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  1. It was the meridien and booked through the HOTWIRE link. The reason I look at review % is because I got caught out once before (when choosing between 2) for not doing so. Go figure :-) S
  2. I bet is the Meridien because these are the prices on Expedia: Sofitel - $195 Palomor - $161 Westin - $177 Le Meridien - $135
  3. Dates: Weds 11th - Sat 14th August Ammenities: HSI/restaurants/Business cente/non smoking/gym Price: $94 per night Ratings: 95% recommended Star rating: 4* I am discounting Le Meridien as that only has a recommendation of 87%, so that leaves the following choices: *Sofitel *Westin *Palomar I'm also discounting Loews as there is no restaurant there. I'll be disappointed if this ends up being the Meridien..I dont care for them. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. It was $78 per night. Great location. Happy with this choice... S
  5. I just booked a 4* on the MagMile for tomorrow until Saturday 17 - 20 March) The icons were: Bus. center Restaurant HSI Fitness BUT there was no spa facility showing which has shown before for this hotel. I'm actually pleased because I wanted this hotel but just wnated to let others know. Paid $258 inc tax S
  6. Sorry, yes it should be high speed internet. It should probably mentioned that this hotel has two restaurants. One is a sports bar that serves food and the other is oceanaire...more upscale. I ate at both and each are good for the price. There is also a starbucks/deli/giftshop in the hotel. Hope this helps...
  7. $66 per night plus tax (total of $229.04 for 3 nights) Fitness Center Business Center Restaurant Pool Tennis nearby Restaurant Hope it's as good as it sounds! Booked via HOTWIRE link on here S
  8. The 4.5 star was the Sofitel and that's the one I selected. I was more than happy with my choice...great hotel and location. I would stay there again no problem. I booked through the HOTWIRE link on here. S
  9. Hi: I'm having a bit of a problem ID'ing hotels in this area as the cross matching doesn't match areas up exactly. I'd appreciate any help. First hotel (per hotwire) Dates: 25 - 27 Feb four and a half star hotel Water tower/Gold coast area Facilities: Restaurant, Gym, Business center, Internet access Rate: $163 per night Ratings: 95% positive Options? The Conrad, The Sofitel or the James. I'm hoping it's the Sofitel. Any ideas anyone? Second Hotel: Same dates Four star Same area Details: Boutique hotel, Internet, business center, gym, golf nearby Rate: $77 per night 60% positive revews Options? Rafaello (although that has higher positive reviews), The Sax, The Whitehall, W Hotel Chicago..I think that's all. Thanks in advance for any help :-) S
  10. I booked using the HOTWIRE link above and it was the Magnolia. I actually got it $99 a night...even better..as the price had reduced! I've heard good things about this hotel so I am looking forward to staying there. Should I update this thread after my stay with more facilities info? S
  11. A little bit of helpful info.... My colleague did book via HOTWIRE using the same criteria as me for the same time period. The hotel turned out to be the Sheraton on Broadway. He got it for $75 a night. Hope this info helps someone else. S
  12. Follow up: I didnt end up booking through hotwire as I couldn't get any feedback from here. I haven't been to OKC before so I felt a bit nervous about using hotwire without feedback and not knowing the area. Booked the Sheraton midwest direct instead. S x
  13. Ok I responded to the Houston thread. Does anyone have any ideas about the OKC hotel? S
  14. My trip was cancelled so I didn't end up going. Sorry I have no feedback to help with this thread. S
  15. I have updated the Milwaukee query (trip was cancelled). I dont see anything for Huston though. Anyway, I havent been to Houston so if there is a post that must have been cancelled also. Any Ideas about the OKC hotel? Thanks
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