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  1. I need to add a second room to my visit to LV 9/22-9/24. Will the link you provided still produce the Monte Carlo? What is the hotel lookup link for easyclicktravel.com?
  2. I went with the Monte Carlo for $159/night. I booked via the link to EasyClickTravel.com that you provided. It wasn't clear to me if I can cancel for a full refund 72 hours prior to arrival. Could you clarify their cancellation policy? Did they charge my cc when I made the reservation? Thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I got the Hyatt Islandia for $100 (3 rooms). Bid $75, rejected Bid $85, rejected Bid $95, rejected Bid $100, accepted Do you think I could get near the same rate and hotel for 9/27-9/29? I have a regular reservation at the Hyatt La Jolla for $92, but I prefer the Islandia. I'd be willing to pay up to $110. BTW - I noticed I posted on the hotwire side. I'll post my winning priceline bid on the priceline side. Thanks for your help. We are very happy with the Islandia for $100. We stayed there last year.
  4. Looking for bidding help for 3 rooms on 9/2 (1 night) 4* in San Diego Coastal region. I can get the Hyatt La Jolla for $149/night through a friend. Given that 9/2 is the Friday before Labor Day weekend, will I get any hits for less than $149 (3 rooms)?
  5. Looking for 1 (maybe 2) 5* rooms for 9/22-9/24. Can I get a 5* with a budget of $150-$175/night? Hoping to get the Venetian. What hotels and rates are going at the 4* level?
  6. I used this resource for the first time last for a family trip to San Diego. Like you, I found it to be an awesome site. We got the Islandia for around $80 in August 2004. I can't remember the details, but we paid $20($30)? to upgrade to a Hyatt Club? room. We got a great room facing the water in the main tower. More importantly, Hyatt Club gave you access to breakfast and early evening snacks/beverages. With a family of four (two small chidren), it was well worth the $20/$30 dollars we paid, mostly for the convenience. I got the tip from someone posting on this site. Overall, the Islandia is
  7. This was a same day stay bid for a last minute trip to Vancouver. I started at $49, then $55, $65, then $70. It's been several months since I've used Priceline. I noticed my bidding session prevented me from applying the rebid strategy. When I got denied at $49, the other available regions without a 4* were greyed out (Delta and Langley regions). Is this new or am I forgetting a step? When does Priceline grey out a region? I visited the site today out of curiousity and noticed that Delta and Langley regions were greyed out for a same day bid (1/17-1/18). I picked future dates and the regions
  8. Upon check-in at the Radisson, I learned that they had an AC problem in a number of rooms that made them unavailable. Given that there was a long line, I was happy to find out I got the last room available until I learned it was a smoking room. Being a non smoker, it was unacceptable. There were two more guests in line behind me w/o rooms. One of them took the smoking room when I passed. The Radisson put me up at the Comfort Inn in Seekonk, MA 5 miles up the I-195 East. They told me my priceline would be credited the full amount and the first night at the Comfort Inn would be on them. The seco
  9. The review by "golfmom" makes the upgrade to Regency Club worth the $40/night. What do you think Hankj? "Just spent 3 nights here (7/12-15/2004) and the family consensus was "great place". On arrival no mention of Priceline, we were offered a king or two doubles with a garden view. Asked if we'd be able to get a rollaway (two large teenage sons with us) and was told they cannot put rollaways in most rooms now because of workman's comp claims from the housekeeping staff. The desk clerk then quickly offered to upgrade us to the Regency Club on the 17th (top) floor for an additional $40 a night
  10. Started at $49, $54, $59, $64, $69, and accepted at $74 Hyatt Regency Islandia 1441 Quivira Road San Diego, California 92109 Check-In Date: Sat, Aug 28, 2004 Check-Out Date: Thu, Sep 2, 2004 Your Offer Price: $74.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 5 Subtotal: $370.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $53.05 Total Charges: $423.05 BTW - Thanks for all the tips in my previous post "Help: 4* in San Diego (Coastal?)." I'm happy with the Islandia given this is a family trip with two little ones. I've heard they tend to put PriceLiners in the older rooms. Expedia listed a guest
  11. Radisson Hotel Providence Harbour 220 India Street Providence, Rhode Island 02903 Check-In Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2004 Check-Out Date: Thu, Aug 19, 2004 Your Offer Price: $45.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 3 Subtotal: $135.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $24.61 Total Charges: $159.61 I first bid $95.00 at 4 stars and was rejected, then tried $45.00 at 3 stars and this was accepted. I was hoping for the Marriott or something closer to the convention center. The Westin web site showed booked and the Marriott only listed rooms starting at $269. Overall, good deal.
  12. Thanks for the tip. As I read through the other tips, Hotwire may be the way to go. This is a great resource. The hotel reviews are helpful. With a family of four (two small kids), what are the chances that I will get stuck with one bed?
  13. New to PriceLine - I'm planning a family trip to San Diego 8/27-9/1. I noticed from recent posts that Hyatt La Jolla and Hyatt Islandia are coming up for 4* in Coastal zone. With kids, I'd prefer a hotel with a nice pool. The Hyatt La Jolla doesn't appear to have a pool. Any advice on how to get the Hyatt Islandia? BTW - I'm open to other zones in San Diego, 4* with nice pool.
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