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  1. This hotel was also offered on the Express Deal with the following amenities: Free Internet, Free Parking Bed Choice Available (2 Double beds, King size bed,) for $77 on the same dates. When bidding I started at $50 $55$$59 was offered to accept if I bid at $82, I refused and kept on bidding $69 and $72. I also tried bidding with the additional date of Friday night which the bid of $72 came back with an offer to accept if I again increased by $23 but to the amount of $95. Since I already knew that the other dates would be cheaper i declined this of
  2. This was a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal which I decided to go with so I could get a 3.5 star property and not the 4 star Westin in the area. The westin Is really nice so I kinda regret that decision but it all worked out in the end. Two hours later priceline reported a bid that was won at $65 for a hotel with the same amenities as well as ratings of a 8 or better. When I decided to look for a hotel in this area on Priceline I thought I would get the Wyndham at Forrestal which I won in June of 2011 but did some research and found out that is now the Crowne Plaza. Im not sure it is still in bus
  3. The Holiday Inn Express is next door and if you use the coupon in the Hotel Coupon book that you get when you are traveling you should only pay 69 for fri sat and sunday nights; otherwise it is $20 more. I had to go this route as it was after 12pm when we arrived and I had no time to bid. THe Holiday Inn Express is a newer Hotel and the room i stayed in, it still smelled brand new. Free breakfast etc. I saw the full price for the Hilton going for $109=$115 for 4/16-4/18/2013. Hope you get the hotel you want. Another suggestion look under the discount hotel priceline offers and see if they
  4. I arrived pretty late sometime after 11pm but closer to midnight. There were hardly any cars in the parking lot; The hotel is located right off of the 91 highway but not clearly visible until you reach the property. There is a small gas station/convenient store sharing the same property or at least next to each other. There were a few 18 wheeler trucks parked close to the main entrance. It is currently labeled a 2 1/2 star property but I would barely give it 2 stars. More likely one star. The check in was very easy and the clerk was very nice and hospitable. He had only been working th
  5. upon checking out I was given the lower rate of $34 since at no time during my stay were any junior suites available - though i don't know how that can be since there were hardly any people there!! The front desk clerk rebilled my charges at the lower rate but since it was prepaid by priceline i doubt they plan on giving me the difference. Its only $12 but it is the point of not getting what I asked for and being charged for a better room and not getting it so i might just call them and see what they say; what do you think?
  6. I used Express Deals: not sure if u have these seperated in a differnt area or not but sure would be helpful; the adverticement went like this: Bradley Intl Airport - Windsor Vicinity (BDL) Area $97 similar hotels+ $34 per night Map it This Hotel has: Free Breakfast | Free Internet | Indoor or Outdoor Pool | Free Parking | Restaurant | Airport Shuttle | Business Center | Fitness Center Bed choice available Since it gave me a bed choice instead of taking a regular single or 2 queen beds for $34 I took the Kin suite for $40. I was hoping to get the Candelwood suites but that is the chance u take
  7. First bid of $46 was given "increase bid by $17" I did not accept; I rebid and received this hotel win. Funny thing; when i was researching this hotel; The price for regular room rate was listed as $5079.!!!! Two nights would have been over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Clerk said no rooms are of that quality and if anyone did pay this they would have been highly disappointed. Last time i stayed here i was given a room across from the pool but the pool was broken :( . I addressed this with the check in clerk and he gave me the same room and added " the pool is in working order". Which it was a
  8. Priceline can add hotels that they are using at anytime. For esample I was bidding on a 3 star hotel and winning the same hotel everyday for a 3/12 month period; which was awesome because we needed it as we were homeless due to a fire and wanted to stay at the Residence Inn and got it like I said. But one day without warning we were given the Hyatt; Thankfully this happened after I signed a year lease on an apartment and was almost ready to move. We had to stay four days at the Hyatt until we bid the Residnece Inn again and got it. Not wanting to have to move like that again we were glad t
  9. I bid up to $77 for 3/1/2 star and did not get anything; bid up to 68 for Enfield and did not get anything; then added Bradley 3 star with a $58 bid and got this. They were offering a 3 star at 61 dollars on the other opaque offer on price line so I knew I was close to a winning bid with $58, Didnt see that someone already won this at $51 so... at least i was close. I was just getting fed up with the bidding and no acceptances starting from july 2nd to July 7th. Anyway 2 nights ended up being $145. When we got there the swimming pool and Jacuzzi was closed for cleaning and so i was a bit u
  10. Thought id get the residence inn but this was a nice surprise; ID never been here and I was looking at the $69 per night coupon. Decided to let PRICELINE pick the hotel for me as I was totally undecided LOL! I bid $55 was given raise your bid by $22 so i bid $60 which was rejected then 65. thanks
  11. Orange is not within the east haven to branford area. Did you add this for your second bid or was this just a mistake? DId you choose orange only? thanks in advance!!
  12. First bid of $55 declined w/ offer to increase by $25 to $80- declined offer bid 65 offer given to increase to 80 declined closed browser and rebid $75 which was accepted. done at 93- pm fpr same night reservation. was hoping for Hyatt but this will do. Nights: 2 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $150.00 Taxes & Fees: $31.72 Total Charged to Card: $181.72 *Prices are in US dollars.
  13. my daughter used the last win and extended her stay by bidding $65 first bid and was accepted. she used my last win to base her First priceline bid cuz she was unable to contact me on time for me to do it for her. im just glad she didnt pay full rate and has learned from me. they are having a great valentines date!
  14. First bid 48 - asked to increase by $20 to 68 second bod 58- asked to increase bid by $20 TO 78 3RD BID 65 (CHANGED DATES TO 4 NIGHTS DECLINED) 4TH BID 68 ASKED O INCREASE BY 9 5TH BID CHANGED TO 2 NIGHTS AT $65 accEpted11 ffer Price: avg. per room, per night $65.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 2 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $130.00 Taxes & Fees: $28.38 Total Charged to Card: $158.38 i WAS expecting either marriot courtyard or marriot trumbul but this was a nice surprise; it is a reservation for my daughter and son in law so hope they have a good valentines day!!!Wanted a ho
  15. we checked in last night around midnight, i didnt do my usual rigorous check of the beds for the FIRST time ever as i am traveling with hubby and he is exhausted. well he went right to bed cuz the 2 hr drive exhausted him and the kids went shortly after him. I stayed up and took a long bath prior to going to bed. After seeing everyone looking so comfy i finally pulled the sheets back and crawled in with the lights off not a minute later my hubby awakes and smacks the bed hard to kill a bug that he felt by him. i turned on the lights and adjusted my daughters pillows on the other bed then pul
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