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  1. 80% recommended Amenities: Free Parking, Casino, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s) I monitored Hotwire for the past week and made several unsuccessful Priceline bids (on and off the Strip) before choosing to book this property. The room rate of $49/night for 3 nights had been $50/night prior to this morning. FYI, the resort fee is $10/night. I used the HOTWIRE link. Thanks!
  2. I was hoping to win a hotel in Coral Gables, but Coconut Grove is good too. I stayed at the Mayfair 2 years ago and didn't like it, so I steered clear of the 4* category this time. Bidding summary: Tried bids in this zone and Dadeland for 2.5* and 3* hotels for $60, $65, and $70 yesterday and failed. Bid $75 today and was given a counter-offer for $91. The Express Deal for what appeared to be the same hotel was $87. I added Dadeland, increased my bid to $79, and won the Residence Inn By Marriott Coconut Grove. Total is $97.47 with taxes and fees. The Marriott website lists a studio room for $1
  3. I won the Fairmont hotel for $60 per night for 2 nights. $145.06 total. Bidding was done on Wednesday the 22nd. My goal was to get any 3.5* or 4* hotel in the San Jose, Milpitas, or Santa Clara zones. Bidding order was 4* $50, 4* $55, 3.5* $45, 3.5* $50, 3.5* $55, and 3.5* $60. I was upgraded to a 4* when I won with the $60 bid. FYI, the Santa Clara and Sunnyvale zones are now separate, which helps with rebidding.
  4. Bid $54 for a 2.5-star hotel in Yucca Valley (near Joshua Tree National Park) and won the Best Western Yucca Valley Hotel & Suites on my first try. Total is $124.98 for 2 nights with taxes and fees. This is a "guaranteed amenities" listing with a pool, fitness center, free parking, free breakfast, business center, and 8.0+ guest review score. The lowest advertised price on the Best Western site is $72.24/night, and Hotwire appears to list this hotel for $71. This is a new win and should be added to the list. I used the PRICELINE link. Thanks!
  5. Bid for a 3.5-star hotel in Mission Valley and won the Hilton for $59/night for 3 nights this December. Total with taxes and fees is $208.98. Started at $50 and added free re-bid zones in $1 increments until reaching $59. The Hilton website has rooms listed for $81 advance purchase, $94 AAA, and $109 regular.
  6. My stay is upcoming. The $55.99 rate on the BW website is if I book a prepaid room at least 2 weeks in advance. I ended up paying $4 more using Hotwire, but at least I've gotten some other great deals on my upcoming trip to Texas!
  7. Amenities: Resort Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Spa Services Total is $201.88 with taxes and fees. There is a $20 resort fee. The Westin website lists rooms for $259 regular or $209.25 AAA. Used the HOTWIRE link.
  8. Bid for and won a 2-night stay at the Marriott San Antonio Plaza. Started with $70 and added free re-bid zones at $75, $80, and $85. Total with taxes and fees is $207.66. Parking and wi-fi are not included in the price. The Marriott website has the property listed as $119 prepay, $132 AAA, and $139 regular. Used the PRICELINE link. Thanks again!
  9. 3* Port Aransas area hotel $54, $67.22 with taxes/fees Amenities: complimentary breakfast, pool The BW website has rooms available for $70 regular, $63 AAA, and $56 prepay on the night of my stay. With taxes and fees, it would have been cheaper to book using the Best Western website. I am very disappointed in Hotwire and the fact that its low price guarantee does not apply in this situation. I recommend using Hotwire with caution for this hotel class in Port Aransas. This hotel is a "new" win and should be added to the Hotwire list. Used the HOTWIRE link. Thanks!
  10. Bid for and won a 3-night stay at the Wyndham Austin and Woodward Conference Center for $52/night. Hotwire had a 3.5* hotel in the same zone for $59. I was expecting the Omni Southpark, honestly, but the Wyndham should be okay. Total stay is $188.46. Started bidding at $45, received counteroffer for $60, and then added free re-bid zones at $49, $50, and $52 before winning. Have attempted to win a 3.5* or 4* hotel downtown several times over the past week, bidding as high as $112/night, and had no success. (Hotwire rates have been $117 for 3.5* and $144 for 4* hotels downtown.) Decided to expan
  11. Won one night at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa for $109. Started bidding at $89 and used free re-bid zones, adding about $3 per bid, until reaching $109. Total with taxes and fees is $135.55. There is an additional $22 resort fee. The property is listed on Hotwire for $113. The Hyatt website lists the stay for $189 (regular) or $170.10 (AAA). Used the PRICELINE link. Thanks!
  12. Better late than never... Wanted to follow up and say that it was possible to use free on-street parking for the Hyatt Regency La Jolla. Spots were always available within a block of the hotel at all times during my stay. Also, this is one of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed at--beautiful property with great amenities and without the snobby atmosphere of some high-end hotels I've stayed at elsewhere. It was worth every single penny of the $85 I paid! I'm sure I'll be back!
  13. I bid a couple dozen times over the course of one evening. I focused on 3*, 3.5*, and 4* properties in the San Diego Coastal, La Mesa, and Downtown/Harbor Island zones. I increased bids in $5 increments using a variety of re-bid zone combinations. I was offered a guaranteed room twice if I increased my bid by $20, first for $95 (after a $75 bid) and later for $100 (after an $80 bid). My $85 bid for a 3.5* hotel was accepted, and I was upgraded to the 4* Hyatt Regency La Jolla. The Hyatt website offers a $99 nightly rate for my stay, so unfortunately Priceline is not much of a bargain this time
  14. Bid $50 for a 3* hotel in Palmdale only for one night, Friday, June 3. Won on first attempt. Total is $62.80 with taxes and fees. The Courtyard has lackluster reviews on TripAdvisor, so I'll hope for the best. In typical Marriott fashion, the hotel's website is coy about wi-fi fees. However, it does admit to free parking and non-free breakfast. Hotel website lists rates at $105 pre-pay, $108 AAA, and $120 otherwise for the night of my stay. I used the PRICELINE link. Thanks! P.S. This property is not currently included on the Priceline hotel list.
  15. Parking in the hotel garage is $24 per night. I parked in the Miami Parking Authority garage a block away and paid $5 per night. There is metered street parking too, but it isn't any cheaper than the garage.
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