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  1. Is it possible to book a cancellable reservation on hotwire or do you mean calling into the hotel directly? If you call in directly I'm guessing it'll still be cheaper than retail (just walking in), right?
  2. Good call on the additional driver, hadn't thought about that. I guess they can pretty much charge a premium for that and you're stuck with it without other options.
  3. I'm also a long time HOTWIRE user and PRICELINE noob, looking for a switch since hotwire has screwed me over twice (once said hotel has kitchen didn't, other one said hotel had microwave/fridge and didn't) Let's give PRICELINE a spin and see what happens!
  4. I don't think timing affects purchase prices in that way. What I mean is, it does, but you won't know which direction because there are a lot of variables. Sometimes it will be cheaper earlier, sometimes later. Sometimes a hotel will have a lot of vacancy in the upcoming days and need to sell their rooms out fast so it's really cheap right before the said date. Other times they will be relatively full and prices will go up. Don't worry too much about it and just bid accordingly - you'll still get way better deals than most other sites. :)
  5. For most flights you can change for a $100 fee, but that's usually the dates involved, not location, so I am not sure about your situation.
  6. Could you update on how this visit went? I frequently go to Orlando on extended visits (am here now actually!) and right now I'm staying in Ramada for only $32 a night but the amenities kind of suck. No microwave and no fridge, internet is unstable etc. I'd love to find a good "extended stay" place for future travel plans. Let me know and thanks!
  7. I can confirm that the hotel I stayed at (Ramada) and probably most others will ask you whether you want 2 beds or 1 bed upon your check-in. If you need more than 2 beds there is probably a surcharge for one of those movable beds though.
  8. Prices usually tend to fluctuate so it's not guaranteed either way that they'll go up or down. I've sometimes gotten better prices way ahead of the dates booked but sometimes it's cheapest the week or even days before my travel date. My guess is because the hotels are not filled up by then and have to sell rooms at rock bottom prices (better than vacancy). Your travel date is a popular one though so it may keep going up..sorry I'm not able to be more of help!
  9. Amenities: Smoke Free Rooms Guest rooms at this hotel are always smoke-free. Pool(s) Property offers at least one pool area; hours and dates of operation may be seasonal. Restaurant(s) Property offers at least one restaurant on the premises; hours and days of operation may vary. Business Center Guests have access to business equipment and services; an additional charge may apply. High-speed Internet Access Guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access; an extra charge may apply.
  10. Ramada Orlando Celebration Hotel & Convention Center Between Dec 5 and 12: Hotel rate per night: $32.00 Nights: 7 Rooms: 1 Subtotal: $224.00 Tax recovery charges & fees: $32.63 Total price: $256.63 Now price down to $31, it was the first on top of the search results.
  11. Is there a way I can just get one king sized bed over 2 beds? Is this random or do I ask for it when I check in?
  12. Yeah Hotwire rates their hotels weird sometimes.. I booked a 3 star hotel and turned out to be Ramada. Last time I stayed at a Ramada I kinda equated it to a motel quality place... maybe I should challenge too? :)
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