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    JFK-LAX Advice

    I do have miles, but they have no available seats. :) Oh, well. *#($ happens.
  2. anonplz

    JFK-LAX Advice

    4/13 - 4/20, with fleibility one day on either side. Lowest now seems about $600. 1, possibly 2, passengers (probably 1). Can fly out of EWR/LGA/JFK, into LAX or BUR or regional LA airports, even PSP. Thanks for your help!
  3. anonplz

    JFK-LAX Advice

    Hi, never bid on PL's airfare pricing before - anyone have any bidding for dummies advice?
  4. FWIW, when I go to Toronto, I find that the 3*'s are much better in terms of value due to their better location than 4*'s. For example, the 4* Sheraton is down on Queen Street West, which is great if you want to go shopping or if you have business in town, but for my money, I much prefer the 3* Courtyard, which is in a location with a lot of night activities, restaurants and cafe's. I guess what you should do before bidding is find out where it is most convenient for you in order to reach your destinations, because Toronto is so very cold for much of the year! NOTE: Recently, Priceline added effectively 2* hotels to their stable of 3*'s, which some bidders may find to be problematic. Until this situation is resolved, there is a risk that you may be unsatisfied with P/L's 3* bidding. Also, note that if you want to be in the Yonge/Bloor area, there are many affordable B&B's in the area.
  5. Also, once enough users register and start posting, the information can potentially be just as useful as information found anywhere else. After all, how often do you go back even a month to look at old information? That's to say, if you want to know what people are getting in your chosen area, all you need is a few weeks' worth of bids to refer to.
  6. Perhaps you could start a forum for hotel reviews. It's important to know what kind of P/L product you are likely to win, so that you know whether to bid for a 4* rather than a 3*. For example, in Toronto, it's better to bid for a 3* - the 4*'s aren't in great locations, and apparently aren't all that much better than the 3*'s. Thanks!
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