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  1. And i used the PRICELINE links from this site :) expected win, no surprise :)
  2. Yep, i have read about how expensive it is and that's why im planning to rent a car as well, will be anyway going around with a car all days long so just needed a place to crash and seeing as this property was cheaper through priceline than normally any 2* or 3* dumps in the area then thought why the hell not, by the way in HOTWIRE this one goes for approx. 110-115 $ so i was pretty sure i would get the same one through PRICELINE even cheaper.
  3. yay won it with 90$ seems like a superb place to stay to visit El Yunque rainforst etc. and i DID use PRICELINE link of this site :)
  4. Looking for a hotel in South Beach or Miami Beach but it is a harder task than i initially thought, would not want to pay more than 150$ per night with taxes. I have been looking in Orbitz and Expedia some weeks now and using trip advisor to see the reviews etc and cant understand how come 90% of the 3* places get totally awful reviews... so thats why im not up for bidding on a 3* hotel rather have been trying a 4* one. It is just wierd that basically below the 150$ margin all the places in south beach get very bad reviews. Started up by bidding in priceline for a 4* in south beach and miami beach with some rebid zones, have been going up to 110$ so far, am willing to go higher but as there is still time before the trip i thought i would take it slow considering the fact that someone in this board won 4* in miami beach for 95$ just some time ago. while doing the research in tripadvisor i started to wonder if may be trip advisor is used for fights between hotels e.g. one hotel writes a bad review for the other one etc. as it seems illogical that every cheaper than 150$ place in south beach is dirty, with rude staff etc. Or is South beach really that run down place. Should i be looking and Ft. Lauderdale instead may be? just want to spend a week in Florida with first part 4-7.march in a nice beach resort whereas the rest of the time i would spend driving across florida including key west etc.
  5. I have tried Miami Beach and South Beach 4* for a week now for 95$ - 115$ no luck although i saw a win of The Palms for 95$ just a while ago here
  6. I think this should be the original Hilton New York in Trip Advisor:
  7. Thanks so much for your reply, anyway when should i ask for the upgrade, prior to arrival over the phone or whilst checking in? i've never done that before :)
  8. Yes sure, the address is: Hilton New York 1335 Avenue Of The Americas New York, New York 10019
  9. Hi, am first time poster but long time reader. anyway did my first successful buy on priceline... 108$ - 4* - Times-Square + MTE - REJECTED 110$ - 4* - Times-Square + MTE + Madison-square garden - REJECTED 112$ - 4* - Times-Square + MTE + Madison-square + MTW - ACCEPTED superb price, only thing im concerned about is that in trip advisor i found only 2 reviews for this hotel, as there is no hotel called Hilton New York i assumed that the hotel is in fact New York Hilton & Towers... So how come there can be only 2 reviews, cant even get a clear picture now if it really is a good hotel or what if someone could give me a quick reply if you have any idea why there are no reviews in trip advisor id appreciate that