion on what I should do? Thanks. (By the way, I bid via http://www.savingsbarn.com/ )
  8. Thank you. I will wait a week before rebid with your suggestions. Inventory seems to be more available now then a week ago. For example, Amerisuites downtown shows availability at their website today while it shows none last week.
  9. Any suggestion how much to bid for either 2.5* or 3.0*. I tried $35 for W. Ft. Lauderdale today but was rejected.
  10. Bid $28, Rejected Bid $30 after adding airport, rejected Bid $35 after adding airport, DT, rejected.
  11. Need a pre-cruise hotel stay on Oct 29. Maybe because of the annual boat show, availability seems to be low when compares to other weekend. Should I look else where or should I continue to try in the down town area till the "last minute"? Thanks in advance.
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