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  1. Tried a number of other areas, Burlington, Lake Placid, but finally tried Plattsburg and bid was accepted on first try. I am driving home from dropping my son off at school and only need one night. used the BiddingHelper.com tool from this site.
  2. Amenities: Free Breakfast Free Internet (in Room) Free Parking Pet Friendly Indoor Pool Non-Smoking Gym Handicap Accessible Business Center
  3. Started with $80, added whiteplains and increased to 90. Looks nice, dont think I've ever stayed here before. As usual I used BiddingHelper.com to post my bid
  4. Started with plainview 3.5* $80, added a couple of other zones while raising my bid. Finally added 3* and increased bid to 105.
  5. Free parking Pet friendly Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Internet access
  6. Using BiddingHelper.com, first tried to bid $60 for Yonkers 3*, then added tarrytown and 2 1/2* and raised bid to $70. Finally added white plains and increased to $80 and gave up. Based on winning hotels list for Tarrytown I decided to go with the 2* express bid and got the exact hotel! Breakfast is included.
  7. Used the PRICELINE quickquote link from this board. I'm really excited about this win, we are going to visit the colleges in Pitt.
  8. Using the BiddingHelper.com from this site, Was hoping to get the Residence Inn in Yonkers which we have won before and has a nice free breakfast, First tried Yonkers for $50, increased it to 60 and then added Tarrytown, finally added Rye and increased to 70. I looked again, its rated 3 *
  9. Using the BiddingHelper.com from this site. I first tried a week ago, then tried again today and won.
  10. Already had a night booked with Priceline, but couldn't get PRICELINE to extend my stay. I was able to book another night through HOTWIRE by using the quick quote link from this site. Since this was the only hotel in that region that was 3* I took my chances that it was the same hotel and was right. Hopefully I wont have to change rooms.
  11. I probably bid too high for a mid week stay but wanted to get Armonk and not have to include Tarrytown in my scope. First bid accepted, used the bidding helper link from this board.
  12. Using the PRICELINE link from this site, played around with adding stars and corona and flushing in order to increase my bid. Started at 80 ended up at $95. Going to the mets yankees game.
  13. Bid for a lot of areas, Yonkers, White plains and New Rochelle. Increased the price and dropped the 2* and Yonkers and got this one for memorial day weekend using the PRICELINE link from this site.
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