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  1. Thanks for making a good effort. At $39/night it's difficult to be a total disaster :-)
  2. It turned out to be the Extended Stay Deluxe in Bothell, formerly Sierra Suites. I've stayed here before and it was a nice place. The lowest listed priced I found was ~$83, so twice the price. I used to stay at Sierra Suites for ~$55/night a few years back. Thanks for the suggestion thereuare. I was really hoping for the Holiday In Express, but not this trip :)
  3. I updated the old Vegas thread. Thanks for refreshing my memory!
  4. We ended up booking direct at the Excalibur. We wanted to be on a specific part of the strip and didn't want to risk being stick with a long walk. Thanks for all the help and sorry it took so long to update this.
  5. Dates of stay - 02/23/06 - 02/26/06 Rating: 2.5* Price: $39/night Amenities listed: Complimentary breakfast, pool(s), fitness center, high-speed internet, laundry. Any ideas? I've been unable to decipher it so far. Thanks!
  6. 2 rooms $60 each per night plus taxes. Started at 45$ and bid clear up to $60 with re-bids/zones. I think $58 or $59 would have been accepted based on the amount of taxes we were charged. This is further away then we wanted to be from our desired location, but it's only 1.3 miles and the parking is free. I've also read the hotel was remodeled in 2004 so hopefully it will be nice.
  7. May 22-26th. 3* Near Strip East - $54/night. Resort Suite Restaurant(s) Pool(s) Spa Services Golf Nearby Business Center Nothing matches up with this - any ideas what property this might be?
  8. 3* on the strip - May 22nd - 26th. $42/night Amenities: Casino Restaurant(s) Pool(s) Fitness Center Spa Services What hotel is this? It does not exactly match any of the hotels in the Hotwire hotel list. On a side note, I missed booking the Monte Carlo last night for $34.95/night. TravelAxe pulled up that rate for my dates but I did not notice it until I looked again this morning and now the rate is fixed on the website, lodging.com.
  9. So did you get the rebate after Double the Difference? :)
  10. Thanks for booking this before I did. :) I was in Vegas one time and my friends stayed at the Circus Circus while another buddy and me stayed at the MGM Grand. I wasn't impressed with Circus Circus - Thanks for identifying it and I hope your mother-in-law loves it! :) Moderator, can you update the Hotwire hotel list with Circus Circus?
  11. I think I did mis-list the amenities. I ran the search again and found a 3* on the strip for $47/night. Amenities include Casino, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Business Center. What hotel is this? It does not match up with the hotel list. Has anyone booked this recently? thereuare, what convention of 35k will be in Vegas at that time? Maybe I'll attend if it's interesting :-) Another question - has anyone stayed at the 3.5* Tuscany in the "Near Strip East" zone? It looks like a nice place, but I'm wondering if it's a long distance to walk to the strip. Reviews say it's a couple blocks, but I'd like to hear from someone here that it's close enough to the strip. A 3.5* hotel that matches the Tuscany goes for $64/night during the time I'm traveling. I found an "Expedia Special Rate" that says "Sale! Save 20% on this Stay." Their "Regular price" is $70 but the discounted price is $56. Will the HotWire Double the Difference guarantee work with Expedia's "Special Rate"? I looked through the Terms and Conditions and can not find a reason why it would not work. If it does work, the Tuscany 3.5* would be $64(HotWire)-$56(Expedia)=$8 difference. DTD is $8*$2=$16. So the final price would be $64-16 = $48/night. Will this work?
  12. I tried to match up the amenities with the Hotwire hotel list but am not seeing anything that matches exactly. The trip is planned for May 22nd check-in and May 26th check-out. Hotwire came up with a 3* hotel on the Strip for $47/night. Amenities are listed below. What hotel is this? Casino Restaurant(s) Pool(s) Fitness Center Spa Services Golf Nearby Also, any ideas why some of the higher-end hotels are so expensive during this time frame? The only reasonable prices I can get are for Wednesday night, May 25th. Is this a busy week in Vegas? I think Memorial day is the following weekend. Is that the reason?
  13. First bid of $29 Check-In Date: Sat, May 31, 2003 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, Jun 1, 2003 Check-Out Time: 12:00 PM Your Offer Price: $29.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $29.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $9.69 Total Charges: $38.69
  14. First bid at $22 + $10 bonus. I would have tried lower, but I got rejected when I bid $19 for a similar hotel for mid-May, so I started at $22 this time. Your Offer Price: $22.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $22.00 Taxes: $4.18 Processing Fee: $5.95 Total Charges: $32.13
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