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  1. Could be the Residence Inn, the Sands Resort (Highland Beach), the Colony Hotel or the Seagate Hotel. All offer the listed amenities (except laundry) with rack rates 25-50% above the HW price. I suppose it could be the newly opened Fairfield Inn by Marriott, but can't see it ranked at 3 1/2* (it's in a lousy part downtown), when the Hiatt Place is only 3*
  2. I found the PL low-price guarantee meaningless. I reserve a compact car at FLL for 5 days. Most direct rentals were in the $36 range, Hotwire at $25. I offered $20 and was prompted to up to $23. I upped my offer to $21 and got a car w/Hertz ($166 total). Now, HW is offering same car for $2.99 a day ($112 total). PL says they cannot match, because my rez is with Hertz. This is the last time I will use PL
  3. After rejetions on PL at $49 and $50 decided to try HW. Figured this had to be the LaQuinta or Wingate by Wynham. Either was suitable. Wingates AARP rate was $56, but not for the 2nd night. Hotel Amenities Free parking Free breakfast Free Internet Pet friendly Airport shuttle Fitness center Pool(s) Self-service laundry Internet access Accessible bathroom Accessible parking
  4. I started bidding two weeks ago at $15 for as small as a compact. Rejected every time despite increasing by a dollar every other day. Hot.wire was showing offers of around $36 and up for compact and larger models until today. Just in case I booked a Thrifty offer of a compact at $27. As recently as yesterday, I was rejected at $24 on Price.Line for a compact. Today, I first checked Hot.wire, which showed $19 for a standard. I bid $17 on PL, which said I needed to bid $44 to win. I went ahead anyway with my $17 bid and won. As usual, persistence pays off. I figure that around 10-11 days before the date a car is needed is the optimum for a deal.
  5. Took six days of bidding to get this. But patience paid off. Started at $35 with RDU, rejected. Added RTP, figuring the only 2.5* was the Wingate, actually near RDU airport. Rejected Followed the same pattern each day, add $1 to my bid. When I hit $38, PL countered with $48. PL also had a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal with same amenities at $47. Today, I raised to $41 and got what I wanted. Not $35, but still a good deal--- beating the $67 online price by Wingate, etc. (before those awful fees and taxes totaling $21 for 2 nights).
  6. Was surprised by the hard up sell attempt by Avis when I arrived at the counter. Did I want a luxury car for just $12 more a day? Why would I. If I did I would've done it online. Howabout a full-size car for $6 more. I declined. Guess what? No standard size cars available. Would I take a minivan or small SUV. I declined because of the high step is an impediment for my 91 year old mother in law. Then they tried to get me to take a smaller car. Again, why would I do that? I told them to give me a full-size car for the same pride. They finally acquiessed.
  7. After checking prices on various online bookers for weeks and seeing downtrend, decided to bid today on PRICELINE for this rental in a week. Most agencies wanted $47 or so a day and HOTWIRE was quoting $35.95 for this size vehicle today. HW's best rate was $27.95 for a minivan. Decided to bid on PL around 50% below agency rate with $23 on my first bid, which surprising was accepted. Offer $161.00 Taxes, fees $68.70 Total charges $229.70
  8. The deal got better. They gave me a Prius at pickup, which rents for $149/day!
  9. I hope other users of BB realize what I found out after checking into ESA for the first time. Maid service is extra, although you can get as many towels as you want by going to the office. Breakfast is a grab and go combination of coffee, muffins, apples and energy bars, You eat in your room or where ever you are next headed. Also, the free WiFI is slow, but they offer upgraded speeds for a fee, of course
  10. Your Offer Price: $11.00 (per day) Total Rental Days: 4 days(3 days and 20 1/2 hours) Subtotal: $44.00 Taxes and Fees: $45.80 Total Charges: $89.80 Lowest Published Price: $204.03 (USD) Total Savings:* $114.23 (USD) (You saved 56%) Budget Starting pricing this a month in advance, but rates were in the $50-$60 per day range, even on Hotwire. To be safe I booked a cancelable reservation thru Costco. Fast pick up with my Fast Break number and I also got an upgrade to a Prius, which Budget rents $145/day on their web site. Great deal, I think!
  11. Stay 7/18/13-7/21/13 Bid for 2 1/2* at $27. Rejected. Went to no bid option with 2* showing for $27. Knew from this board it likely was ESA. Offered 5% SUMMER promotSummary of Charges Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $27.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 3 Room Subtotal: $81.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $21.03 (USD) Priceline Hotel Coupon: -$4.05 (USD) Total Charged to Card: $97.98 (USD)
  12. Turns out there's a good reason why my bid was accepted. There is heavy construction taking place on at least three of the six wings of this hotel. Had my room changed right after checking in. There was a compressor outside my window and heavy machinery all around the building. Buzz saws and hammering start shortly after 8 am.
  13. It took two days of bidding. Started bidding for 3.5* at $35, figuring it's quiet, summer and almost a weekend. No luck. Rebid at $35 for 3*. No go. On second day of bidding, started at $40 for 3.5*. Rejected. Rebid $45 with RDU as well as RTP. A winner. Would've preferred the Embassy Suites at Briar Creek, but this will do for the price, though I'll have to hit McDonald's a mile away for a cheap breakfast.
  14. Initially bid $35 for 3 1/2*. Rejected. Bid $36. I had $6/night Priceline bonus cash offer. Figured I'd likely get the Wyndham in RTP as they've been very competitive due to on-going renovations and other winning bids. Thats what I won. Bonus Cash:Per Room, Per Night $24.00 Offer Price:avg. per room, per night $36.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 4 Room Subtotal: $144.00 Taxes & Fees: $35.16 Total Charged to Card: $179.16 Renovations are nearly complete. We ran into an occasional hard hat on the elevator--one was padded, the other not and there was plaster dust on the elevator floors. Restaurant was closed at night,but not an issue for us. All told, a great deal. BTW, this property is going to reflagged a Hilton Garden Inn once the renovations are completed.
  15. Given offered rates on Hotwire and on this Priceline board, I was afraid I'd be paying more with UVA starting up. My Initial bid was $50 for 3*, 1 night on 8/26, rejected. Rebid $50 for 2 1/2*@ suspecting I'd likely get Comfort Inn Monticello based on listed amenities. A winner! That's what I got. Room Subtotal: $50.00 Taxes & Fees: $13.05 Total Charged to Card: $63.05 We got there 11:30 p.m. Had to wait 20 minutes for a front-desk person to show up and check us in. Fine property, otherwise, though dining, Monticello, etc, is an exit away on I-64
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