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  1. Please share what you have got for for the nights from Oct 1-4. I will also be in New York from Oct 1-6, and the hotel prices in New York at that time are very expensive (especially the weekday nights), so your post of $170 for Hilton New York Midtown during the weekend is very useful to me. I am going to bid the same price for that zone for the weekend, but the most difficult part is finding weekday rates. Keep us updated! And I never knew the benefits of SPLITTING YOUR PRICELINE BID until the read the link in this post.
  2. Very happy with the price, as regular on line price at sheraton.com is USD 282, and $80 represents an over 70% discount, which beats all my previous savings history. Also special thanks for the previous poster of the same hotel for posting this info as it really helps in which price point is acceptable.
  3. Booked the above hotels and the above rates on first shot. Regular rates for that W is $386, so it was a 60% discount. Once again, to show full support of the site, used the above PRICELINE links.
  4. Tried $170 - TS $120 - MTE $130 - MTE + MTW $140 - MTE + MTW + CPS $150 - MTW (24 hr later) $160 - MTW + MTE Not terribly happy with the deal, since it is not cheap. I am used to getting the Hilton NY for less than $125, but surprised I couldn't get it this time. Some member got the Hilton NY during Nov 21-23 for $130 while Expedia rates were $199. During the nights that I booked, Expedia offered the same $199 rates, but I have no idea why it was rejected even at $150. Definitely used the above links to purchase.
  5. Previous user got the hotel for $107 for around the same nights, so this is quite a similar price $100 - Orchard Road - Rejected $110 - added Marina Bay - Got it. Expedia rates for Conrad is $250, so this is a 55% saving, which I am very happy with. Once again, used the above PRICELINE links to bid
  6. I am confused - did you get the Conrad or the Hilton? They are in different brands and different locations
  7. I started off with USD90 and worked the way up to USD100 and then USD105. I am very happy with this bid.. emphasis on VERY, as I have stayed at this hotel before and it is exceptional! I knew I was going to get this hotel by looking at the bidding histories. I can lower my bid to USD80 and could have gotten the Hilton in another zone, but the difference between Conrad and Hilton is definitely worth more than USD20. I was kind of hoping that I could have gotten the Pan Pacific as it has the coolest 40-floor atrium with glass elevators, but whatever. The regular rates are $220, and so I saved over 50%! As always to show appreciation for this very useful website, I used the above PRICELINE links to bid.
  8. Still stuck in Paris with no end in sight .... Definitely used the PRICELINE links above to bid. Got this hotel at above rates. The last bid for this hotel was over 1.5 years ago, so I was unsure at what price I should get this hotel. Regular rates are showing $292, so it is a saving, but I wish I could have saved more, since I saw some $120 bid for the Marriott close-by.
  9. I was not able to get the $55 deal for this hotel, like the previous poster. As I was running out of options, I had to accept the price at $157 after the one-time-opportunity.
  10. I booked a hotel yesterday, then just found out my flight to Paris was canceled - so I immediatley called up PRICELINE, explained my situation, gave them my flight number, and they said they would refund my money (as a special exception). So Yes - PRICELINE have been very flexible during this difficult situation.
  11. I just checked in yesterday and I nearly checked into the wrong hotel! I thought i got the Grosvenor House (JW Marriott) and it was actually the Grosvenor Square (regular Marriott). I can't believe there were two hotels with nearly the same names. So this is a warning to me to make sure I carefully look at the hotel names and don't assume. Btw, I don't think this hotel (regular Marriott) deserves a five star.. It should be rated as a 4-star, but whatever it is.
  12. If you check rates at Expedia, it seems like there must be some kind of conference going on, because a lot of the hotels are very expensive or booked full at those dates when I checked. This could be the reason of many hotels that would normally be available for bidding for under $150 are not accepting rates like that. I would suggest booking a refundable hotel at Expedia, and keeping bidding every certain days to see what options you have. If something better comes up, then you can cancel the refundable reservation. Also, there really isn't a point to bid every single day when the official website/Expedia rates have not lowered since you last checked. I would probably see some last-minute cancellations and hotels opening up inventory later, but there are so much uncertainty. You should also check hotwire, or perhaps add "La Defense" to your priceline zones.
  13. So initially I purchased the Sofitel La Defense on Expedia.. but literally every single friend I know from Paris was like that area is off-beat, hard to get a taxi, don't stay there, even though the reviews on Tripadvisor was very positive So I turned to PRICELINE, and tried to shoot for a 5 star hotel in Champs (the only hotel that was available for bidding was the Marriott Champs Elysees), and I bidded up to $300 with no success. Turned my attention to this area, and saw some bidding for this hotel for the same dates and got this hotel at $120. So got this hotel for $120, when regular rates were $282. Doing the math, I saved nearly USD1,000 for 3 nights 2 rooms (not counting tax). So I do pity those who would pay regular rates for this hotel, when you can easily bid a hotel in this area. Again, to show support for the site0, used the PRICELINE links at one o'clock to bid.
  14. Booked 2 rooms at the above rates... Noticed a few users also got this hotel, one for $120 and one for $150 Started off.... 1) $120 - Rejected, counter offer $156 2) $140 - Rejected, counter offer $165 3) $146 - Accepted (Expedia rates was $300) Very happy with my bid, even though I would hope I can get this for $120 As always, I used the above PRICELINE links
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