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  1. I noticed this too. This might be Palms Place. I've never seen it pop up as a win on this site, but having stayed there, the amenities and location are spot on. Especially considering no casino and kitchenette. It's a very nice property, and affords access to the large Palms pool complex in addition to its own smaller pool area.
  2. I started by bidding $105 for a Resort. After that bid was declined, I added 4* hotels and kept the price at $105. Should have dropped the price somewhat when I did this, because my first bid was accepted. Still happy with this win though. Thanks.
  3. I started bidding for Resort/4* at $90 for these dates. Rebid in $3-4 increments for about a week. Never received a counteroffer. Accepted at $117. Was hoping very much for the Marriott, but this will do. I can't understand why Priceline would put Marriott in the 4* category and not Resorts. As long as this is the case, you will always risk ending up at Renaissance. I used this site's PRICELINE links to begin my search and purchase. Thanks!
  4. I'm looking at a 4* Palm Beach - Oranjestad Area Aruba hotel on Hotwire. My dates are July 4-10, 2012. The price is $118. Amenity list: Resort Free Parking Free Internet Beachfront Property Casino Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services I started my search using this site's HOTWIRE search box. Please help ID so I can book using this site's HOTWIRE link. Thank you.
  5. Great deal for this suburban Minneapolis hotel. I used numerous rebid zones, starting at $70 and increasing in $4-5 increments. As always, I started my search using one of the fine PRICELINE links found throughout this site.
  6. Bid $55 for 4* Denver Downtown: rejected. Added Stapleton and 3.5* properties with a $40 rebid based on a recent winning bid: rejected. Added free rebid zone Northglen-Thornton and increased to $46: accepted. I used the site's PRICELINE link for my SEARCHES and ultimate purchase. You should too! (It's fun to support Betterbidding!)
  7. Started with a $50 bid for 4* Denver Downtown. Rejected. Rebid at $60 with rebid zone Northglen/Thornton. Accepted. I used this site's PRICELINE link to start my search, and you should too! (It's common courtesy around here.)
  8. Very pleased with this win. Initially bid $80 for a 4* in Avon - Beaver Creek. Priceline countered with $100. I used Breckenridge as a rebid zone and increased to $88. I started my SEARCH with this site's PRICELINE link. Thanks!
  9. I started bidding for a 5* Las Vegas Strip North hotel at $75. I increased in increments of $5. At $80, I was given the option of increasing my bid by $25 (to $105). Instead of falling for this trick, I continued to rebid until my $90 bid was accepted by Wynn. I used the BetterBidding PRICELINE link. As always, thanks for this service!
  10. Shows these icons: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Pool Laundry High-Speed Internet Access I booked using this site's HOTWIRE links. Thank you.
  11. Please help ID. This appears to be a match for Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor, but "Customer Favorite" is not shown. 6/28 - 7/2 4* Downtown and Inner Harbor Amenities: Pool Restaurant Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Tennis Nearby Thank you.
  12. Yep, this was the Venetian for $94. I used the site's HOTWIRE link to book this hotel. Thanks!
  13. It all makes sense... If Priceline's "senior management" can't use the proper form of "our," how could they possibly be expected to figure out why they're losing so much business to Hotwire over the "Strip Vicinity" issue?
  14. Please help ID. Thanks! $94, 5/12/09 - 5/15/09 *5 Hotel in Central Strip Amenities: Casino Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Am I correct that the Wynn never shows High-speed Internet Access? Would that make this Venetian/Palazzo? Also, related question, has anyone noticed that there are never TWO five-star hotels on Hotwire at the same time? (not counting "Condo," which is Trump) Seems they only offer Wynn or Venetian for any given dates.
  15. This ended up being the Wynn for $72/night. Haven't seen such a great rate since then! Thanks for the help.
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