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  1. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $55.00 Subtotal: $55.00 Taxes & Fees: $14.48 Total Charges*: $69.48 Doubletree Hotel San Jose San Jose 2050 Gateway Place I bid $50 on Palo alto, Cupertino, Santa Clara, Mountain View. I increased my bid to $55 when I added mountain view and got the doubletree. I completely LOVE this doubletree property except the fact that parking is $18. When I go to conventions for the day I park across the street- but not sure about overnight parking. Used the PRICELINE link above. I never got an offer to rebid at a higher price so I thought I was way off. I was suprised to get something for $55. Andie
  2. Congratulations on your win, and for bargain shoppers, double congratulations- this is a great stay. As of 12/09 the parking lot continues to be under construction. This had no impact on our stay and was not a problem. First room we were in had a pool view on the second floor. It was really filthy and personal items were not removed from the room. I called and we were moved promptly. I explained how while I was a priceline customer this was a Marriott. We were moved up a floor and still faced the pool. We were also given complementary breakfast for the next day (delicious btw). This property is located right off the highway and is very convenient. Within walking distance (across the street) is a Starbucks, GAP, Ann Taylor Loft, DSW, The Coffee Bean, Pharmacy, grocery store, Sushi restaurant and so much more. Across the main street is an entire shopping mall to fill anyone's shopping needs. The pool and hot tub is in a beautiful courtyard area with lush greenery, lots of seating and drinking water outside. Cruiser bikes are available. The Marina is very close and then begins the sidewalk that follows the beach up to Venice Beach then Santa Monica. The hotel itself is dated, but once you get over the popcorn ceiling and narrow hallway, it is great. Make sure you request a pool view as I could see how a view of the mall across the street might not be so thrilling. The rooms are standard size, but they all have little balconies which is so nice. Freebies! Enjoy great coffee every morning in the lobby with yummy creamers! Computers for use in the lobby with printers for last minute ticket printing! Fresh fruit on the lobby counter, but come early, it empties quickly. Bring your refillable water bottle because in the fitness center there is fabulous filtered water. Bring your laptop- free wireless! Best of all, free parking. You will not need to spend a dime more than your win! Enjoy your stay! We were there for one week over Christmas 2009.
  3. Bid $92 for a 3.5* and said "try again for $22". Wasn't willing to pay more than that so tried for 3* $72 (bid this last week for the first half of our trip). Won on the first try. Interestingly enough, when I bid for the whole week it wouldn't take it. When I clicked on "add more nights for this price" it said it was sold out. Your Offer Price: $72.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $216.00 Taxes and Fees: $40.26 Total Charges*: $256.26 Courtyard By Marriott Marina Del Rey 13480 Maxella Avenue Marina Del Rey, California 90292 310-822-8555 Used your PRICELINE link on this website to purchase. Good news is free parking, free internet, bikes, cardio equipment, won't have to move locations, and extra money to spend on the pier! Bad news is slightly dated, construction in lot next door, not santa monica. I always appreciate all the help I get here! $82 total a night for this property is much cheaper than anything I've found. Retail is Min. $139 a night +tax and fees. Andie
  4. Yikes! Reviews are terrible. Thank you so much! Back to bidding higher on PRICELINE for my trip. Andie
  5. Thank you! The dates are Dec 27th through Dec 30th.
  6. Mid Wilshire Westlake USC Area Hotel $63 3 Star Fitness, Pool, fork/knife, fax?, Laundry machine?, Internet, golf, Tennis? That was my best guess at those icons. Thank you! Andie
  7. Parking is expensive, but you can park across the street in the residential area free. It is a beautiful property. Andie
  8. We really enjoyed our stay at Casa Munras. We requested a room with 2 beds and were easily accomodated. This property has been updated and is very very nice. Cookies, apples and infused water are all available at your arrival. The huge fireplace in the lobby is very nice. The pool is 82 degrees and while it was freezing outside, we swam for a long time. Too bad there is no hot tub. This is actually a property I'd pay retail to stay at again. The fluffy beds were divine and the folks were so nice. We requested extra blankets and they came within 2 minutes (big tip for him!). I've never had service so fast. On Thanksgiving morning there were tons of newspapers waiting and ready for Black Friday shoppers! If you win this, you are lucky! It is not at the beach, but so close. Andie
  9. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $72.00 Subtotal: $288.00 Taxes & Fees: $51.32 Total Charges*: $339.32 Courtyard By Marriott Marina Del Rey Santa Monica & Marina Del Rey 13480 Maxella Avenue Marina Del Rey, California 90292 310-822-8555 Last week when I bid $60 PL wanted me to add $17 and rebid. I denied. I started rebidding added $2 increments, changing dates (my end date was flexible), adding lawndale etc. Finally today I won!!! I was crossing my fingers for the Doubletree. Oh well! Best part is free parking, free wireless, hot tub and pool!!! That saves me tons of money. $139 retail price +taxes. Bargain. Thanks for all the tips! I used the PRICELINE link at your site. Andie
  10. How can I triple check lawndale has no 3 stars. I really don't want to end up on rosecrans. I jsut want to make sure before I begin that trick.
  11. Hotwire: 2.5* for $79 Beach and wifi 2* for $69 Coffee, Pool Doesn't sound like either are as good as the doubletree. Bid on PL (through this site) for $60 just to see- it wanted me to raise my bid for $17. I didn't-but makes me think I'm within shooting range. My max bid for something like the doubletree in Santa Monica would be $75 ish. List price is $219 all week. Regular list price is consistently $209 From what I can see from your map of hotels- 3.5 is marina del rey marriot (not desirable), 2.5 Marina del rey hotel (not desirable), No posted wins for the Holliday Inn since March, 3.5 Sheraton Delfina, the only listed 3* is the Double tree. I'm only looking at Santa Monica right now. I'll look at culver city (folks are renting a house there for the week) if I have to. Beverly Hills is an option, but do I really want to spend my vaca in B.H.? Makes me cringe. This site is really the best. I have more time than money right now so it is perfect to get the deal!
  12. Wow. Thank you so much! I've always used PRICELINE but I'd be willing to switch. We would like to stay in Santa Monica for dec 23-30th. I've looked at Beverly hills, but after some calling around parking is about $25 a day. Santa monica double tree is $18 but I think there are some free possibilities. Does HOTWIRE work the same as PRICELINE? BTW Doubletree santa monica is 209 through priceline for next week, week of Christmas it is 219 each night- so not that big of a difference. I can't believe it has been going P.L for $65-$75! Thanks All
  13. I'm ready to start bidding for our week stay in Los Angeles over Christmas. We are staying for an entire week and are hoping to get the double tree in Santa Monica. I'd love any suggestions on how to bid diferently for an entire week. Thank you!
  14. I'm getting ready to start bidding for Los Angeles hotels from December 23 to December 30th. I'm hoping for around the $65 rate in Santa Monica (double tree guest suites has been a high success on better bidders). Does strategy change when you need it for the whole week? Do I call the hotel and ask if they are full or near full any given night? For instance, I will gladly leave on the 29th if the 30th is booked. We are driving down so we have some flexibility. Also, I noticed someone posted that they added Beverly hills area so they could bid again the same day. Is this because it is usually so highly priced for the same stars that it is highly unlikely they'd actually get it? Parking in BH is $25 a day. Yikes. Santa Monica not that much better at $18. Thank you, Andie PS I'll make sure to use your PRICELINE link again when I start bidding!
  15. First try. Man, hate getting it on the first try. Used your PRICELINE link. Andie
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