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  1. Friday, July 20-July 21 Milwaukee Downtown Hyatt Regency $55 Total with taxes and fee $70.66 Hotwire was offering it at 70$ plus taxes and fees. Decent hotel (where we've stayed several times) for a one night stay.
  2. For sure, The Iron Horse Hotel offers free internet, (as well as fits the other amenities.) I'm looking at the same one for another date. It is a beautiful boutique type hotel (fantastic restaurant-Smyth) but not really walking distance to things downtown if that's what one needs.
  3. The usual amenites (bus. ctr, internet, pool, restaurant) also included Airport shuttle and Smoke free. Saved 46%
  4. My husband just bought this 3.5 star in Madison. We DID get the Concourse YAY! After chcking trip advisor to make sure it got 4 and a half "circles" (per hotwire) we grabbed it. (The Sheraton only got 4 circles.) Too, after seeing other posters getting the Sheraton for 45$ or so, figured this had to be the Concourse which generally runs more.
  5. This IS a tough one. We don't mind the Doubletree...usually a 3 star however. Can't decide if we should take the lure. We really don't want the Sheraton. My feeling is at $67 that it is a bit more than the Sheraton goes...and I'm not sure that hotel would get the 90% approval. Will let you know what we decide.
  6. Looking at 3.5 university downtown hotel in Madison for one night Nov. 19-20 I see one available for 67$ which includes SMOKE FREE and AIRPORT SHUTTLE as well as the usual business ctr, pool, internet and fitness and restuarant. We don't want the Sheraton. And airport shuttle isn't listed in the amenitites on your hotel list. So are we safe thinking it is the Concourse? Your opinion?
  7. Now you are bidding way too low. We are very familiar with FTL. For the hotels you are looking at, the going rates are around the $200 rate. You are looking at peak season. You won't get those hotels for half off during peak season unless....you wait to book 2 or 3 weeks in advance and try to bag a last minute vacancy. Our m.o. is to book something we can live with that is cancelable. Then as the dates needed approach we start bidding or use Hotwire to find a real deal. Most often something will pop. :)
  8. Figured it out when looking at all the amenitites...which included the tennis and kids activities. Le Meridan is the probable hotel. Thanks. Will follow up if we choose to go that route.
  9. Thanks for your help. We decided to spend the weekend in a friend's condo in Door County.
  10. Looking at Hotwire for Jan 21-29 in Cancun North zone. Shows a 4.5 star property for $100, with among the usual amenities, includes Resort and Bed Choice. No kids activities or AI included in list. My idea is it is Aqua....but not sure. Anyone know??
  11. Looking at a 4* Mag mile/streeterville hotel for 7/15-7/17. $128 No smoking Fitness Restaurant Bus center Internet BED CHOICE which is the difference from the other 4*'s. Any help? Would you wait to book for mid July? Don't see any listings for our dates yet for comparison. This is the weekend of the indie music festival. But unless it has become super popular this year, we haven't had a problem getting rooms on that weekend in the past. So I'm tempted to wait till close to the end of June.
  12. Exact dates...July 15-17, 2011 Listed as super savings and recommended by 95% Another one we are looking at is 4 1/2 star for $156 same amenitites.
  13. Ended up booking the Intercontinental via another site.
  14. Looking at July. Don't see this exact description....anyone help? $129 4 * No smoking fitness room restaurant business and computer centers
  15. Yes this hotel is still listed. Looking at July 8-11. Shows as 4* $114. BED CHOICE is listed with amenities. Haven't seen that before. Anyone see it on a specific hotel that will help us? Used your link here to find it again.
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